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Transcript: New Orleans Saints cornerback P.J. Williams training camp interview - Sunday, Aug. 23

Williams spoke with media about his transition to safety at Saints Training Camp 2020

New Orleans Saints cornerback P.J. Williams
Post-Practice video conference with New Orleans media
Sunday, Aug. 23, 2020

I haven't been out to camp yet but, from everything I'm hearing and seeing it looks like you're having a really good camp. Was that a goal for you to come out and really kind of impress early on?
"Oh yeah, definitely just come out here, get better. Making sure I'm learning new things, being able to go out there and make a few plays is always a good thing. So, just coming out here, every year you want to come out there and make some plays and make sure you're getting better and doing what you can do to help the team or be able to challenge the players on the team."

What do you think about your skill set that makes it so easy? I don't know if easy is the right word, but the transition to safety at least watching looks easy because you're doing it so well. What about your skillset do you think has lent itself to allow you to do that?
"I feel like, just that I can process things pretty fast. Like just being smart, knowing the game and also just my body type being physical, being a bigger corner, like it is an easy transition to be able to play safety and being able to tackle, play physical and stuff like that. So just being able to process things is definitely a big thing."

What's having Malcolm Jenkins in there like? You had some help with when you had to play safety last season with the DJ Swearinger joining the team later in the season, but having Malcolm there too?
"It's big for us, man, just the leadership he brings and also just the knowledge. I've been learning a lot from him just in these few weeks we've been together. So, just picking his brain with him playing as long as he's played. And just, I feel like all of us are learning a little bit from him."

I think we kind of hear a lot of times that players focus better or concentrate better if they're in one position. Playing multiple positions, does that kind of make you focus even more so?
"Yeah, definitely. I feel like that'll definitely make you focus more because playing corner and nickel, I've been playing that last few years. So I pretty much know the ins and outs of that, but when you've got to learn a new position you're more locked in in the meetings, trying to learn new things. And I feel like learning safety and other positions just help you be able to understand the whole defense. I feel like it's definitely helping me lock in a lot more."

*You went up against him a couple times in one on ones. What's it like just to be against Deonte Harris in the line? Just trying to stop him from getting off? *"Oh, yeah, he's real quick. His quickness is what makes it tough to guard him. He's a quick guy off the line. So, you've got to be patient and move your feet instead of just trying to be real aggressive on the line with him. So, he's definitely learned a lot since he's gotten here and getting a lot better."

So he's not someone you want to try to get your hands on?
"Yeah, I learned that so. One time I tried to jump him at the line and missed. So, I feel like it's a guy you got to be patient with at the line."

Obviously you saw plenty of Jameis Winston as an opponent, I'm just curious what your thoughts are of him now. Does he look any different to you from what the guy you saw in Tampa? Or what do you think, how he's done so far?
"I think he's doing pretty well. He's learning. It's definitely hard to see just being on the defensive side, paying attention to what I got going on (during practice and meetings). But as far as what I've been hearing and seeing he's doing pretty well. He definitely knows he has to adjust. So you're going to go through some growing pains but I feel like he's doing well. And then talking to him, that's one of my good friends."

When you got pressed into safety action last year, did you kind of think that it would evolve into this where you know, you're kind of playing a little bit there and a little bit of corner and kind of doing more in the defense?
"No, I wasn't really sure. But I think after the second game that I played it, coach was pretty much telling me this could be something that we do. So after that, definitely. And then going through practice that next week is like, oh, yeah this is definitely could be a position that I can be able to play or play a role in."

Just in general with all the versatility in the secondary it's kind of crazy to think about, like, all the different stuff you guys can do as a group. I mean, there's a lot of you guys have a lot of different spots.
"Oh yeah, definitely. I feel like the sky's the limit for our secondary and for our defense. We've got a good defense, smart. A lot of guys that played a whole lot of football and that could play in a lot of different places. So, I feel like it's definitely going to be great for our secondary this year."

Have you seen Ceedy Duce? CJ Gardner-Johnson? Have you seen him like, kind of evolve since his rookie year and he seems kind of like a high-energy guy back there in the secondary?
"Oh, yeah, man, that's what he is. He's a high energy guy, brings a lot of energy to the team. And just, I feel like, he's definitely getting, just learning, getting smarter, not just playing out there and he does a great job playing fast. But just, I feel like learning the defense and learning what the offense is giving you that'll definitely help take his game to the next level. So I feel like that's what he's doing well this year."

Yeah, nothing of consequence. But we'd heard you know about Ohio State this ,Ohio State that forever in the locker room and now there's like a half dozen Florida State guys on the team, you included? What's that been like? Just seeing so many Seminoles in that locker room.
"Oh, yeah. It is nice, man. You always want to see somebody that went to your school, man. So we're all real cool and tight. So it's definitely good seeing a lot of players and there's a few players that I came in with at Florida State. And so it's definitely fun seeing the guys that you went to school with and guys that went to your school."

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