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Transcript: Drew Brees Postgame Quotes | Saints-Rams 2019 Week 2 

Saints quarterback Drew Brees speaks to media following Week 2 at Rams

Saints QB Drew Brees – Rams-Saints Postgame Quotes – Sept. 15, 2019

(On what happened to him)
"I hit my thumb on (Rams DT) Aaron Donald, so we'll see."

(On what the play call was when he got injured)
"It was to (TE) Jared Cook. On a third-down play."

(On if he expects to play next week)
"I'm not sure. We'll see."

(On if he got X-rays)
"I did. I got X-rays, but I'm meeting with a specialist here very soon too. We'll see what he says."

(On if it was encouraging to him that the injury may not be serious)
"I have no idea. I really don't.

(On if there's a level of optimism or if he really doesn't know)
"Yeah, I really don't know at this point. There's only so much you can do here other than just having the doctor look at it on the sideline. I'm going to see a hand specialist and get his opinion and we'll see what the next steps are."

(On if he is concerned)
"Yeah, I am concerned. I'm hoping it's not too significant."

(On what Donald said in their exchange on the field)
"I can't remember what he said."

(On if it's safe to say that it's the toughest time he's ever had gripping a football in his career)

(On when he is meeting with a specialist and if it is in Los Angeles)
"It should be today. Yes."

(On how he is processing the injury and if he's trying not to think of the worst)
"Yeah, I'm trying not to. Again, I'm hoping for the best and just preparing for whatever the next steps might be according to the evaluation."

(On his evaluation of QB Teddy Bridgewater)
"I thought he did great in a tough circumstance, you know. I thought, offensively, we never really got much of a rhythm going. Penalties and certain things. Whenever we did something good, we'd set ourselves back with something else. You know, we lost a receiver in pregame and then we lost (WR) Tre'Quan (Smith) in the third quarter, or the beginning of the fourth there. So we were down to two receivers there at the end of the day. I don't know if you guys saw (QB) Taysom Hill running a bunch of routes out there. So, it was a tough set of circumstances all the way around."

(On if it is more of a thumb injury or wrist injury)
"It's my thumb."

(On if he knew right away)

(On how difficult it was to stand on the sidelines)
"It's very difficult. It's very difficult not to be playing. I'm not used to that. I don't want to get used to that."

(On if that was the first time he ever got injured during a game)
"Yeah, you have situations. You hit your hands on stuff all the time, right? On helmets and different things. You might get jammed thumbs, jammed fingers and different things where it swells up and what have you. This felt like something a bit more significant and prevented me from gripping the ball."

(On if it was a break or a ligament issue)
"I don't know. We'll see. Again, I don't know until I see the specialist, but you guys will be the first ones to know."

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