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Transcript - New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton postgame quotes | Saints-Buccaneers 2020 Divisional

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton


On if the loss was due to the turnovers:
"I thought defensively we played exceptionally well. Unfortunately, those types of things in a game like this, end up being the difference. They (Tampa) scored three touchdowns off of our first three turnovers. It's just tough to win a game against a good team like that when you do that."

On why the team did not take any chances throwing the ball down the field:
"We had some down the field throws, actually. Sometimes, we were coming off to the underneath throws. We had a couple double spears. Look, we made some plays down the field. Obviously, not enough. I don't think that was our issue. I thought that we did a number of things well. Yet, we just didn't have enough snaps and gave them (Tampa Bay) some pretty good field position."

On how big the Jared Cook fumble was as the team was driving to extend its lead:
"They're all significant. It's a third down, a real good play by him; and, obviously, a real good play by (Antoine) Winfield (Jr.), a heady play. That was significant in that we just crossed midfield, I think, and we were going to be a first down. The drive to start the second half was encouraging. I just think that it's hard to beat a team that's in the playoffs, in this divisional round of the playoffs, when you have that lopsided of a turnover ratio. Credit Tampa Bay. They did enough things and played well to win."

On if this is the end of the Drew Brees era, can he describe what (Brees) means to him:
"Listen, I think that is probably for another press conference. I can't speak for Drew. Obviously, I would take up all of my time on your question tonight, and I do think that it's for another press conference. Obviously, he's been tremendous for this team, this city. I could go on and on. Let's wait and answer that at the right time." 

 On the interceptions today:
"(They were) entirely different type of plays. The first one was tight manto-man coverage, almost a leverage play. The second turnover, I think, was on the third down conversion, the fumble. We'll look at the film. I think they were different, each one of them. Then, the last one, we were in a little bit more of an aggressive mindset or mode. Give those guys credit. They played well."

On if Tampa did anything special to stop Michael Thomas:
"He drew the matchup that we thought, and those guys competed. Unfortunately, we didn't get enough attempts or enough balls his way, but that was part of the way that that game was unfolding. We received a lot of man coverage and occasionally some zone. When you get into these games, there really aren't that many surprises. It is more about the attention-to-detail. It's guys going out and executing and doing all of those things. That's the frustrating thing about the turnovers. (There) was a lot of man coverage, which is what you get from Tampa."

On if he had to change the game plan when Taysom Hill and Latavius Murray were ruled out to play:
"I think that we kind of had that sense, so we were mindful when the week began not to draw to much attention to those packages. Each of them are different players. I think Deonte (Harris) getting hurt (didn't help). He was electric to start the game. I felt bad that he couldn't finish, because he had given us a real good spark. Hopefully, those guys are healthy. I will have a chance to check with the trainers right now. We will have a meeting tomorrow."

On Tampa's offense on third down:
"I think that it kind of went back and forth. Obviously, later in the game with the lead, it became more challenging. You could definitely tell that they made that conscientious effort to run the ball. They did a good job with that at times. I thought that we did the same thing. Look, it's a good (Tampa) team. I just finished telling D.A. (Dennis Allen), I thought defensively, we look at their first score, if we look at drive starts, it was kind of the opposite of, really, the last game that we played them in Tampa. If you're going to look at where each team is starting with the football, it was kind of the tale of two different games."

On Devin White's play:
"He's a good football player. Both of those guys, he and Lavonte (David), man, just like our guys, they are fast to the football. You've got to account for him not only in the run game, but he's real good in coverage. He's a good player."

On if he thought that Tampa targeted Alex Anzalone:
"That wouldn't be accurate. I don't think that no one targets (a certain player). There is a lot that goes into defending the run. Like I said, early on, we did that well. Then, it's just too many downs that you are defending. I can't say that enough. It was not just one player. I think that that would be inaccurate."

3,000 New Orleans Saints fans, including 750 vaccinated health-care workers from Ochsner, LCMC, and Tulane cheer on the team from inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Divisional Round of the 2020 NFL playoffs.

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