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Quotes from Saints players following the Week 8 game against the Minnesota Vikings

New Orleans Saints players recap their Week 8 win against the Minnesota Vikings

Saints Running Backs Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram II

Q: Alvin, can you tell me about your performance tonight?

A: [Alvin Kamara] I don't know, it just presented itself. I don't know how high I was when I came down, but it wasn't the best landing. The offensive line, another big week for them, they create that for us, those looks. I was able to get in thanks to them.

Q: How good does it feel to have a game like you did today?

A: [Mark Ingram II] We just do what we do, whatever it takes to get the W. We're different, this team is different so we're just going to keep stacking the W's and get ready for the Rams next week.

Q: What about the success you guys have had on the road so far this season?

A: [Alvin Kamara] Any team worth a dang is a road warrior. You got to be able to win on the road in this league. We've got a recipe and we're sticking to it.

Saints Defensive End Cameron Jordan

Q: For the Saints to win a game the way they did today, with the defense as the focus, what does this tell you about the evolving identity of this team?

A: As a defense, we focus on trying to create turnovers. We have been saying this for weeks and it finally came to fruition. I thought we had another turnover when Marcus [Davenport] stripped Kirk Cousins on the sack; but that got overturned. Two on the day is not bad, but I think we still left some turnovers as a defense out there. 

Q: How important is it for you guys to keep winning in a variety of different ways?

A: I think we felt as if we were in a shoot-out until the third quarter; and then you felt them break, at some point, they didn't want it anymore. We may be in a shoot-out every game. Against the Ravens we were in a shoot-out until the end of the game. We started the season against Tampa Bay in a shoot-out, and the next week against the Browns as well. We are here for it. 

Q: Can you touch on the celebration pictures in the end zone after big plays? It seems to get the team very excited.

A: No doubt, it clears the bench. Everybody loves everyone else on the team; it's a brotherhood. For Marcus [Williams] to come in and respond the way he did, for our defense to respond the way they did, for Eli [Apple] to show up with only two or three days' notice and play the way he did. We are only going to continue growing; and that's what I can only aspire to do.

Saints Linebacker Demario Davis

Q: What are you sensing for the identity of this defense?

A: We're just trying to stop the run, be effective in the pass game on first and second down. Then get off the field on third down and win in the red-zone. If we're able to do that we will be successful. 

Q: What did it take to get Eli Apple into this defense in three days?

A: I think it says a lot about him, how fast he came in. He was in there spending extra time with the coaches picking up the defense. He came in day one, game one, picking up the whole defense and coming out to play. He had an amazing day. It says a lot about him as a player. Especially, being a young player in this league and being able to adapt and learn different defenses. 

Q: What's your impression of Marcus Williams and how he has been handling things mentally?

A: I think it says a lot about him as a person. I think that's probably one of the greatest comeback stories in sports this year. Talking about what had happened last year and what that can do to a person. He used it as motivation, he didn't let the adversity set him back. He's come back and been phenomenal this year. I remember, when it happened last year, I didn't know him, but I reached out to him on twitter. I just told him to keep his head up. That's enough and this game is enough to crush a man. It just says something about never quitting and facing adversity. He's been locked in all week for us and to get his win for him was huge. I think it's a testament to his character.

Saints Cornerback Eli Apple

Q: What do you think you need to do personally?

A: Spend more time on the playbook, more time getting comfortable knowing how to play the other guys that I haven't played with. It's going to take me a little bit, but I feel like I'm getting it. This is a good start for me to build on, so I'm excited. 

Q: Do you think the defense was simplified today?

A: I don't think so. I think that we just ran our defense and I was in there trying to do my best. Then we came out with the victory.

Saints Cornerback Marshon Lattimore

Q: What about this game from a pride standpoint?

A: We solid. We got pride, we know what we gotta do, we don't let nobody talk. We don't know what nobody talking about, we ain't trying to hear that. We know what's going on in the group, we don't listen to outside noise.

Q: It doesn't get any easier next week with the Rams?

A: It don't get any easier. This whole stretch, like I told y'all we got a stretch now. We won this game that is one game off the list. We got Rams, we got Cincy. We about to get rolling, we about to see how everything pan out for us. Hopefully it's great.

Q: How important was that fumble just to swing the game?

A: It was great. It just shows his resilience and why he was still in the game. He didn't have his best game, but he made a play. That is what we needed, and right before half they was driving so that was a key stop for him.

Saints Wide Receiver Michael Thomas

Q: Do you think you guys are becoming a little bit of a bully out there?

A: We're definitely trying to maximize the game plan coach is presenting to us at a high level and maximize it to really do it and see what we can do. We're just trying to execute at a high level and play for one another and play with a chip on our shoulder.

Q: How fun was that first drive?

A: It was just important for us to get a fast start. Coach was emphasizing that the last couple games we didn't get off to a fast start when we played this team and then last year we didn't really start playing until the second half. One of the things that he emphasized in team meeting this morning was bright lights are on let's get ready to play from the get go. That was real important for us.

Q: When Taysom Hill is doing his thing like that how does it feel?

A: It was good to see him grow week in and week out. He's a football player and like I always say, he loves the game. He's a great teammate to have and a great guy to have on the field and go to war with.

Saints Free Safety Marcus Williams

Q: Almost every snap he was looking at you and you were looking at him where to go.

A: It is all a part of being a good secondary. Everyone needs to be able to communicate with each other, and that makes a better secondary. If you're not communicating if you're not on the same page we will give up big plays.

Q: What was it like to see P.J. Williams out there tonight?

A: He's my dog. I am glad he had a forced fumble. He had a big game and came up big for us.

Q: How was this week for you as you planned to return to Minnesota?

A: For me, it's a big week because I lost my grandpa on Tuesday and today is my cousins birthday and she passed away a year and a half ago. I just lost two people to cancer in a matter of two years, so that's a big thing for me. It is very emotional for me, not because of last year but, because of them. I put them on my shoulders and play for them.

Saints Cornerback P.J. Williams

Q: How did the fumble at the end of the first half impact the game?

A: It was a definite turnaround. We started off slow, especially myself. But a turnover always turns the game around. 

Q: Do you think [Kirk] Cousins followed you on your interception?

A: No, I don't think he even saw me. He saw [Stefon] Diggs coming across the field and I am sure he thought he was going to complete the pass. I saw it, and made a play on the ball. 

Q: Is it difficult to come back after you've been beat on a play?

A: I don't think so, you have to stress your technique, stress what you've been taught, stress the game plan, and go out there and play.

Saints Quarterback Taysom Hill

Q: You've done a bit of everything in the offense tonight, you think it's going well?

A: I think each week the responsibility has grown and I have been asked to do different things, and it's ton of fun for me, love being out on the field with the guys. 

Q: What was that play like, three quarterbacks on the field at once.

A: I think when we first installed in the week, we all laughed. But on game day it's what we expected, wish the play had been more successful. It's a ton of fun being out there with the guys.

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