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Saints transcripts: Trevor Siemian and Paulson Adebo media availability | Friday, Nov. 5  

Saints players looking ahead to Week 9 against Atlanta

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Trevor Siemian
Media Availability
Friday, November 5, 2021

What's this week been like for you to be the starting guy?
"It's been good, a little different. More reps, more involved physically I'd say. As a backup you're still wired in but you're just not getting the physical reps. So, that's been a change I would say."

Do you have any emotional reaction to being announced as the starter?
"No, I started a few games earlier in my career. It's not really that new for me and it's not a foreign feeling. It's been a while for sure, but I've been playing all along like I'd get the chance to play. Now, whether it happened or not, I didn't know. But that's been my mindset the past few years, probably."

When did you know you'd be starting Sunday against Atlanta?
"Earlier in the week, coming in on Wednesday."

All of your teammates describe you as calm. Is that how you're wired?
"I think maybe sometimes I look calm, but I'm not actually. But yeah, I think playing quarterback, there's so much going on that requires focus on so many details and orchestrating a lot of different things. I'm also trying to communicate clearly to my guys and that takes up a lot of my headspace. Yeah, I guess I would just say that."

How weird is it that your first start as a Saint is coming against Arthur Smith, a guy you've worked with in the past?
"Yeah, I like Arthur a lot. I didn't spend as much time with him as I would have liked, but I'm here now. I'd say things have worked out pretty well. He's a great football coach and I think he's going to do really well there (in Atlanta)."

What do you think makes this team so successful at replacing injured quarterback over the last couple of years?
"I think Sean (Payton), Pete (Carmichael), and the offensive staff do a really good job of not just playing to the quarterbacks' strengths, but all of the offense's strengths for all 11 guys on the field. They put guys on the field in good spots to be successful and quarterback is certainly included in that. That and the team is so good. There's not a lot of players here that are aloof. A lot of the guys you see here on this team are smart, tough football players. For me, that's exciting to be included in a group like that."

Is not putting too much of an emphasis on starting again your way of handling this emotionally?
"Yeah, I expect to play. I've had a lot of confidence in myself to play. When it happened, I didn't know if it was going to happen, but I was ready and here we are. So, I expect to play well just like everyone else on this team. That's my mindset."

How beneficial has it been to be in this organization for over a year?
"Yeah, just being around terminology and knowing how Sean (Payton) and Pete (Carmichael) want to attack defenses and be around the players. I don't think you can replace the familiarity factor. My wife was joking with me that this is the place where I've been the longest in a while, which is not saying much. I don't even think it has been a full year. So, hopefully, I can stick around."

What was it like coming up through the Northwestern system rotating in and out during college?
"Once it becomes normal to you, you kind of just make it work and figure it out. I think you hear some guys in that situation, whether it is at quarterback or another position, try to get in a rhythm and in the flow of the game. At the same time, you have a job to do. When the film comes on nobody really cares if you went in and out of the game. It is what you did, that's your tape and what you are putting out there. So, just staying focused and being a pro and trying to worry about your job, not just at quarterback. When we sub personnel it is like a small army coming on and off the field every play just about. A lot of guys have that same mindset."

How do the extra reps this week benefit you for Sunday?
"Yeah, I think just getting a feel for guys, being in the first huddle, seeing what guys like. Reading body language of guys, especially at receiver and tight end. I haven't really had any reps with that first group so it's good to get those physical reps. I've been back there so it's not like I'm coming in cold. It's not my first time seeing this offense but just getting those physical reps has been good."

What's your mindset after what happened with your injury after your last start with the New York Jets? How have you stayed positive since that moment?
"I think, looking back, injuries are a big part of the game. It's unfortunate. I think the biggest thing for guys that do get hurt is not feeling sorry for yourself. It's not personal, it just happens. You probably take a day or two to yourself, but after that you figure out your recovery and all of that. You try to figure out during the times you're not active how you can be a better player and improve. I tried to do that after 2019."

Do you ever think about this team's 5-2 record or status as playoff contenders?
"I think if you start worrying about the big picture the stuff in front of you can fall apart pretty quickly. It's been proven over and over again how quickly things can change in this league. The focus is trying to win this week and then see what happens next."

Is your nickname actually T-Money-Sizzle?
"No, it's actually T-Money-Wiggle. It was Bennie Fowler who was here two years ago, he is a buddy of mine (and) blessed me with that nickname in Denver a few years back. I do not think it stuck really well. I guess it's better than hearing people mispronounce my last name."

Is there a backstory to how that nickname came about?
"I don't know. I think he was just messing around in the locker room and being stupid."

Do you have a preferred nickname?
"No. Trevor's fine."

How do you reflect on your NFL journey so far with being on multiple teams since the 2018 season?
"I don't. I don't think there's a lot of reflection in my career yet. I think when I'm retired, I'll look back at times I've ping-ponged back and forth around the league. It's not bizarre or a crazy story for a lot of guys in this league. I just try to do the best I can and not really look at the big picture too much."

Have you thought about what it will be like to run out of the tunnel in the Superdome Sunday as a starter for the first time?
"No, I think you try to visualize situations of what it will look like and feel like, the emotions of it all, but it'll be new to me. Not new for me during this time, but I think that's part of it. Again, there's a lot to think about and focus on, but that's certainly part of it."

Prior to Sunday, was the game starting against the Saints with Denver in 2016 one of your favorites so far in your career?
"No, I had a lot of fun, but I didn't play that well. I threw two picks, but it was just an ugly, gritty road win. I always like winning on the road. Ever since college, I think that's a cool part of the game."

Did you step out of bounds during that game?
"Looking back, I admittedly think I did step out of bounds."

Do you think the preparation as a backup helps being ready to step in and lead those offensive meetings pre-game?
"Yeah, I think it helps. It's our chance to hear Sean and the offensive staff talk about how they visualize a play in certain situation. Not that we don't have an idea of that going in, but it's just another opportunity to hit concepts and what we're expecting, talking about favorable looks and those sorts of things. It certainly helps and puts a stamp on the week of prep and those sorts of things."

Are the Saturday quarterback meetings pre-game with the Saints unique compared to other teams around the league?
"I think it's different in other places around the league. This is the first place I think I've done these meetings where the whole group is included. A lot of times it's just the play caller and the starter. Being the backup last year and when I wasn't really involved, being in there seeing how Sean (Payton) talks and sees different things has been a help for sure."

Has your mom texted you this week?
"No, she hasn't. She's coming to the game this week, though. It'll be good to get my folks to the game this week. It's funny, when you're the backup, family in Orlando does not care about coming to the game. They are coming now though, which will be good."

When was the last time your family came to one of your games?
"When I was in New York."

New Orleans Saints Defensive Back Paulson Adebo
Post Practice Media Availability
Friday, November 5, 2021

What are some things that stand out about Atlanta's offense?
"They've got a lot of good players, good coach, good scheme so again just going to have to kind of focus and make sure we're locked in with all our details."

Is Kyle Pitts one of the more impressive players that you've seen? I know he's only been in league for seven games so far.
"Yeah, for sure. Definitely. Somebody super athletically gifted, has a lot of skills, very unique skill set. So definitely one of those guys that are intriguing to play against."

Did you get to practice a lot against Trevor (Siemian) before this week?
"Yeah, for sure. All throughout camp, even during the season. So you could definitely tell me he's poised. He's been in the league for, I don't know, six years? So definitely been around the league, the moments not too big for him."

What stands out about him when you're watching him in practice?
"Just his ability to make every throw, make all the right reads, never really get too flustered."

What kind of impresses you about Matt Ryan and what he can do?
"Yeah, obviously he's been a great quarterback in our league for, feels like since I was like five. He's been in league a long time, seen a lot of good defenses, played on a lot of good teams. So he's somebody who's experienced, can make every through, definitely has a high IQ obviously."

What were your thoughts on the dome Sunday? I know they had fans at the Giants game, but what did you think about just the crowd on Sunday?
"Yeah, it was just a really good environment. Definitely one of those games that you want to play in? Definitely would have been a fun game, if I was a kid or something it would be like dang, that's the type of game I wanted to play in. So definitely to be there, playing, it was really cool."

Is that like what you've thought about and what you had heard about it?
"Yeah, for sure. I mean, just hearing what it's like to be in the dome and then actually feel it, feel the energy, the energy was really good."

Is there anything that stands out to you about Dennis Allen's scheme just as far as the disguise and stuff that that creates confusion for quarterbacks?
"Yeah, I mean, DA, he's been in the league for a while too. He does a good job putting us in a position to succeed. So I've always got to tip my hat off to him."

What has your mindset been like the last seven weeks when your snap counts may be decreasing a little bit? You are playing rotationally with a couple different guys.
"Yeah, my mindset is the same every time I'm out there, just making sure I'm locked in try to have as good of an impact on the game as possible."

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