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Arizona Cardinals Coach Bruce Arians discusses loss to New Orleans Saints

Quotes from Bruce Arians post-game press conference on Sunday, September 22

"First of all, I'd like to talk about Dan Williams. Dan's family was in a car accident on the way down and his father passed away in the accident. That's why he was not with the team. He stayed with his family; his mother was injured and she's in Jackson, Miss., in a hospital. Our prayers and thoughts go to Dan."

"With that said, we played a football game and we played very poorly, after a very good start. I think sometimes you can get too emotional early in a ballgame and our warned our players about the energy that is involved playing here. And we got off to a good start, but we weren't able to maintain it. We had some critical injuries and young guys had to step in and play, and we've got to get them better."

"Offensively; we're still a team that can run to the 50-yard line and kill ourselves. It seemed like we did it all day – we'd get first downs and first downs and then boom – we'd get to the 50-yard line and then not convert a third down when the play was there to be made. We've got to protect our quarterback better obviously."

"We'll wait to look at the tape and evaluate the rest of the football team. But we got beat in all three phases today. I thought their special teams beat ours, even though we did finally have a decent return on the kickoff by Javier (Arenas). But other than that there's not a lot of positives other than the beginning of the ballgame."

"When you start that fast, and you score a touchdown, you don't like it answered by a touchdown. And then we protected the football pretty good until the end of the game and tried to make them (Saints) go the long way but then we didn't get off the field on third down and we didn't keep the ball on third down – and that's becoming a bad habit."

"We put some pressure on the quarterback (Brees) and we dropped a ball or two and we had some guys lined up wrong; some young players who are out there for the first time that didn't handle it as well as I hoped they would."

On Saints tight end Jimmy Graham:

"Yeah, he's a tough matchup; he's a big wide receiver and if you aren't getting pressure on the quarterback and it's a throw and a catch Drew's a good enough quarterback to put it where he can catch it and he's a good enough athlete to make all of the catches. We tried a little bit of everything on him  and he just beat us today."

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