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Saints transcripts: David Onyemata and Cesar Ruiz media availability | Monday, Nov. 8 

Saints players recap Week 9 loss to Atlanta

New Orleans Saints Defensive Tackle David Onyemata
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, November 8, 2021

Was there a prevailing theme yesterday as to why y'all got less pressure on Matt Ryan than you would have liked until late in the game?
"I think we got to him, it was just the fact that he is a mobile quarterback. He kind of got out of the pressure a couple times, kept him in the pocket and kind of had to throw the ball. So many times we got close to him and he just took off. So I think to an extent, I think it was a percentage of pressure on him from my point of view."

When you have issues like that when you're just not affecting quarterback or anything like that as a defensive player, what are the things that you kind of focus in on saying oh, how do I get better like that?
"Oh, just like I said, I think from my point of view we got to him a couple times. It is just the times where we got close to him he got out of the pocket, he ran so that's how I see it from my point of view."

When you're looking at some of those explosives you guys gave up yesterday, what kind of sticks out about those in your mind just from your perspective on that D-Line?
"In that aspect I would say for us, get there, get there a little earlier, a little one second earlier quicker, try and have him not step up into his throws maybe, have him throw on his back for a bit. I think that's a way we could have affected that."

And then when you're given those plays up, what does that do a defense? You guys for the most part kind of kept them in check and then you have five or six big plays. Yeah, how do you kind of view just limiting those in general?
"I'll just say doing your job. Everyone do their job and execute their job, execute the game plan and the call at the highest ability. I think that would have helped."

How heartbreaking isn't lost like that losing to a division rival after the offense and the defense did enough in the fourth quarter, but just not at the end?
"Losing in general definitely isn't fun. I don't think there's anyone out there that likes to lose or goes out there that enjoy losing. (We are) getting the film today and see certain things and emphasize on those things and go from there."

New Orleans Saints Center/Guard Cesar Ruiz
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, November 8, 2021

What do you I guess make of you guy's offensive performance yesterday? And I guess specifically, how do you guys minimize the penalties that seem to haunt you yesterday?
"Really just going to the film, watching the film and just realizing the mistakes or the small things that we didn't do. We've just got to focus on attention to detail, and just small things."

When you are in a game like that, I guess how frustrating is it that it is mostly self-inflicted, and not to take credit away from the opponent, but a lot of it is self-inflicted?

"Yeah, I mean, that definitely hurts. Definitely a lot when it's self-inflicted, knowing you can avoid those things. But you've just got to move on and learn from it."

What do you make of the rally in the fourth quarter? Maybe you guys did piece it together there in that fourth quarter, you scored 22 points. How encouraging is that and I guess, does that make it more promising when you go into the next game saying, we see what the capabilities are?
"Yeah, definitely. In that fourth quarter, everything started to click, we didn't have penalties on us. Wasn't really any, like, self-inflicted wounds really. What we were doing in that quarter was doing everything that we have been practicing. So just seeing that. We know what we're capable of. Just got to minimize the small things."

Just from the offensive line's perspective, what's it been like working with Trevor Siemian these last few games?
"They've (quarterbacks) been great. Trevor, obviously, he's played quarterback in this league before. He's been doing it for a while. So him coming in, he's comfortable, he comes in and does his job, he leads us and he's doing a great job."

What do you think this offense, if you can put your finger on it on anything, what does it need to do just kind of achieve that week to week consistency and kind of be where you want to be at the end of each game?
"This offense, I think we have a really talented group. I feel like just going into each week, focusing on those small things, attention to small details and going out there and performing. That way, the small things that you should be focusing on all week, you're doing in the game. I think that's one thing that's going to help us just continue to strive."

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