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3 Doors Down's Chris Henderson talks about his love for the New Orleans Saints

3 Doors Down's Chris Henderson was a guest on the Black and Blue Report

3 Doors Down lead guitarist and New Orleans Saints fan Chris Henderson was a guest on the Black and Blue Report last Wednesday. The interview starts at the 38:25 mark. Below are some highlights from the interview.

How did you become a New Orleans Saints fan?

"I was born into it. My dad was a huge Saints fan from day one. We lived in Westwego, La. when I was a kid and it was kind of the rules. I just grew up liking and loving the Saints and never really had eyes for another team."

Did you have the chance to go to some games?

"We went to a few games when I was growing up. Since I've kind of grown up and moved out of the area, I still catch as many games as I possibly can. I have to fly a lot."

You mentioned you've been to some games and just watching them, do you have a favorite Saints memory of all time?

"When Steve Gleason blocked that punt in 2006 is the one that sticks out in my head."

What did you think about this past season?

"I thought it was great. I was a little disappointed with the road season and just giving up big games on the road. Overall, I was really impressed. I thought it was a great season. It was one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Win or lose, I enjoy every game. It was a little heart breaking to watch them go on the road and lose some of those games."

Are any of the other band members NFL fans? Who do they root for?

"It's funny because our new bass player, Justin, is a Panthers fan. He's from North Carolina. It was a tough season because Greg, our drummer, is from Thibodeaux, La. and he's a huge Saints fan. He knows who is on the injured reserve list and everything about it. He watches each game with an iPad and a cell phone and a notebook."

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