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Quotes from Saints players following the Week 1 game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

New Orleans Saints players recap their regular season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Defensive End Cameron Jordan

On the game today:
"They made more big pays than we did. As a defense, you never want to give up 41 points. That's on the defensive line That's on me. We got a wakeup call for sure. The good thing for us is that it is week one. We can adjust this. It's early."

On Ryan Fitzpatrick's performance:
"He stepped through the pocket. He rolled out. He made a lot of plays with his feet. It's something that you have to be aware of. I said earlier this week that he is deceptively fast. We had it in the gameplan to take care of that, but he did a great job."

On if he is surprised at the defensive results this afternoon:
"At the end of the day, it is the NFL. There are 32 teams comprised of 53 players that are giving it their all every week. We have to gel as a defense now. It is one thing to be the preseason, but we are facing live bullets. We are in the thick of things. We have to address ourselves of who we exactly that we want to be. The 48 points we allowed today was unacceptable."

Strong Safety Kurt Coleman

On their wide receivers:
"I think we match up well with who they have. I would take our guys over their guys. Honestly, we didn't make plays. We shouldn't blow this out of the portion. They made plays, but we needed to make more. That's the bottom line. At the end, somebody wins and somebody loses."

On the long plays today on offense:
"Watching their film, they take a good amount of shots down field. We have seen it. It is just about someone winning and someone losing. Unfortunately, we came up a few plays short this time."

Defensive Tackle Sheldon Rankins

On Ryan Fitzpatrick:
"He was able to convert a lot of (first) downs for his team and that put them in positions where they could be successful. It's clearly something that we are going to have to go back and review on this tape. We have Cleveland coming in next week with Tyrod Taylor who is a little more elusive than Ryan Fitzpatrick. If Cleveland is going to be watching this tape, then they are going to be salivating. We have to get this cleaned up.

On comparing the start today to that of last season:
"We have been here. Nothing brings guys together like adversity. We went up and lost to Minnesota and then New England came in here and put 500+ yards up on us. It is not new territory. It is not something that we want to deal with this early in the season. The great thing about this game is that you get another week to go out and try to prove yourself again. We will go back to the drawing board and review this tape. We will get ready to play next week."

Wide Receiver Michael Thomas

On if he is surprised:
"We just have to get back work and correct our mistakes, watch the film, be honest with ourselves and take coaching in. We just have to respond and get back to playing Saints football."

On not being touched for the non-touchdown:
"It was hard. You want to put points on the board for your team. You want to help out the defense. You want to contribute and add value. I felt like we let one get away."

On his dropped pass:
"It was one drop. It was very uncharacteristic. I have to be completely honest with myself, so it doesn't happen again. We'll correct it."

Cornerback Marshon Lattimore

On the disappointing start:
"We do not want to start out like this. I do not know why we start slow every year. We need to step it up and start playing better. They won all the 50-50 balls. They beat us. We didn't get the job done. We just have to go back and watch the film. We have to get it right."

On comparing the start to last year:
"We don't want to start it out like this. We know we have the firepower on offense and defense to turn it around. We have to get it together. The offense carried us. We didn't create any turnovers. We can't lose if our offense is going to score 40 points."

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