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Transcript: New Orleans Saints Players Postgame Quotes | Saints-Buccaneers 2019 Week 11

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints players after their victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers


(On the play that resulted in his interception)

"Just good coverage by all of us. Our front did a good job pressuring. Everybody did a good job covering and he (Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston) just threw it up."

(On New Orleans' defense having four interceptions in the game)

"We just go after the ball. That's what we do in practice every week – we go attack the ball. We do a take-away circuit, it shows up in the game."

(On the team's mentality coming into this game)

"Our mentality has to be the same every week. We come into the game thinking we're going to get takeaways; we're going to stop them every down and that's just what we do on defense. That's our job and we try and do that every single week."

(On his interception)

"Just an overthrow. I'll take it though. If he wants to throw it to me, I'll get it. It took off from there, got in the endzone. Good blocking by all my guys up front and everybody so I got in (the endzone)"


(On shutting down Tampa Bay's receivers in the first half)

"Just locking-in and playing every single play like it's your last. That's what we preach. Just making sure you lock in. I feel like we gave up a few in the second half that we didn't want to give up, but at the end of the day we came out with a W."

(On playing on the outside today as opposed to usually playing the nickelback position)

"I feel like I got a few reps last week in the game and just all week at practice. I started to get back comfortable, but it's not exactly natural when you just been playing straight inside. I did it all in training camp last year. We matchup sometimes. Sometimes I might have a guy that's outside, but it definitely felt good."

(On bouncing back from a tough loss last week against Atlanta)

"We know what type of team we are. We know last week wasn't us, so we knew we were going to bounce back this week in a big way. Wish we could have done it better, but we definitely knew what was going to happen. We knew we were going to come and bounce back strong."

(On executing the next-man-up mentality)

"It's huge. We talk about it every week. If a guy goes down, we have to be ready. I was out the last couple games before the Atlanta game and 22 (C.J. Gardner-Johnson) stepped up and played great. We feel like we have guys that can play all through the secondary and also on the team, so we feel like we're good enough to do that."


(On what defense they were in when he made his interception)

"We were in a zone. They ran a little crosser, so when he was running to the flat, I knew I had a safety over to help. The safety came up ready to make the hit and I think Marcus [Williams] came down low and because of the pressure he was putting on the tight end, [the tight end] couldn't really focus on the ball and the ball bobbled off his back and when I saw it I had an opportunity to grab it. When I grabbed it, I wish I could've stayed up, but it's all good. We got the ball. Offense scored on the next play."

(On his improvement in pass defense)

"I think that was an important part. Coming from New York to here, they asked me to Will linebacker, so I had to train a little bit different to be ready to play out in space. The Will gets isolated on running backs and tight ends. That's something I take a lot of pride in because I know those match-ups are going to come, one-on-one in the slot every game and on the outside. Just being in position to make plays on the ball, make those tackles if they do check it down to a running back. A lot of times you are dropping underneath the one receiver coming up making tackles, not letting him get extra yards. Just something I take a lot of pride in. I know it's important to our defense for me to make those plays."

(On the defense's four interceptions and their play today)

"Just tremendous effort all around. First you have to get the coaches credit for giving us a good game plan. The front did a good job of getting after Jameis [Winston)]and forcing him to release the ball at times when he didn't want to. The DBs (defensive backs) did a good job of taking off the top – making sure they weren't able to get the spot that they like to get. They're one of the most explosive offenses in the league as far as deep balls. We did a good job of taking that away and making them do something else. When the ball came out we were able to make plays on the ball and it was just a fun day."

(On how much better he has become because of practicing against players like Alvin Kamara and Jared Cook)

"That's what probably has helped me the most in emerging as being an elite coverage linebacker, going against Kamara and Jared Cook. When you're going against looks like that, you're getting an All-Pro look every rep. From one-on-ones, to OTAs, to minicamp – even in practice this week I the one-on-ones, Alvin caught me in spacing and gave me one that went almost to the house. It's like when I'm going against Kamara and Cook all week – when I get in a game against these tight ends and running backs, it's like ankle-weights still. I've been wearing ankle weights, now I'm just able to fly around and play. I think that's what helps a lot."


(On how bouncing back from last week's loss felt)

"It was awesome. You know, we put in the hard work and effort and the focus. This week I think we had a lot of things going for us and it really did not matter who we were playing, we corrected a lot of things internally. That's what you have to do, you have to focus on what we have in our building."

(His thoughts on how the defense performed without CB Marshon Lattimore)

"I know Marshon is probably sick at home, but when the defense eats you want to be a part of that. And the way that we took the field today, felt like we were unstoppable at times. Except they took away one of my sacks. Apparently you can throw a ball with the left hand at the ground and it's not intentional grounding. Even if it was intentional grounding, they still wouldn't have granted my sack. Could have had an amazing day today."

(On if players learn from a game like last week's loss to Atlanta or forget about it)

"Absolutely not, you do not forget about it, you take that as a lesson. Teams we play are talented. When we play division rivals they know you, they have a game plan for you since they have to face you twice a year. And to come into a hostile environment and get a win, that's what we are looking for."


(On how important it was to establish the run today against Tampa Bay)

"On this team, we talked about it all week. It started with the o-line, they did a great job up front. The receivers did a good job blocking on the perimeter. Zach Line did his thing. I mean it all came together."

(On the team's mentality in practice after last week's loss)

"Every week is the same, we have to come out with a win every week. I think it is what it is. We weren't happy we lost. We wanted come back and get a win so that's what we did."

(On how defensive secondary performed without Marshon Lattimore)

"It's big. I mean we got other players in that secondary, but of course Marshon is a huge piece, we missed him, but those guys had to step up and play. You can't just sit down because one player is out. They came up big."

(On Sean Payton sitting on the bench next to him during a Saints defensive series)

"I mean I always go and find him [on the sideline] and try to look at his playcard and just see what he is thinking. Sometimes he won't say anything and he'll just show me the play card and point at something. Right there, he was just having a conversation on the headphones and Josh [Hill] went down so he was making a couple of adjustments. I know I probably don't have too much say, but I try to put my two cents in every now and then. 

(On the counter pitch play)

"I like it, especially when the line and those guys are on the perimeter blocking. All I have to do is run, they have the hard part.

(On his health and back to returning punts)

"Deonte [Harris] went down and somebody had to step up. It was and Ted [Ginn]. Ted didn't go back this week, he didn't go back this game, so I was back there. It is what it is, next man up."

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