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Arizona Cardinals players talk about loss to New Orleans Saints

Saints won 31-7 Sunday at Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Arizona Cardinals quarterback CARSON PALMER on the loss:

"We talked a lot about starting fast and matching the energy of them (the Saints), the electricity of the stadium, and trying to match them. We did that, then we just did not move the ball whatsoever after that."

On issues in the game:

"It was a number of different things. We had an illegal formation on a converted third down. I threw a bad ball a handful of times. We just didn't convert and didn't execute (enough). We weren't exactly where we needed to be (at times). Overall, we just did not play well."

On the Saints' defense:

"They made some good adjustments. You've got to give your hats off. That is a good football team. They won a Super Bowl pretty recently. They are in the playoffs year in and year out it seems. At the end of the day, we did not play well enough and I did not play well enough to give us a chance at a win. You do need to give them credit, but at the same time, we do need to look at ourselves. We need to fix the small things. When you don't convert on third down and you don't move the ball effectively enough on first and second down and you give that team (Saints) that many possessions, they are going to score thirty-something points."

"They (Saints) can rush the passer. There are two very good pass rushers that people don't know a whole lot about. You hear a lot about Will Smith and Jonathan Vilma, but Cameron Jordan is really good and he showed that today. Junior Galette is really good. They are physical guys and they stop the run and rush the passer. That is a really good combination. They have strength and speed. They have enough strength to hold up against the tackle and they can play the run well. They have enough speed and athleticism to get around the corner and make plays."

On how the Cardinals played:

"We need to get better. I need to get better. We need to get better as an offense. Our defense played great for three quarters and really slowed them down. (They) got a turnover and gave us some momentum. We just didn't give them enough. We weren't successful enough and we didn't stay on the field long enough to give them something to keep fighting for. It just wasn't good enough."

Defensive tackle DARNELL DOCKETT on difference in his game today:

"I was motivated by my D-line coach from the first game and just practiced this week with a chip on my shoulder and just tried to get back to being the old Dockett. I took a big challenge this week. I heard from a few Saints players that they were going to try to run the ball to me and that I was getting up there in age. I just go out there and try to play ball.

"I don't really care about what people are saying. It's not about me. I couldn't do it without my teammates. I'm very thankful that they gave me time to get back there. We came here to win and we finished short. That's all that I really care about at this point is wins and losses."

Cornerback PATRICK PETERSON on Saints tight end Jimmy Graham:

"He knows how to maneuver his body real well. He did a good job of boxing us out and going up and getting the ball. He's about 6-6. He's a big guy. All that Drew (Brees) pretty much has to do is pretty much throw it in his vicinity and he is pretty much going to come down with it."

On Tyrann Mathieu's interception:

"I'm very happy for him. I kinda knew that he probably was going to get one this week because he was getting his hands on a lot of balls when Rashad (Johnson) went down. By him backing up Rashad, we knew that we weren't missing a beat. Obviously, missing a starting safety is something hard for us, but by having Tyrann come in and replace him, we have a lot of confidence in him being able to come in and fill his spot in the right way. And for him to get his first pick at home, I know that he is very excited."

More on Mathieu:

"Tyrann has been doing very well. The first few weeks, he has been making some big time plays for us. He is definitely learning his role and playing his role very well. We are definitely excited for him. He has been doing all of the necessary things that he needs to do to continue to get better as a football players and as a professional off the field. He has taken great strides, and we just look for him to continue to make plays for us. We know that he is not going to let us down."

 Safety TYRANN MATHIEU on his interception:

"We were in a zone (defense). I just wanted to stay high on my man and not let him get behind me. I was able to do that."

On whether he kept the ball from first career interception:

"No, it's just a regular football. It doesn't mean anything."

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