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New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers postgame quotes: Trevor Siemian, P.J. Williams, Cam Jordan | 2021 NFL Week 8

Saints head coach and players speak following the Week 8 win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

QB Trevor Siemian

On if the defense did anything different from what you had seen on film:
"No. I think as the game went on, they just weren't going to let us run it 50 times and finish the game. They've got a good front and a lot of good players."

On how tough it is to stay ready all the time:
"Not really. You get reps on scout team and you're always kind of wired in preparing like you're a starter, because if you don't, you're screwed if you do have to play. As being a backup in this league that's your job. Fortunate to have a really good staff that keeps us ready and keeps us in it."

On has the ups and downs experienced in this league helped him for situations he had today:
"I think every player in this league has some ups and downs. Your career is never linear, mine sure hasn't been. I think just bouncing around like I have you really appreciate the locker room, the guys, and it doesn't get any better than that. There's great leadership, great guys, and it's just fun to be around."

On if he can tell how different this organization is from others:
"Yeah absolutely. I think from top down, you can see as soon as you hit the door. Lucky to be here, and happy we got the win. I could not be more thrilled."

On what was his reaction seeing Tom Brady intercepted in the 2-minute drill by PJ Williams and him running to score in the last minute of the game:
"Yes, I was thinking he was going to get down and we could take a few knees (laughter). I remember playing a game in Denver against Kansas City. We scored and went up eight, then they scored, went for two and ended up winning the game. So, I thought about that initially, but I'm happy for PJ and our defense played so well."

On if it's hard not to get caught up in emotions:
"I think you got so much going on, you're so focused that I think it's pretty easy to focus on the task at hand."

On what goes through his mind when he sees Jameis Winston go down with an injury in the game early:
"First, I want to say how gutted I am for Jameis. This win is for him. I just feel for the guy and love him so much. Just being around him, you can't help but see his infectious personality. You're just freaking gutted whenever you see anybody hurt but watching him get hurt was tough. As a backup you are always watching the quarterback. You are monitoring the quarterback when he scrambles more than anyone in the building. Jameis is so tough that you don't think about it as much and then seeing him be a little wonky in his first couple steps you notice something isn't right."

On what it feels like to be back on the field playing:
"It was fun. You play in the preseason, but your reps are so limited. I think I kind of lost a little sense of how fun it is when you're out there in a huddle and in the middle of a drive and you score. There's a joy to this game that you can't get chasing anything else."

On if defense playing well is a confidence booster:
"At a certain point too you're thinking our defense is going to keep us in the game regardless of what we do on offense as long as we don't turn it over. You can't play quarterback being super cautious, but at the same time you want to make sure you're making good aggressive decisions. They're going to keep us in every game."

On what sparked them in the 3rd quarter for that go ahead drive:
"One three and out is going to happen, but you would like to minimize them. Then you start thinking whatever we got to do to get a first down to get rolling. After that second three and out we were feeling that urgency. There is always urgency, but especially then."

On if he spoke to Jameis Winston in the locker room after the injury:
"Yeah, I followed up with him at halftime and spoke for a little bit. You look at his face he's dancing and yelling, you would have never known he was hurt. That's just who he is. Hope he gets back sooner than later."

CB P.J. Williams #26

On what he saw on his game sealing pick six:
"Yeah, it was a play I for sure was looking for coming into this game, like, 'Oh, I'm going to pick this off.' I was a free player, just like a robber. Just reading the quarterback. We have been looking for those in cuts all day and I feel like they kind of switched up the game plan because they did not run it as much on third down. So it was a play I was looking for. I was reading the quarterback and he took me to the ball and I just couldn't believe he threw it. So I broke on it, got the ball, I saw the sideline and took it to the end zone. Coach was a little mad that I didn't get down in, but hey, we won the game and it was great."

On if there was any possibility he would get down instead of returning the interception:
"No, I do not think so. In my mind, seeing what I saw, I was going to the end zone. If I felt like they had me for sure then I probably would have went down or went out of bounds, but I saw the end zone and I was going."

On the defense's mindset when facing Tom Brady in the two minute drill:
"Just win the game. We had a chance to win it. It was in our hands. We had the lead, it was under two minutes so we were going to do whatever we had to do to go out there and win. We executed a couple plays and then you see it in the air and you go get the ball. No matter who it is, we know we have a great defense. As long as we execute, we can beat anybody."

DE Cameron Jordan #94

On the importance of turnovers in this particular matchup:
"Of course, I have been trying to get some more forced fumbles out of these quarterbacks for a while now. It's great to see one finally come home. That gives us that much more energy for the defense to support the offense so these guys can put points on the board. I think we had ourselves in great position going into that second half and we come out with whatever it takes, however long it takes, we're going to go ahead and put it on us."

On the defense's mindset coming into this game:
"The same thing it was last week. We have to go out here and take over. For us to go out there and get an interception in what should have been a quick down and we would have been out the game, P.J. (Williams) goes ahead and scores, we go back out, gives us another chance. You have to relish these moments, you've got to love our confidence that we're building on defense each and every game. To go against one of the greatest to ever be at the quarterback position and finish the game like that, you've got to love it. We talk about Tanoh Kpassagnon, Kwon Alexander coming up big. If they didn't get those sacks, they would have been mine (laughter). The fact that defense is riding like that, I love it, I love being a part of it. I know everyone is on four cylinders and it's going to be a bloody battle like it was today. Whether we beat somebody by 30 points it doesn't matter, our defensive mentality is the same, go out there and get the dub."

On if the defense will take it upon themselves to be even better if Jameis Winston misses significant time with the injury he suffered:
"For the last now three seasons we've been in this situation. It's not new to our defense, to our team. I think that if anything it shows you how resilient our team's been. The core leaders that have been a part of this team for a numerous amount of years, the juice that we bring each and every practice has helped us overcome these adverse situations. It sucks not to have Jameis out there because we know the fierce, competitive spirit that he has. We know the game plan was set for him and now we have to adjust it a little bit for Trevor (Siemian) or whoever the coaches deem next up. But I do know we're capable of winning as you see tonight, as you saw last year, as you saw the year before that. It does have to be on the defense. We can be better and want to step up to that plate. I think as much as they ran tonight, they still ended up with four or five yards a carry. No matter the spot that's on us, we have to eliminate some of these mistake and get to the quarterback the way we did at the end of the game."

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