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Postgame Quotes: New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers | 2023 NFL Week 4

Dennis Allen, Derek Carr, Michael Thomas, Cam Jordan discuss the team's Week 4 division loss to the Bucs


Opening statement:
"We got our ass beat today. Unacceptable. Obviously nobody's happy about it and we have to be better. I think we weren't converting third downs offensively, which was a challenge. I don't think we got off the field defensively. Third downs I thought our tackling was not very good, particularly in the first half. We have to execute better. There's a lot of dirty hands that are involved in that performance. Obviously, it starts with me, so I've got to make sure that we put better product out there on the field next time we show up."

On the struggle to be consistent offensively:
"Obviously, primarily it goes to execution. It's frustrating because we're going to have to score points to win games. So far, it hasn't been good enough. So we have to figure that out."

On the play-calling and execution:
"I think there's...when you get beat like that, you have to look at it all. If you just said it was all on the execution, then that would look like a cop out, right? So, I think we've got to be better a lot of areas."

On Derek Carr's shoulder during the game:
"Not during the game, I didn't. He got a little sore there at the end. But there's probably a couple of throws where I felt like it might have come up a little bit short and I don't know that that was relative to the to the shoulder or not."

On the momentum for a bit in the second half:
"We felt like we had a little something there and look...we had some drives and we had got a little momentum, a few things going and then for one reason or another, we kind of stalled out. We have to get...that has to be fixed because we have to be able to get down in the red area and we have to be able to score touchdowns when we get down there."

On being able to get off the field defensively on third down:
"That's frustrating. Especially when you get them in longer yardage situations. I thought there was way too many times where (there) quarterback was just running around, running around, running around and buying time. It's hard to hold up in coverage for that long so we got to be better."

On the fumble near the end of the first half:
"The point was there, get the ball just off the goal line. That was all we were trying to do get the ball off the goal line to where we could just take a knee and get out of the half. That was the plan there. Obviously, we can't have a fumble in that situation. I thought that was a huge play in the game."

On the officials call where they ruled on the interception that Isaac Yiadom was on the one-yard line:
"I don't know the answer to that."

On if he felt like Carr was ready in hindsight:
"I don't think there was anything in there that made me feel like you know he can't play. Did he miss some throws? Yeah, he missed some throws. Is it relevant relative (to today's game) or related to the shoulder injury? I can't tell you that. I thought we had some opportunities in the game and I don't think we took advantage of all the opportunities that we had."

On when in the week he had decided on Carr starting:
"I thought probably when he kind of went out Thursday and was able to get with the trainers and throw the ball a little bit and said he felt good. Then obviously, Friday the way he came out and threw the ball around. I didn't see anything on Friday to tell me that he wouldn't be available to play. So, kind of wanted to see how he felt on Saturday after getting a little bit of work and then make sure on Sunday."

On how choosing Carr as the started affected the game plan:
"I don't think that was a major factor in the game plan. I mean, obviously we want to get the ball to Alvin (Kamara). I thought there were some plays to be had with him. But look, overall, we didn't move the ball well enough, we didn't score enough points, we didn't stop them enough defensively."

On the offensive identity as a concern:
"It's a concern. We have to, as coaching staff, we have to do a better job of figuring out what we're going to be able to do, what we can do well and we got to be able to go out and execute those things. Because right now we're not scoring enough points and we know that and we know we have to be better at that. We'll get back and work hard to try to figure out what we can do better and how we can how we can put some points on the board."

On how they fix the offense:
"Well, let's go back and watch the tape and let's see where we made our issues, where our challenges were and what we can...Try to figure out what we can do better. It is hard to say coming right off the field. There's been some things that we've done well, I just don't think we were consistent enough."

On when he starts to question the play-calling:
"I'm not going there. We'll go and we'll look and see what we could have done better, all of us, coaches and players, and then we'll go from there."

On Juwan Johnson not appearing in the game:
"He tweaked his calf in warm ups. We kind of had him get out there through the player introductions and kind of see if he could go and it just looked like he was going to be questionable to be able to go."

On losing players early in the game:
"You kind of go into a game expecting to call a game a certain way and have certain players and to have a guy go out that early is challenging."

On if he considered switching to Jameis Winston:
"No, not until there at the end."

On if he's surprised where they are offensively considering training camp performances:
"Yeah, I don't know if I'd say I'm surprised. I think we all knew it would be a little bit of work in progress. I'm a little concerned that it hasn't been better than it's been. It has to get better and it's our job to fix it."

On the pass rush:
"Yeah, wasn't very good today. Wasn't very good last week. It needs to be better."

On if the pass rush is the style of the team or self-imposed:
"I thought there was times we were back there on the quarterback today we couldn't get him on the ground. So let me look at the tape, I'll try to see what the issues were. But I did think that there were some times we got some pressure and made him run around a little bit. But I thought tackling was probably the thing that we did worse today, thought it was one of our worst tackling games. We had a third down and chucked the ball down to the back in the flat we're going to be able to get off the field force field goal in the red zone, miss a tackle or goes to the first down, then they end up scoring a touchdown on that on that drive. They hit 83 (Deven Thompkins) on a pass down the field and he made two or three guys miss, that created a big explosive play. I didn't feel like we tackled very well today."

On if changing the play caller is too drastic a measure:
"I don't I don't think we're even going to go down that road right now."

On restarting the evaluation if Carr looks back and determines his shoulder was affecting him:
"Yeah, potentially. That's kind of a hypothetical question right now. We'll see how he got out of the game and then we'll go from there."

On the trouble in getting Chris Olave involved:
"That's hard for me to answer right now. I'll watch the tape and see exactly what was going on. But we've been getting a lot of guys in the game and we ended up having to chuck the ball down probably more than we would have liked to. We will look at and see."

On the offense in third and short situations:
"Well, look, it's just depending on how the defense is...typically, most defenses when it's third and shorter, you're going get some single high safety guys are going to be down on the line of scrimmage and trying to take all the underneath stuff away and there's some opportunities down the field."

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On bouncing back after today's loss:
"We are looking to far into the future. We are taking it one game at a time. The last two weeks we are 0-1. We have a short-term memory. We are going to turn it around and preparing to be 1-0 for the following week."

On Tampa Bay's third down success:
"I think Baker (Mayfield) has pretty good mobility. He was extending plays. It's more of a knock on our techniques. We weren't staying in our gaps. They are going to take advantage of it when you give a mobile quarterback those lanes. We have to be more gap disciplined."

On looking forward to next week:
"There are teams that are 0-14 and they have to look forward to the next one. You have to play it. Fortunately, we are 2-2 and not even 0-4. Even if we were 0-4, you can still be 13-4 at the end of the year. We are focusing on going 1-0 every week. It's a blessing every opportunity we get to take the field. Your film is your resume. Today we didn't (put) out what we wanted to on film. We have a bunch of more opportunities to do that and I believe that we will."


On the offensive struggles:
"That's something where we need to watch the film and correct the mistakes."

On if they thought they'd be more explosive in the second half:
"Of course. That was non-negotiable that we have to go out there and get things going. We knew what the assignment was. We just came up short and failed to execute."

On the red zone struggles:
"We need to have a little bit more sense of urgency and figure out ways to get better. We have to have a sense of urgency always. We have to have a high level of focus. This is our opportunity to fix our mistakes. Sometimes things don't go our way, but we have got to find ways to get better."

On the frustration level:
"It's very frustrating. We don't prepare to lose. No one in this building does. Our coach gives us our assignment and we know exactly what we have to focus on week in and week out. He also tells us whoever makes the least mistakes is going to win the game. That's true. We made a couple of mistakes. We can't turn the ball over against a team like that. We just have to find ways to get better. Guys have to make more plays. As leaders, we take ownership and accountability for it."


On getting more turnovers:
"It's frustrating that we aren't getting more turnovers. I think we are collapsing the pockets. We are getting hands on the quarterback, but they are not becoming sacks. With the pressures, they will come. You just have to keep on drilling. You have to keep on hitting. You have to keep on giving more. At the end of the day, it's not about what we've done, it's about what can we give."

On what you can learn from a game like this:
"In a game like this, there was an opportunity in the third quarter where the defense took the field and there was a three and out. You have to be able to do that every time. If you don't allow points to be put on the board, then they can't win. We let points go (on the scoreboard) in the first half. That's on us. We had hands on a collapsing pocket on the quarterback (Baker Mayfield). The collapsing pocket wasn't getting him down. He was able to get the ball out however it may be. He made some great plays worthy of him being a former number one overall pick. Kudos to him. I think there was significant pressure on him. We just have to go back to the film and see what happens."

On third downs:
"I think that the first half when you limit a team to minimal points you have to take advantage. I think that end zone interception should have been a touch back, but nobody cares about coulda woulda shoulda. You leave it up to humans and there will be human error. At the end of the day, we have to find the way to win the games you are supposed to win."

Check out the game action shots from the New Orleans Saints game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 4 of the 2023 NFL season.


On getting things going on defense when the offense is struggling:
"For the most part, it's a pressure that you invite. Obviously, we take great pride in helping our offense out. I feel like for the most part that the games are tight and then defensively we miss a tackle or give up a touchdown. Now, we are looking at two score game. I think defensively we have our fair share of responsibility."

On the frustration of the loss:
"It's tough. Obviously, these are two games we feel like we should have one. Coming into both of those games I felt like we were the better team. It's the NFL, so you have to find a way to show up and minimize your mistakes. Defensively, we have to find a way to take the football away and execute. Obviously, those guys executed better than us."

On Baker Mayfield's ability to escape:
"The last three weeks we have been playing quarterbacks that aren't stationary. They are guys that can move the pocket and find rush lanes. We just have to do a better job defensively. We are playing tight coverage on the back end, so those guys are going to have more time to hold the ball. Last week at Green Bay (Jordan) Love was able to extend some drives with his legs. We just have to find a way to match that coverage and match that front and play well enough for four quarters."


On if he was 100% today:
"I don't think anyone is 100% after week one. There is no excuse for us playing the way that we did today. We have to be better and we will be better."

On if the shoulder injury affected some throws:
"I don't know if it is that or me trying to get more practice reps. Whatever I have to do, then I'll do it. I just don't want the shoulder to be an excuse for the way that we executed today."

On the biggest detriment today:
"There's a couple of things that we talked about as an offense. Obviously, you know how I am. I keep a lot of those things in close. I felt like the second half we came in with the right mindset of how poorly we did in the first half. This is what we are going to do and this is how we are going to do it. We just need to play consistently right now. It's too inconsistent as far as the standard that we set for ourselves. The inconsistency is not going to get you a lot of wins in this league especially against a good team like that. We have to get it right and right now. Yes, there is a lot of football ahead. Yes, there is a lot of games. Our focus is right now. We have to fix it now."

On if he is surprised by the offense struggling like this through four games:
"Yes, very, but we will get it right."

On what hasn't clicked for him so far:
"You know me. I keep them conversations and corrections in close. For me, I can say there are a couple of things that we have talked about that we are addressing, are going to work at and get better. It's not like we don't know. We are locked in We are focused. We have got to get better, but we have got to get better faster at this pace."

On what he expects from the leadership this week:
"We are going to bring it. We are already talking about it. Fresh after you want to address…how was the week? How was the game? All of the things that we talked about. I expect us to come ready to work."

On having Alvin Kamara back:
"Absolutely, Alvin is an unbelievable player. I just wish I could have gotten it to him in different ways or better. He is fun to watch play."

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