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Transcript: Nigel Bradham training camp conference call - Monday, August 17

New Orleans Saints linebacker spoke to media about his impressions of the Saints organization and getting acclimated with his teammates

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Nigel Bradham
Videoconference Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, August 17, 2020

This is our first time talking to you since you joined the squad so why New Orleans and what's been your early impression the franchise?
"Oh, it's been great man. Obviously, it's a great organization. An organization that knows how to win and knows how to compete and puts themselves in position to be in great situations late in the year. So anytime you get an opportunity to join a situation like that you're extremely blessed. Which I'm fortunate to be and obviously happy to be here and enjoy a new city. Obviously, (I have) a lot of new teammates, getting to know them and just trying to fit in and do my thing."

What's it like playing in this defense and what do you see and notice?
"It is a multiple defense. That was the first thing I noticed. We were on a lot of different looks, a lot of different schemes and anytime (you do that) you pretty much have an advantage from week in and week out. Being able to change up your defense and give offenses different looks."

What was it like getting out there and working with pads and playing 11-on-11?
"It was great. Obviously, just having an opportunity to put on the pads again, be able to hit each other and build some kind of chemistry out there today. The energy was great. The pads were flying around. It was a great setting for everybody to enjoy. (The) Offense made great plays, defense made great plays, so it was very competitive and we look forward to just keep working and getting better."

What are your first impressions of the culture of this team after spending a few days practices with them?
"It's definitely a different type of environment, a different culture. Because the last two organizations I went to weren't really winning organizations (when I first arrived at them). So when you come to a place where it's known for winning and known for being in the postseason, you see a different type of culture they have and the expectations that they have naturally and what they expect out of you as a player."

What have you taken from someone like Demario Davis, the early impressions that you have playing with someone like him?
"Man, Demario's been great. Obviously, I've been blessed to know him. my whole career, being able to meet him at the combine and pretty much just continue to talk to each other throughout the league in our careers. (He's a) Great person, great leader and obviously one of the best linebackers in the game and you see why, because (of) his work ethic. He works every day, day in and out and he's a great leader of this team. I'm just trying to fall right in and follow his path."

Does it help to have Malcolm Jenkins here as you get acclimated in New Orleans?
"It helps a lot. Obviously, for me I'm blessed enough to be able to play with a lot of my college teammates as well. So I was just fortunate to be able to know a lot of guys on this team, and had an opportunity to be able to just fit right in."

Have the coaches expressed the vision they have for you?
"Right now I think we're pretty much just trying to feel where I fit best and me understanding the defense, learning the defense, learning the terminology, and just getting comfortable in the defense. I think that's the main focus for me right now. As far as my role, I think it will expand more so when we get closer to the season, but right now, in training camp, I think I'm pretty much just focused on learning the defense, understanding everything, the ins and outs and the terminology."

What kind of player is Malcolm Jenkins?
"He's a tremendous player. He's everything you want in a safety. His ability, his instincts for one is undeniable. Being able to read routes and get recognition just by formations and his communication on the field is another key part. He's very quick on all his keys and reads. He's very quickly to recognize run/pass situations and things of that nature. So he's definitely an upper hand for us. His knowledge is unbelievabe, his IQ man. He is pretty much another coordinator out there and I think that's where you have the advantage playing with Malcolm."

Can you speak what it's like to hear those 70,000 New Orleans Saints fans in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, what that can do to the opposing team and how that fan support will be lacking at least in the season opener?
"It's definitely going to be different. Especially, I was looking forward to having the Superdome packed and being in that atmosphere because like you said I was on the other side (with Buffalo and Philadelphia). But I do remember (this defense) being extremely stacked. There are situations and times where you cannot hear yourself and that goes into play. Especially when an opponent's offense is on the field and it creates that energy and we just we just fed off of that. The defense feds off of that energy. It is going to be a different type of year with no fans (at least at the first home game) for sure, but I think we will be able to do what we're supposed to do and keep the fans hyped and entertained. Whether they have to watch it on TV or what."

How special is for you just to be back down south, having grown up on the Florida Gulf Coast and playing at Florida State?
"It is great. Obviously, I had an opportunity to be close to home. I grew up like five hours away from here. So I know my mom and family was ecstatic for that situation. We have been praying for something like this to happen actually. To be able to be home and get the opportunity close enough to play in front of my family, so it is a big aspect. Hopefully, eventually we can get families and fans (into the stadium) and be able to watch games (in-person) this year."

Are you okay with this New Orleans weather?
"Yeah, I have to get used to it for sure. Nah man, it's hot, you can tell. But it's definitely something I have to get back used to, it's different, (with the) humidity. Reminds me like I said (of) college. (That was the) Last time I've been in an atmosphere like this, which is some years ago now and I think it will give me an advantage though. I like it."

What are your initial impression of Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill so far?
"Oh, great. Yeah, they are great. Obviously, I know Jameis is still learning (the offense), obviously. You see the way they compete in practice. Every play they treat pretty much like it is a game rep and the game is on the line and you see that competitiveness out of both of them each and every play. Which it makes you be on your P's and Q's and obviously, you have got to play great yourself. We got competition all over. So that's a good thing. Great thing, especially for what we want to do this season."

What was it like trying to try to tackle Alvin Kamara in the open field in your Philly days in 2018?
"I haven't had a full opportunity right now. That probably would come down later on in some scrimmages. You have to double team. That's what I'm asking about to my coach going into the game obviously. This man is somebody who's so elusive and you need help guarding. (He's) Almost impossible to guard one on one honestly. Anytime he is one on one I think you see he exploits that situation. So you definitely need help when you got one of the best backs in the game and you have to prepare for him and game plan for him. So I mean that's going to be (tough for our opponents). I'm glad I'm on the same side now, I can say that."

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