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Week 14 Postgame Quotes: Coach Sean Payton

Postgame reactions from Coach Sean Payton


Opening Statement:

"Real quick, I'll be brief. Obviously it's a disappointing loss. I was proud of our guys tonight. I thought we fought hard. I thought we fought a lot of things outside the football game, but I was real proud."

On some of the other things outside the game:

"It just is what it is."

On what led to so many injuries:

"What do you guys think? Come on speak up. Credit Atlanta, they came back, showed some heart and got a big win. It was disappointing for us."

On the penalty during the field goal attempt to end the first half:

"They felt like the player [Josh LeRibeus] wasn't far enough up on the line. Usually, you get a warning with that, especially when you have a back-up in."

On his vantage point and normal protocol:

"I couldn't see it. Absolutely, normal protocol is a warning."

On the play of the secondary:

"I thought we fought real hard. I thought we played outstanding on defense. We struggled offensively and couldn't find a rhythm. A lot of different guys went down. I would say eight or nine players got hurt tonight give or take, so that became challenging. I thought the defense fought hard."

On the play calling difficulty with so many injuries:

"You have back-up personnel groups and that's a challenge when you have guys go down."

On the play of Marshon Lattimore against Julio Jones:

"We will see the tape, but like I said I thought defensively we played well. We had a lot of other challenges, but I thought we competed."

On Marshon Lattimore needing oxygen:

"That's pretty normal. I bet that happens quite a bit really when it's pretty dry and a short week."

On the Tommylee Lewis scoring play:

"I thought it was a good play and he fought hard."

On the penalty at the end of the game:

"I called a timeout and then he asked me again, and I said I have already called a timeout. I probably said it with a little more vigor then I was supposed to but I had enough. I have to be smarter than that."

On that type of penalty being expected at the end of the game:

"It was just one of those games. I have never seen anything like it. I have never been a part of a game like that and it is frustrating but our guys will bounce back."

On the meaning behind a game like that:

"Just the flags that were thrown."


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