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Transcript - Los Angeles Chargers postgame quotes | Saints-Chargers 2020 Week 5

Get postgame reactions from LA Chargers coach Anthony Lynn and quarterback Justin Herbert


(On Justin Herbert's performance)
"Justin made some good plays. I thought he executed and made some good plays. We did not win the game, so I am not too excited about complimenting anybody right now. I thought the kid di some good things though."

(On his message to his team)
"I never would have thought this team would have lost four in a row, but I was on a Charger team that did and that team came back fighting. I expect this team to come back and do the same."

(On Keen Allen's status)
"Keenan went out with lower back spasms. That's the last I heard. I know that he couldn't go. He came back in and tried, but he just couldn't go."

(On not having Allen on the field)
"It affected the whole football team. He is one of our playmakers. He's a good football player. KJ (Hill Jr.) came in and had a chance to make a couple of plays. I thought he made a couple of catches, but it's different. KJ's playing outside. He's normally playing inside. We moved some guys around. It took a minute, but I thought the offense found their rhythm late in the second half. We put some points on the board on the big play that Justin threw to Mike (Williams) that gave us the lead. We did miss Keenan though."

(On Michael Badgley missing the kick)
"That young man's been kicking outstanding all year. He missed an extra point today and he missed a field goal. I'll be the first to say that he has to do better. We could have done some other things better as well."

(On Casey Hayward injury)
"He played three quarters and then was hurt. I'm going to find out more when I get back to the locker room."

(On losing close games)
"The guys are putting themselves into position to win these games. We are just not finishing the games. It's not one thing here or there. I could give you a ton of excuses, but I'm not about excuses. At the end of the day, we need to get it done and that's on me."

(On running the ball on first down a lot)
"Sometimes it just works out like that based on the front and the coverage that we are given. Justin may have to check to a run or stay in a pass. It's the way that it played out tonight. (On how they defended Alvin Kamara) "I think for the most part we did a good job of containing him until late in that game."

(On teaching the team to close games)
"This bye week couldn't have come at a better time. I think this team is going to get a little healthier. I look forward to what is going to happen next. I believe in the locker room I believe those men will bounce back. We have a lot of football left ahead of us. I believe we will get this ship corrected and moving in the right direction."

(On any reason why Michael Badgley is off this year)
"It's not at all because in practice he has been kicking outstanding. He's healthy. His leg strength is better than it has ever been. He has been kicking good. He just missed tonight." (On what went through his mind on the missed kick) "It was frustrating."

(On the stagnant offense in the third quarter)
"We came out and try to establish the run game more. We were having trouble protecting. My quarterback was running for his life a little bit. We tried to establish the running game to help him out. They stood up. We made some mistakes too, but they stood up and they stopped us. It happens. Sometimes you go back and forth. Our defense stopped them a few times. I thought we eventually picked it update up the clock and got the score."

(On getting the running game going again)
"I think a little continuity is going to help. I know the average was good, but the efficiency wasn't where I wanted it to be."

(On what adjustment the Saints made at the end of the first half)
"They executed. We gave up a third and 14 with a ball over our head. We got beat in coverage. That is all that there is to it. We got beat in coverage. Their guy executed and our guy didn't. This inexcusable, but that's what happened."

(On Herbert's poise)
"We can use him to help the offensive line. We have to get more mobile plays. Sometimes it's hard when he is stationary. He has shown he can extend plays. He can pull the ball. That was just him creating tonight and extending that play." 

(On exploiting Marshon Lattimore)
"He's a really good corner. I know he has been banged up a little bit and they try to put him on our best starter. Mike (Williams) came down with the ball and he didn't. We know Mike can do that."

(On if there is one area that frustrates him)
"The guys did a lot of good things. They put them in a position to win the game. We didn't get done. That's what is frustrating. It could be the kick. It could be the 3rd and 14 touchdown. It could be the missed extra point. All of these things played a factor in the game. Overall, we just have to do better. We have 11 games left to turn this around. We know we can play with anybody because we have been doing it. We just have to finish the games."

(On the resiliency of the receivers)
"We know that they weren't at full speed, but they did the best that they could. We spot played them and they did contribute."

(On if something happened to Sam Tevi)
"Sam got poked in the eye, so Storm (Norton) had to go in there for a little bit. I think Sam will be just fine."

(On keeping morale up)
"This is our job. Our job is to play football and win games. It's what we do for a living. I'm not worried about the morale. We have the right guys on the team. We have the right guys in the locker room. I have no problem with our character. I have no problem with our leadership. We have to go back to work and fine tune the details. Once we win one of these games, I firmly believe they are going to come in bunches. I can't wait. We can't wait to get back to work."

(On if Rayshawn Jenkins came out during the Jared Cook touchdown)
"Rayshawn has been on the field every single play. If he wasn't, then it was because something must have happened. We were in a certain coverage. The guy must have beat us in a man coverage."


(On the loss)
"It's definitely a tough loss. It hurts a lot to be so close these last four games. I know that we are going to go back. Things are going to change. We just have to keep attacking and know that the wins are going to come."

(On battling back)
"The third quarter was big. We needed to put more points up and we did not. We got off to a quick start, but we just haven't played consistently all four quarters. We unfortunately didn't do that. It's a learning process. We are going to learn from it. Losing is horrible. I know that we are going to turn it around. This team is sticking together. I know we have the talent to turn it around."

(On if the bye week comes at the right time)
"We'd love to be playing next week to get back out on the field. The bye week does come at a good time. We can get some of those guys up front some rest. We'll be watching some film and getting ready for our next opponent."

(On the play to Mike Williams at the end of regulation)
"It was a designed play. Anytime you see Mike Williams on the sideline with one on one coverage, I know that I am going to go to him. He is one of the best in the game. I have complete faith in him. I know he is going to make a play on any ball that I throw up in the air."

(On getting over the hump)
"It is going to take more than what we are doing now. It is going to take 30 minutes more of stretching, weightlifting, and watching film. It's little bits that add up in the long run. I know we are really close. If we work hard and do the right things, good things will happen. I love the way this team battles and I know that we are going to stick together. Losing is tough. It always is, but we are going to learn from it. I know we are going to stick together through this."

(On getting compliments from Sean Payton and Drew Brees)
"it is a huge compliment. Those are two people I look up to a lot. It means a lot to hear that from them, but I'd love to get the win. Unfortunately, it didn't happen today. I know we're going to stick through this and keep getting better."

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