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Transcript: New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton Postgame Quotes | Saints-Panthers 2019 Week 12

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton

(opening statement)
"Obviously we had a hard-fought game. There are lot of things that we have to clean up. I was proud of how we fought back and hung in there. We made enough plays in the twominute drill. That was significant. Getting the stop defensively to force a field goal was big. There's a tone that we have to build and clean up from this game. The challenge is doing it over (a) short week, getting ready to play Thursday."

(on overcoming penalties)
"It wasn't our best game and by far it wasn't their best game. It is what it is. I'm not going to get into the replays relative to the fouls. The change that took place in the offseason. I don't know that it's exactly what we discussed where we are today with it. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's not, but we've got to be able to adjust."

(on focusing on and improving small details)
"There were some pre-snap penalties. Too many hands to the face defensively, too many penalties in the back end. There's a handful of times we had third and long. We got the late personal foul on Cam (Jordan). We are going to need to be smarter in bigger games."

(on running the two-minute drill)
"I think at the end of the half or the end of the game, they are going to end that way. Usually the question is do they end defensively or offensive way for the most part. That's something that Drew (Brees) had been doing this a long time and he's awfully good at it."

(on the second game winner for Wil Lutz)
"He's been real impressive in clutch situations and that's what you're looking for. So much is not only the leg talent but it's the talent between your ears and I think it's a strength of his."

(on the injuries from both teams)
"It's part of the game. It's a physical game. I know both teams played hard. It wasn't always the cleanest game. There's a lot of respect between the two clubs and we've been in some tough battles with those guys."

(on giving up a two-score lead in the game)
"Everything concerns me. The fouls concern me, the change of possession snaps, the fourth down and a yard (rushing failure), a lot of those things. Absolutely. We're concerned. We have to get it corrected and cleaned up and that's why we're coaching."

(on if there was an emphasis to get Alvin Kamara the ball in the second half)
"There's going to be certain things that we want to try to do. He made a number of big plays for us, so whether they come in the running game or the passing game. The same way with Latavius Murray. He had a big touchdown early. Some of it is the byproduct of what we're doing and some of that, there are intentions behind it."

(on Jared Cook's performance)
"He received some good matchups. The throw Drew (Brees) made on one of his touchdowns, it was a big play. He played exceptionally well. He's moving around, while he's been doing that in practice (the whole season) and I'm proud of him. He made a heck of a catch above his head. He just seemed like if you threw it his way, he was coming down with it. Against a team that plays a lot of the trap zone, your tight end is going to have some of those opportunities."

(on the development of Latavius Murray)
"We've seen it more than just today. We saw it when Alvin (Kamara) was hurt. I knew coming in he was a real good teammate. I knew that the film we had seen was really productive. You don't realize how big he is until you see him in person. He's been a really good addition to this team filling in for a really good player that left."

(on his impression of Christian McCaffrey)
"He's a real good football player. The more space or more air you give him, the more challenging it is. You have to find a way to take some of the air out of those tackles (and) take some of the air out of the coverage. There are a few plays where we could have defended better. I'm sure we will the next time."

(on if he was surprised about the overturned pass interference call)
"You can't control it and you just have to evaluate your own gut. Even the muffed punt was tough with the angles. We finally received one angle where you could see it kind of hit the floor early, the back of the calf. I was concerned that there wasn't a clear visual angle until I saw that one. You have to trust your gut. That was our second challenge, so we were out a challenges, but that was significant because obviously it is a turnover. We score a touchdown or, if you say a challenge is worth a touchdown, which I think it would be, but the earlier one I just disagree with. I thought it was a real good route."

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