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Transcript: Coach Sean Payton weekly conference call - November 18, 2019

Coach Sean Payton speaks to media prior to a Week 12 matchup at Carolina

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, November 18, 2019

Did you plan to start the game off getting Alvin Kamara involved early or was it more of a function?
"Probably, look as you put your opening plays together you get an idea of where a ball might go or a handoff, but some of it was also down and distance and situational. I don't know if I answered that, but I don't know that we went in with the opening set of plays saying, all right, we need to get X number of touches here. It was really a byproduct of where we were situationally."

In general, is getting Kamara involved early a pretty simple concept to get the game going with?
"(He's) Certainly one of the guys, yeah, absolutely. There's a lot of versatility there. Again, we feel real good about our depth at that position. Latavius (Murray) and he both are guys that are going to be very involved in what we do and different than a receiver sometimes it's a little bit easier to know that you're going to get a running back, X number of plays just because you can hand it to him."

How did you think he looked health wise and speed wise?
"I thought he played well. Absolutely."

How much do you see of Marcus Williams' instincts kind of showing through now and how much of it's just him maturing through film study and those kinds of things?
"He's someone that can get out of the middle quick, he has real good ball skills (and) he is smart. It's great to see again two weeks in a row, a play where he's able to yesterday, score touchdown. But, I think he has very good instincts and when we're winning upfront and I said this after the game and getting the quarterback off his spot, it's kind of a complimentary back and forth, chicken or the egg. The secondary players then get enhanced their ability to break on balls, all of that. I thought we had a real good plan going in and guys executed it well."

Was Marcus Davenport not playing as much by design or did something happen during the game?
"Part of it was that a lot of our sub plan was out of a three down look, so the rotation, if you're playing four, it's just going to be that many more snaps for the guys in the rotation. A lot of it was just by, the three down sub package plan that we had."

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