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Aaron Kromer: "We're Definitely On The Rise"

Offensive Line/Running Game Coach Aaron Kromer spoke with the media on Monday to recap Sunday's win over the San Diego Chargers


New Orleans Saints Offensive Line/Running Game Coach Aaron Kromer

Press Conference

Monday, October 8, 2012

Opening Statement:"We're happy for the organization and happy to get this win. Like I said last night, we've been improving each week. I thought we showed that improvement again last night and we just have to stay on that track. It's the start of something good and we need to keep our focus on improvement each week, which you can see and you go from there. We're happy with Drew Brees' record. We're here at a situation with the New Orleans Saints over the last three years, where he's broken a lot of records and we've had a lot of offensive records in this period with Coach Payton's team and with Drew at the helm, so you just have to make sure you don't become numb to these records. It's an astronomical record that's been held for over 50 years. He does a wonderful job and is a great leader for our team. Marques Colston, with his record for the most touchdown receptions and having the night he did after a slow start this season is good to see. We're definitely on the rise and we need to keep it going."

How impressed were you with the defensive performance in the second half?

"Our defense really stepped up to the challenge. They got pressure on the quarterback and sacked him five times. There were numerous times he had to get rid of the ball before he was ready and that's a credit to Coach Spags (Steve Spagnuolo) and the guys staying with it. It was the first situation where we got another team in a two minute drill as well, where they had to throw the ball and that's where guys are going to shine in their pass rush and they did, they gave us the pressure we needed and obviously it was a key to the victory."

How do you feel personally at finally getting a win in the position that you're in?

"I'm happy for the team. It's not about me. I've said that from the beginning. As a coach, you look at the game and I'm glad we won and there's always something that you know you can do better, so it's never good enough and that's where I'm at right now."

Did you visit with Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis and Joe Vitt last night?


Do you have an update on Jimmy Graham?

"He's getting checked out right now. He sprained his ankle during the game and so we really don't know of his progress right now."

Is this a good time for a bye week, even when you have the momentum of winning this game last night?

"The reason that it's a good time for a bye week is that it's a time after five games for them to rest and get their bodies to heal and come back stronger. I think these last few games, they played extremely hard, they put their bodies to the test and there's a lot of wear and tear on these guys, so it's an opportunity for them to get healed up and we just need to carry that momentum back into the next week when we get back."

After your first couple of losses, you kept a positive outlook and continued to stress climbing that mountain. Now that you have that win, how important was it with all the talk and positive reinforcement to finally go out there and get a win?

"It just goes to show the character in the room. It goes to show the resiliency of guys. They continue to fight and they're going to keep that going. In no shape or form are we happy that we have only one win right now. We have to carry this momentum over to getting another win and then another. We're happy that we got the first win, but we're definitely not satisfied with where we are."

It seems as if Marques Colston is underplayed despite his records and that he's constantly under the radar. What are your thoughts on his career, where he's come from and his productivity since coming here in 2006?

"Marques is a very humble person. He doesn't require a lot of limelight. He just plays his game and he's steady each week. We're glad for him that he could get this. He deserves it. He works at it. He did have a slow start being banged up early, but he's back on track."

What has made him so productive for so long in this offense?

"His work ethic, focus and intelligence really are what make him a good football player. Every day he works at it. He's as steady a guy as we have. There are no ups and downs in practice or in his personality. He's a constant work in motion, so that's what makes him a good player."

In a matter of several plays on the same drive, Martez Wilson goes from an illegal hands to the face penalty to getting the game-clinching sack and fumble recovery. Can you talk about how he's grown as a player and is he what you expected?

"Martez is a pass rusher. That's why he's here. He's here to rush the quarterback. He had two penalties that hurt us and he has to be better than that. He knows it. We've already talked to him about it. He needs to continue in his growth, but right now, his role is to rush the passer."

Can you talk about the contributions you have received from Greg Camarillo on offense?

With Lance Moore down, Greg Camarillo stepped up. He made some very nice plays in the game and we were lucky to have him. We had him in training camp, so he learned the offense for a short time in training camp. But, he's a smart player. He has a similar skill set to Lance Moore, so to be able to put him in was big for our team."

What is your plan to manage the bye week and how much time will you give the team off?

"The plan is to work today. We didn't watch the tape with the players yet. We're going to do that today coming up in the offense, defense and special teams meetings. Tomorrow they're off and they're off through Sunday. We're going to practice Monday on a bonus day and then have Tuesday off again for them and (restart) start Wednesday. Monday will be our bonus day. This formula has led to a lot of success in the past, because they get rested up and we will continue that formula."

Do you have a preference for a bye week occurring early, middle or late in a season?

"I don't think there's any difference. You don't want it too early. I've had it before after the second game and that's way too early, but you just deal with what they give you and go from there."

Do you have an update on Jabari Greer?

"Jabari's still getting tested as well. It looks good, so hopefully he's ready for Tampa Bay."

What was Jabari's injury?

"His groin again."

Players after the game talked about how they saw finishing, unlike in Green Bay in a similar situation. What accounted for the difference as opposed to last week?

"Obviously last week when we didn't finish, we didn't make the play we needed to at the end and this week we did, so you look from the production of the offense at the end of the game, (with) guys making plays, protecting the quarterback throwing the ball, completing passes, getting down and being able to score. And they defensively, we were up and when they had to throw the ball to get down the field, we were able to get pressure on the quarterback. Guys just made plays this week. They were in position to do it and they did it."

What did this mean personally to you? Did you sleep a little better?

"I don't sleep either way. I've said it before, it's not about one person. It's about a team and an organization and as a group, we're heading this thing in the right direction now."

Did you feel growing pressure personally that this role was on you?

"You feel pressure to do a good job with any job you have. Pressure just makes you work a little bit harder and a little bit smarter and that's what it's done."

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