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25 reasons to get excited about Saints training camp, No. 14 Grayson

Rookie QB comes in at No. 14 on our countdown to Saints training camp presented by Verizon

The New Orleans Saints selected quarterback Garrett Grayson out of Colorado State in the third round of this year's draft. It's the highest the Saints have drafted a quarterback since Sean Payton was hired in 2006.

Grayson, 6 feet 2 and 213 pounds, was a full-time starter over the last two seasons and started 35 games over four seasons at Colorado State. He owns Colorado State passing records for yards, touchdowns, completions and completion percentage.

It will be a little bit before Grayson is asked to contribute during a regular season game but fans watching practices at training camp at The Greenbrier and in Metairie should get to see a lot of Grayson.

Payton on drafting Grayson: "We worked him out late last week and kind of went under the radar. We were kind of hoping it would.  I'd worked out a few other players. We kind of looked at the class, certainly there was a couple of guys at the front of the class and then what happens is you are waiting and you don't know if there is going to be a run on guys or you are kind of waiting, in our case for that first quarterback to go off the board.  So for us there wasn't more than one, this was the player if he was available, and if not we probably would have went without drafting a quarterback. But his workout was great.  Again, we like his fit, his makeup. He is extremely athletic.  We actually think he's got a good stature and from guys that I have worked out over the years, 6-2½", 215 pounds, real good quick release, good decision-maker so that is exciting for us."

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