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Transcript: Chicago Bears Postgame Quotes | Saints-Bears 2020 Wild Card

Get postgame reactions from Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy and Mitchell Trubisky.


Opening Statement:
"It's always difficult coming off a loss at any point. Being it's the end of the season, there are a lot of emotions in that locker room. I appreciate these guys. It's been a long year. I love everyone one of these players and coaches. It's not where we want to be. We understand that we have to grow from this. We have to learn in a lot of different areas. They fight and they care about it. At this moment, I care about them. As far as the game goes, we struggled on third down offense. We were one often. You have to be able to make plays when you get the opportunity against a really good football team. You have to give credit to Sean Payton and that team. They have a lot of great things going there. They're tough. We didn't put it together in all three phases. We know we have to be better. We have to score more points. Defensively, I thought our guys came out and fought. We talked all week about putting the ball on the ground by getting turnovers and takeaways. You could feel the energy and juice on the sideline. That part was good. Offensively, we struggled to get that run game going. We have been a lot better weeks prior. We were able to work off our naked, our boots and our actions, but struggled a bit there. We had a penalty in the red zone that forced a third and 20. We have to learn from that. The offsides on fourth downs. The little things like that. Anthony (Miller) getting disqualified. Our guys have to learn from that. With that I'll go ahead and ask for questions."

On if he believes the team is on track and if any major changes are necessary:
"Making the playoffs today, but we did today has to be a lot better. How do we do that? Every year is going to be a little bit different. That is just a simple fact. I just told the guys in the locker room that for us to get better and be the team that we need to be is something that we will do in the offseason. We will make sure that wherever there is a weakness that we make it a strength. That is going to take everybody. Today wasn't good enough. You look at a team like the Saints that has been there and done that. I think that is a start for us. You can see situation and discipline-wise that we have to be better. We have to be better in a lot of different areas. That's my job to make sure that it happens. We have to learn from that. Every year is a little bit different."

On Anthony Miller getting ejected:
"We spent time on Wednesday morning as a team literally showing and explaining a particular players actions in games and teaching it. That's taking 10-15 minutes out of your day, which is precious. When you do that, it is a valuable lesson. We already knew going into this game about some of that. We talked about how every action has a reaction. We are low on numbers at the wide receiver position and the value of that zebra position for us. Our guys need to be stronger. We can't have that happen. We have to understand that. It's two times that it has happened."

On the trick play and the missed touchdown opportunity:
"I'd be lying to you if I sat her and told you that it didn't hurt. That has been sitting in the playbook for weeks. We have been practicing it. We had it. We have been waiting for the right time. Our guys knew when it was coming early on. It was unfortunate. Again, it's another learning tool. When there is an opportunity to be made against a team like this, you have to make that play. Javon (Wims) knows that. I'm not saying anything that Javon doesn't know. He understands that. Mitch (Trubisky) did a great job of giving him a chance. He put great air on the ball. He didn't make the play. The next step of that is what do we have to do. When that happens, you do not let that affect you. You do not let that deflate you. You say who cares. Let's get the next one. We just never ended up putting points on the board." 

On running the ball prior to halftime:
"It was the field position. I didn't like the field position. I told the coaches let's see where we can go here big picture. Let's get a first down or two. The field position was so bad they called a timeout on first down. Then they were out of timeouts. It was the mindset at the time knowing that we were down 7-3 and getting the ball to start the third quarter. You end up getting a first down or two and it flips. You end up going from that four-minute mode into that two-minute mode."

On the explanation of the Cole Kmet penalty:
"The explanation that was told to me was that he was throwing the ball to the player. I couldn't see any replays. Cole and our coaches on staff said that he was throwing the ball to the ref. I was told he was throwing the ball to the player like it was taunting. I still haven't seen a replay on that to this point. That was a big play in the game. Now, it's 3rd and 20. I was confused as to what happened. I have to see what happened. If Cole says he was throwing the ball to the ref, I believe him until I see it."

On losing 8 of 11 going until the offseason:
"You lost this many heading into the end of it. I think us as a staff we have to look at why is that, where is it and how do we get better. Every year is different. I think identity-wise as an offense we created an identity. How do we learn from that? You always have to run the football no matter what your identity is. You have to be able to do that. You might not run for 150 yards in a game, but you're going to have a lot more 2nd and 5's, 2nd and 4's and 2nd and 3's, which then keeps you out of the third and longs. Third and longs against any defense, let alone this defense, is hard. We need to figure out in the next few weeks is who are we and how do we get better. We know this isn't good enough. We need to do whatever we need to do to win a Super Bowl. The goal isn't just to make the playoffs. We need to sit down and evaluate all of that stuff."

On if he will be back next year and evaluating changes as a staff:
"We haven't gotten into any of that stuff. We've been so focused on this game. The same thing goes with the staff. Whether it is promotions or demotions, there is always change. That is just how it goes. Tomorrow for us as a team we'll do all of our exit interviews and talk to the guys. That will be down the road. I appreciate the fight of these players and tomorrow we will discuss the other stuff."


On if he wants to be back next year:
"Yes, I think I can see myself here next year. Obviously, a lot of that is out of my control. It feels like home. It feels like we have unfinished business. Now, I'm bummed about the season being over and how the game went. (There are) A lot of emotions going on right now. I can see that. There is a lot of things that have to happen and a lot of decisions that have to be made. It is out of my control, but I can see that."

On his performance lately:
"I feel like I have gotten better this year. I feel like the offense was better when I got put back in the starting lineup. I gave my teammates a chance to win. We did win games. That's why we were able to get back into the playoffs. It wasn't just me. It was the team as a unit making plays. We overcame adversity together and I feel like I was a big part of that. There are some good things that we did toward the end of the season that helped put us in a position to be able to play here tonight. This isn't how we wanted to finish. We finished 8-8 and slid into the playoffs. We did that last year. There are still things that need to be changed. There are a lot of areas that we need to grow in to build that championship culture that we want to get to. I think we have some pieces, but there is also a lot more that we need to do better. We need to figure that out"

On his thoughts during the trick play:
"It was to throw the ball and score a touchdown. You don't get a lot of opportunities like that. He was pretty wide open behind the safety. I was a play that we have been practicing the last few weeks. I was excited. Coach got it called. That would have definitely helped early on to get on the board and get some momentum. I thought it was going to be a touchdown, but we have to have that big play mentality. Overall, we were just sloppy tonight."

On the drop off of the offense the last couple of weeks against Green Bay and against the Saints in the playoff game:
"A lot of things. I think it comes down to execution. There are some things we could do differently game planning to put ourselves in a better position early on. It always come down to the basics at the end of the day. Are you doing good on third down? Tonight we were not. Were we efficient on first or second down? Tonight we were not. We were in third and longs and they weren't really manageable. They put us in tough positions and we just didn't execute. We shot ourselves in the foot a lot. I don't think we played very smart tonight with the penalties. It was sloppy. There are a lot of things that we need to do better. There's a lot of things that we need to get changed. It's the culture of what we expect and what we don't. We just have to keep getting better and you have to play your best ball against the better teams like that. You have to show up to play and execute and everyone has to be on the same page. It was sloppy for us. That's why we didn't get the result that we wanted."

On why the offense escaped them:
"I don't know. I think we just got away from it tonight a little bit. I'm not sure why. I just go out there to try and do my job to the best of my ability. I try to go out there and lead my teammates. When you are not efficient on first and second down and they are putting you in long passing situations, then you need to be able to pass the ball and convert on third down that way. We didn't tonight. We didn't execute. We didn't out ourselves in a good position. We have to get that run game going a little more, so everything else can come off it. You have to give them credit. They came out and they were the better team tonight. I have a lot of love for my guys. I'm proud of the way that they battled all year long. They still battled tonight even to the very end. There's a lot that we can get better at to put our team in a better position to win. It's something that we have to take a look at and something that we have to talk about and move forward with."

On processing this could be his last start with the Bears:
"It's emotional and it was like that in the locker room. We have been through so much as a team this year. It was a special moment to share with the guys and show the appreciation of everything that they have done over the course of the year. A lot of these guys I have been with for four years. That's really special to me especially some of the guys up front. They have had my back since I have been here. Them along with the other guys mean so much to me. It is tough. You try not to look to far down the line. You try to take it one day at a time. I know that there are going to be decisions made this offseason. I feel like I have gotten better these four years. It's tough. There have been some ups and downs. I am proud of where I am and how we've battled and gotten better over the years. We'll just take it one day at a time in this offseason. I know that God has a plan for me. I will continue to stay positive and keep working and keep believing."

Game action photos from the New Orleans Saints vs. Chicago Bears matchup in the Wild Card round of the 2020 NFL playoffs.

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