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Aaron Kromer Discusses Kansas City's Offense

Offensive Line/Running Game Coach Aaron Kromer met with the media on Thursday to give an injury update and discuss the Chiefs' offensive unit


New Orleans Saints Offensive Line/Running Game Coach Aaron Kromer

Post-Practice Media Availability

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Opening statement:"For today's practice report, we had Turk McBride, left ankle, did not practice. Jonathan Casillas, left knee, limited. Marques Colston, left foot, limited. Drew Brees, ankle, full. Roman Harper, wrist, full. Johnny Patrick, right thigh, full. Devery Henderson with a concussion was full. (We) worked on third down today and it was a good, fast practice. (It) seemed good."

When you evaluate this opposing defense, what does the offensive line need to do to win these matchups?

"It's a 3-4 defense. Our last time (facing a 3-4 scheme), against the Redskins, we didn't run the ball enough against the 3-4. We need to make sure we keep our balance and continue to get the run game going with our passing game. They just need to get locked in to having a balanced game plan and we will be good."

Does the Chiefs offense get enough credit for being good or does it get overshadowed because they have been playing from behind?

"I agree with what you are saying there. I think their offense is a talented bunch and they don't get enough credit. They have done a good job on third down other than three turnovers. You would say they have been productive. Their percentage of completions is high, it is just three of their six turnovers came on third down."

What concerns you most about the Chiefs offense?

"They have speedy (running) backs, big receivers. They are definitely trying to win the matchup battle, that's for sure. We have to stop the run. We just have to stop the run first and make them one-dimensional. That is always the case and we have to do it this week."

How much of an emphasis is there on getting pressure on the quarterback through the pass rush this week?

"I think it will be a lot more emphasized this week. The plan the last couple of weeks was to keep the quarterback in the pocket and not let him scramble when he does drop back to pass. We haven't been ahead enough to make him drop back and pass a lot in the last two games, so it was a lot of play action. It was a lot of the unconventional offenses we've been talking about this whole time. We didn't get the team into third-and-long very often. This week, we have to do the best job we can of stopping them, slowing them down on first and second down and getting them into third and un-manageable and that is when you get a lot of pressure on the quarterback."

How, specifically, do you work on forcing more turnovers on defense?

"Defensively, you'd say that turnovers are caused by pressure on the quarterback first so you need to get the pass rush there. Whether it's blitzing, whether it is four-man rush, you have to get pressure on the quarterback to force him into an uncomfortable situation to throw you the football. That is number one. Any kind of team tackling is going to put pressure on the running back to squeeze the ball."

Based on your defense, is Jamaal Charles or Peyton Hillis more of a threat right now?

"Obviously, they're two different styles. Peyton Hillis is a bruiser. He was doing it at Cleveland and now here. Jamaal Charles is an all-around back. You'd say he is fast, he's quick, and he's had a lot of productivity in the past. They're two different kinds of guys. Obviously, you better be pretty stout to stop the big man and then you better be in your gap at the right time to stop Jamaal Charles."

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