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Saints transcripts: Trevor Siemian and Paulson Adebo, | Friday, Nov. 5  

Saints players looking ahead to Week 9 against Atlanta

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Trevor Siemian
Media Availability
Friday, November 5, 2021

What's this week been like for you to be the starting guy?

"It's been good, a little different. More reps, more involved physically I'd say. As a backup you're still wired in but you're just not getting the physical reps. So, that's been a change I would say."

Do you have any emotional reaction to being announced as the starter?

"No, I started a few games earlier in my career. It's not really that new for me and it's not a foreign feeling. It's been a while for sure, but I've been playing all along like I'd get the chance to play. Now, whether it happened or not, I didn't know. But that's been my mindset the past few years, probably."

When did you know you'd be starting Sunday against Atlanta?
"Earlier in the week, coming in on Wednesday."

All of your teammates describe you as calm. Is that how you're wired?
"I think maybe sometimes I look calm, but I'm not actually. But yeah, I think playing quarterback, there's so much going on that requires focus on so many details and orchestrating a lot of different things. I'm also trying to communicate clearly to my guys and that takes up a lot of my headspace. Yeah, I guess I would just say that."

How weird is it that your first start as a Saint is coming against Arthur Smith, a guy you've worked with in the past?
"Yeah, I like Arthur a lot. I didn't spend as much time with him as I would have liked, but I'm here now. I'd say things have worked out pretty well. He's a great football coach and I think he's going to do really well there (in Atlanta)."

What do you think makes this team so successful at replacing injured quarterback over the last couple of years?
"I think Sean (Payton), Pete (Carmichael), and the offensive staff do a really good job of not just playing to the quarterbacks' strengths, but all of the offense's strengths for all 11 guys on the field. They put guys on the field in good spots to be successful and quarterback is certainly included in that. That and the team is so good. There's not a lot of players here that are aloof. A lot of the guys you see here on this team are smart, tough football players. For me, that's exciting to be included in a group like that."

Is not putting too much of an emphasis on starting again your way of handling this emotionally?
"Yeah, I expect to play. I've had a lot of confidence in myself to play. When it happened, I didn't know if it was going to happen, but I was ready and here we are. So, I expect to play well just like everyone else on this team. That's my mindset."

How beneficial has it been to be in this organization for over a year?
"Yeah, just being around terminology and knowing how Sean (Payton) and Pete (Carmichael) want to attack defenses and be around the players. I don't think you can replace the familiarity factor. My wife was joking with me that this is the place where I've been the longest in a while, which is not saying much. I don't even think it has been a full year. So, hopefully, I can stick around."

What was it like coming up through the Northwestern system rotating in and out during college?
"Once it becomes normal to you, you kind of just make it work and figure it out. I think you hear some guys in that situation, whether it is at quarterback or another position, try to get in a rhythm and in the flow of the game. At the same time, you have a job to do. When the film comes on nobody really cares if you went in and out of the game. It is what you did, that's your tape and what you are putting out there. So, just staying focused and being a pro and trying to worry about your job, not just at quarterback. When we sub personnel it is like a small army coming on and off the field every play just about. A lot of guys have that same mindset."

How do the extra reps this week benefit you for Sunday?
"Yeah, I think just getting a feel for guys, being in the first huddle, seeing what guys like. Reading body language of guys, especially at receiver and tight end. I haven't really had any reps with that first group so it's good to get those physical reps. I've been back there so it's not like I'm coming in cold. It's not my first time seeing this offense but just getting those physical reps has been good."

What's your mindset after what happened with your injury after your last start with the New York Jets? How have you stayed positive since that moment?
"I think, looking back, injuries are a big part of the game. It's unfortunate. I think the biggest thing for guys that do get hurt is not feeling sorry for yourself. It's not personal, it just happens. You probably take a day or two to yourself, but after that you figure out your recovery and all of that. You try to figure out during the times you're not active how you can be a better player and improve. I tried to do that after 2019."

Do you ever think about this team's 5-2 record or status as playoff contenders?
"I think if you start worrying about the big picture the stuff in front of you can fall apart pretty quickly. It's been proven over and over again how quickly things can change in this league. The focus is trying to win this week and then see what happens next."

Is your nickname actually T-Money-Sizzle?
"No, it's actually T-Money-Wiggle. It was Bennie Fowler who was here two years ago, he is a buddy of mine (and) blessed me with that nickname in Denver a few years back. I do not think it stuck really well. I guess it's better than hearing people mispronounce my last name."

Is there a backstory to how that nickname came about?
"I don't know. I think he was just messing around in the locker room and being stupid."

Do you have a preferred nickname?
"No. Trevor's fine."

How do you reflect on your NFL journey so far with being on multiple teams since the 2018 season?
"I don't. I don't think there's a lot of reflection in my career yet. I think when I'm retired, I'll look back at times I've ping-ponged back and forth around the league. It's not bizarre or a crazy story for a lot of guys in this league. I just try to do the best I can and not really look at the big picture too much."

Have you thought about what it will be like to run out of the tunnel in the Superdome Sunday as a starter for the first time?
"No, I think you try to visualize situations of what it will look like and feel like, the emotions of it all, but it'll be new to me. Not new for me during this time, but I think that's part of it. Again, there's a lot to think about and focus on, but that's certainly part of it."

Prior to Sunday, was the game starting against the Saints with Denver in 2016 one of your favorites so far in your career?
"No, I had a lot of fun, but I didn't play that well. I threw two picks, but it was just an ugly, gritty road win. I always like winning on the road. Ever since college, I think that's a cool part of the game."

Did you step out of bounds during that game?
"Looking back, I admittedly think I did step out of bounds."

Do you think the preparation as a backup helps being ready to step in and lead those offensive meetings pre-game?
"Yeah, I think it helps. It's our chance to hear Sean and the offensive staff talk about how they visualize a play in certain situation. Not that we don't have an idea of that going in, but it's just another opportunity to hit concepts and what we're expecting, talking about favorable looks and those sorts of things. It certainly helps and puts a stamp on the week of prep and those sorts of things."

Are the Saturday quarterback meetings pre-game with the Saints unique compared to other teams around the league?
"I think it's different in other places around the league. This is the first place I think I've done these meetings where the whole group is included. A lot of times it's just the play caller and the starter. Being the backup last year and when I wasn't really involved, being in there seeing how Sean (Payton) talks and sees different things has been a help for sure."

Has your mom texted you this week?
"No, she hasn't. She's coming to the game this week, though. It'll be good to get my folks to the game this week. It's funny, when you're the backup, family in Orlando does not care about coming to the game. They are coming now though, which will be good."

When was the last time your family came to one of your games?
"When I was in New York."

New Orleans Saints T Terron Armstead
Post-practice media availability
Wednesday, November 4, 2021

What was Trevor Siemian like on Sunday?
"He was composed. I would say that's probably the key word, composed and fearless too coming in cold in such a big game, you know, high intensity game. And he just executed, you know, he never was wavered emotionally. He always was just locked in and always seemed composed"

Do you grow accustomed to the next man up mentality with the injuries this year?
"No, I wouldn't say that man, it takes a toll, it takes a toll, you know, especially seeing somebody like Jameis Winston go down. In a situation like that, a guy that you want nothing but the best for and you know to have a tough play like that, or a rough injury. Man it takes a toll and the only thing you want to do is go out there and win for him. You know, so we just rallied around him and he stayed with us, stay engaged into the game as much as he can. It was great to be able to pull that win off for him."

Did you know right away that Jameis Winston's injury was serious?
"His reaction on the field, you know, I could tell he was in some real pain. No idea what the actual injury was. It's just extremely unfortunately."

What did that mean to you were the one that put him on the cart?
"Anybody would do that for anybody on this team. That is how we are really. We bring that family orientation around. You really play for each other and care about each other. So I just had to go check on my brother, you know, and it just so happened I was the one right there to put him on the cart."

Why do you think the team doesn't panic when it comes to injuries the team faces?
"We have been battle tested. We have been tested time and time again, through adversity, through change, adjustment. We represent this city and it is a lot like a city. Things that we can't control, we got to just pick ourselves up and keep going. So that's the makeup of this team. That's the mentality of this organization since I been here and even before me. What else can we do? We got to go out there and put our best foot forward on Sunday."

How disappointing was it to hear Michael Thomas would be out for the year?
"Disappointed for him, I know a guy like Mike this is his life. He's locked in every day, he wakes up five, six in the morning he's pre rehabbing before he comes to rehab. So a guy like Mike T is the best receiver in the NFL. So we're missing a huge piece that a lot of people take for granted because you haven't seen him in a while. But it's Michael Thomas, so it's tough, it's tough missing him. You know, just definitely, like I said, feel for him not being able to play. I know what that's like, sitting out, sitting away from what you love to do."

What's it been like to be a part of the Saints/Falcons rivalry?
"Oh, man, a lot of history, a lot of great games and not so much back and forth in my opinion. We've been on top throughout my career, but it's always a great week leading up fans get into it. Just a great week of NFL football."

Do you have one specific memory from the rivalry?
"That Drew Breesrun, when he hit the span on two (guys), a little Drew Vick, that was so special."

What was your reaction to the news of Mark Ingram II coming back?
"Extremely excited, that's my dog, that's a lifer right there. So extremely excited not even just personally though, but what he brings to the field, the energy he brings to the locker room, to energy he brings to the field, experience and then his ability, you got a chance to see Sunday a small sample size of what he does on the field. He's always moving forward, falling forward."

How cool would it be for him to break Deuce McAllister's saints career rushing yards record?
"It's only right. The stars aligned, he's back and he's going to be the all-time leading rusher in Saints history, so that's a great thing."

Do you expect the crowd to be loud this week?
"What, I wouldn't expect anything less. Listen, the crowd was crazy Sunday against Tampa (Bay). Amazing! It was electric in that place. Just how I remember. We need it back even more this weekend."

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Demario Davis
Post Practice Media Availability
Thursday, November 4, 2021

How do you kind of view like when a defense forces a lot of turnovers like your group does, what do you think is behind that? Is it just kind of taking advantage opportunities?
"Yeah, there's a lot of preparation. I think putting in great game plans at the beginning of the week, everybody being locked in and have a high confidence in our system when everybody does their job, it's going to work. Understanding offenses and how they're trying to attack us, whether that's in the run game or the pass game, understanding what concepts we're going to get. A lot of times we're out there talking before the snap, what formations we are seeing, what routes we are probably about to get, stuff like that. I think and then having guys (who are) very talented. We have a very fast defense so guys can get to spots very quickly, change angles. It's definitely just part of our DNA. We want to win the takeaway better every week. We know our percentage of winning goes up when we're able to do that. So we've been able to do it, we've got to continue to be able to do it."

You kind of saw that play out last week with P.J. Williams and C.J. Gardner-Johnson's picks and the anticipation for those.
"Yeah, I mean, there's only so many concepts you're going to get in certain situations. The playbook shrinks tremendously for an offense in red zone situations and third down, two minute drives. We know that we have a system that when everybody does their job, it's going to work. We feel confident about that. And so the stress on us is just really to do our job, everybody do your job, be where you're supposed to be and limit spaces where quarterbacks can throw the ball and all guys have to do at that point is make a play when it comes their way."

Why have you guys been so successful in getting Matt Ryan over the years you feel like?
"Yeah, we take a lot of pride in getting to any quarterback, we don't discriminate and that's a part of our DNA. You have to protect the quarterback in these guys were if you're like us and you're able to make teams one dimensional, and they're forced to throw the ball, you have to be able to affect the quarterback or you're going to be in trouble? And so it's about understanding where their spots are, their favorite spots to throw the ball and having good games plan to get in there."

What are some of the things that DA (Dennis Allen) does just to make things confusing for quarterbacks? And how much is that kind of in the DNA of what you guys do?
"I think we just very detailed in our process. He's a phenomenal coordinator. It's a firm enough system that guys are able to come in and understand it, but it's flexible enough to change subtle details that can make us effective, depending on what opponent we are playing. And they do a great job, the entire staff does a great job of making sure that we're sound in the run and pass game. And then you got guys with unbelievable talent that are just able to go out there and execute at a high level. And when you have all those factors going for you you're able to have a chance to chase greatness and that's what we want to be doing."

When you look at DA, I think it's good that he's obviously stayed here as the coordinator for so long. Some people when he interviews for jobs, they bring up the Raiders and they talk about, oh, maybe he doesn't deserve a second chance. Do you get offended by that talking about how good of a coach he is? If he ever got a second chance, do you think he'd be a good head coach in this league?
"Oh, by far. I mean, he's one of the greatest coaches I've ever been around. One of the smartest coaches for sure. I think his understanding of strategies and systems and offenses and defenses and how to put our unit in the best situation, but also understanding players. He understands players and our abilities so he knows how to put guys in a situation where they can be successful, but also he has a very great way of, he does a very good job of taking away other team's best players. Understanding what their strengths are, understanding what their weaknesses are, what opportunities there are (there). When you think about it, that's really a mastermind at work, there's a lot of great players and a lot of great staffs, a lot of great coaches on the staff, that's really his artwork that you see out on the field. He's the mastermind behind it, so you've got to give him credit for that."

Is Kyle Pitts a pretty unique player just in terms of size, speed combo?
"Oh, phenomenal player. Very talented, very explosive, fast, great catch radius, smart player. They're able to do a lot of different things for him. He presents a matchup that you don't see a lot in this league. A guy that's slotted as a tight end, running a lot of routes at receiver. They did that a little bit of Oakland, but he probably does it as much as I've ever seen. For him to be able to come in as a rookie and have the success that he's had, just a phenomenal player and it's going to be a challenge for us on Sunday."

New Orleans Saints Running Back Alvin Kamara
Post-Practice Local Media Availability
Thursday, November 4, 2021

How would you describe that block Adam Trautman had on your fourth down one-yard touchdown run the other night?
"Dominant. It was a good job. Sean (Payton) was talking about it during the week. During the week at practice, we were calling the play a touchdown. Traut did a good job."

Terron Armstead was talking about Trevor Siemian and used the word composed. Is that something you can tell about a guy right away in the huddle?
"I noticed that during camp. Trevor is super-cool. He is chill. I call it a calming presence. That's how he was when he got on the field on Sunday. You would have thought that he was on the field the whole time. I like him."

Is there anything else that stands out to you about him?
"He played well all camp. All those past weeks he threw a good ball. Nothing is really challenging for him. He gets in the huddle, calls the play and gets on to the next."

Last week you joked when Sean Payton joked that you played a role in the Mark Ingram trade. Do you pay that close attention to the league?
"No, who's got the Thursday night game."

Indy and the Jets?
"Now I know."

Can you talk about how Sean Payton discussed on his radio show Monday night that if Trevor Siemian got hurt you would have been the emergency quarterback?
"Yes, they came up to me on the sideline (after Jameis Winston got hurt), the helmet with the extra mikes in it. I was like (joking) it's my time to shine, get a little more money, get my Drew Brees on, throw a couple of passes."

Would it have been a wildcat offense?
"Not Wildcat. That's disrespectful. Trevor was on the sideline warming up so I knew it wasn't my time. Ian Book was out. Taysom Hillwasn't playing. I was one hit away from being the new quarterback. What could have been."

Do you think you could have truly operated the offense like a conventional quarterback?
"No, but I'll try. I'll get in the huddle and say you need to help me. It would be cool. I'm late on the throws and the reads and I don't know the difference between five and seven step drops on some of those plays, I'm just running back as far as I can. I know progressions, but it's different when you're being chased by somebody. It's not practice it's real life."

Seriously you guys have cycled through Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater, Taysom Hill, Jameis Winston and now Trevor Siemian and it seems like the team doesn't skip a beat. At the game's most important position, the position you yourself said is the most difficult to step into, why have you guys been so successful?
"Every time we have these situations with linemen, quarterback, I think it's a standard that's set on this team. The preparation that goes onto stepping on the field with a Saints helmet shows the standard of preparation throughout the week, even when you're not playing. You're preparing like you're playing, like I said with Trevor. He played like he had prepared the whole week, managing the game. I think with what we've been through with Drew being down and Teddy, Taysom and Trevor having to be in, that's more than any position it's one where you have to be ready. I say we're doing a good job and joking about my little GM thing, but I think Sean (Payton) and Mickey (Loomis) and our personnel (Staff) do a good job of finding guys who can play and answer the call. Kudos to Trevor for being able to step up, operated and function."

How cool is it for the opportunity Mark Ingram has to break Deuce McAllister's rushing record now being so close?
"We talked about it. He knew he was coming back (at some point). We talked about even if we had to hand the ball off to him 40 times when he was 40 years old to break the record (laughter). We were talking about it at practice and about him doing it in 15 instead of 22. He's like I need to wear 22 for the next two games to break the record (laughter). It's cool, all his work has come full circle and then him being able to get that record is something to tell your kids about."

Is it weird him being 14?
"No but he's the same dude. I joke with him that that 14 shit is ugly."

How long will he hold onto the record before you get it?
"A little while. He said I need to get it before AK catch up on me. He'll enjoy it for a little bit and I'll take it. As long as we are able to share it. Whoever has it after me will get it. Records are made to be broken."

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