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Transcript - Marshon Lattimore Conference Call 11/05/20 | Week 9 vs. Buccaneers

New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore talks about playing at a consistent level and the preparations for the Saints Week 9 matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on November 8, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Cornerback Marshon Lattimore
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Thursday, November 5, 2020

The defense is on a streak of not allowing guys to get to 100 yards rushing. And I was just curious from, as a player in the secondary, you know, how much pride do you take in that streak?
"With the D line and the DBs, we work together, (along with the) linebackers. We all work together. So, if we can stop the run like that, it'll be a key part in the back end of stopping the run too. So, we take big pride in that. So it's not just the D line and linebackers. You know, DBs, you know we play a part in that too."

What challenges does Antonio Brown present just knowing he hasn't played in a game in over a year and hasn't played in this scheme before?
"We just got to go out there and stop him. It's as simple as that. We haven't seen film on him in a while. So, who knows how they're going to use him. So we just got to go out there, execute our game plan. We don't really have to worry (about things we can't control), just worry about what we got to do."

How do you guys feel as a secondary? Obviously you've done a lot of good things but battled some inconsistency the first half of this season. How do you feel about setting the tone for obviously a really big game Sunday night and from here on out?
"I don't think we go into the game wanting to give up plays or anything like that. So it's just a focus thing with us. We've got the talent. Everybody knows we got the talent, it is just focusing in. So I don't think, we just go in there like, like every week we go in there like we're going to dominate. But some little things turn to big things. So that's just what it is. We just got to fix those things, stay consistent and we'll be alright."

What is it about this matchup with Mike Evans that you dominate every single time you play, like what's so good about it for you against him?
"Just the history of, you know, what happened my first year and I just want to dominate, period. But, you know, I mean, it is what it is. I just want to go out there and compete, and win, dominate. So I just got to keep that going. I can't get big headed about it. I still got to go in there like it's my first game ever playing him. So I'm good with it, the history of what happened."

So, do you get more fired up for him (Mike Evans) maybe than other guys just because of that personal history?
"No, I mean, I guess. But no. I guess though, from that, for sure. Like it was like a disrespectful thing, you know, that he did. But I get fired up with everybody. But yeah, I guess you could say."

Is it a little bit different preparing for this offense this time around now that you guys have some tape on (Tom) Brady and how he fits in (Bruce) Arians' offense? And is it any different than what you guys were kind of expecting back in week one?
"Yeah it's different, definitely different. They've got some, some things, you know, getting players the ball that they need to get the ball. And you know, just that, we've just got to win our matchups. That's it. Win our matchups and we'll be alright."

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