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Saints transcripts: Taysom Hill, Alvin Kamara, Paulson Adebo, and Cody Parkey media availability | 2021 NFL Week 5

Saints players look ahead to Week 5's game against the Washington Football Team.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Taysom Hill

Media availability

Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021

Is it tough coming in and throwing one pass then leaving the game and do you wish you could get a rhythm?
"Yeah, for sure I think any time you just go in and do one thing one time, you know, it's challenging, but I've been doing it for a while and we make it work and it's something that I'm used to and kind of know what it takes for me to be prepared to do that and so I'm good with that. I think some of the things that you can't really control is there's different things that I'm asked to do, whether it's blocking or throwing a route or whatever and sometimes you smash your hand or whatever and then you have to go and throw a ball and it's one of the things that you just make do."

Did you hurt your hand this last week?
"No, I didn't."

Sean Payton said you stubbed your foot on the interception?
"Yeah, when I went to plant my cleat just got stuck in the turf. (I) wasn't able to get anything behind the throw."

Is this front seven for Washington as good as it gets?
"Yeah for sure. You turn the tape on and these guys are really talented up front. (They're) really good pass rushers, obviously, their edge guys are some of the best in the NFL and it'll be a really good challenge for us upfront and I've been really impressed watching them."

What was it like to watch your touchdown run and what was the reaction in the film room?
"I don't know. I think you step into this role that I've been doing and I think the mind-set is do whatever you can to help you're team win football games and I like to come in and try to add a spark and some energy when and where I can so that was just one of those opportunities that I had and you get in the moment and you see the goal line, you're trying to get a first down and it's just one of those things where you just keep running and you don't quite know how it's going to work out. But that one worked out well."

When you watched the tape were you surprised at how that play unfolded?
"Yeah, you know, honestly I don't I don't really think of it that way. I think that it's just all about making plays, when and where you can. So I don't watch the film and say I was surprised that it played out that way. It's just one of those things as a runner you try to keep your legs moving and I was able to do that and stay on my feet. I don't really have an assessment of the touchdown play and how it played out. It's one of those things that worked out well for us."

Was there a moment where you kind of paused before scoring the touchdown?
"No, I mean he grabbed my face mask, so it kind of spun me around and someone grabs your face mask and stops your momentum that's all that happened."

Did you gain any weight back after losing weight this offseason to play quarterback on more of a full-time basis?
"I've put a few pounds on as of late. I probably have a little ways to go still, but I'm comfortable with where I'm at currently and what I'm asked to do."

What's the process for gaining the weight back?
"I think it's really just eating more. I don't really want to gain bad weight just to gain weight. So I try to eat the right things just a little bit more. My weight room (routine), stuff that I am doing might be a little bit different. But that is really the process that I have been doing."

Do you realize that a lot of guys in the NFL can't make the run that you made?
"I mean, look I don't know. I think a lot of guys don't have opportunities to make the run. I don't know, I try not to dwell on stuff like that. Obviously it ended up being a good play and I think with as good of an O-line and the perimeter blocking, there are so many things, so many moving parts there and I was a benefactor of some great blocking schemes and so that's really my mindset about that particular run and hopefully more in the future."

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara

Post-practice press conference with local media

Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021

Jameis mentioned that teams are keying in on you in coverage. Do you feel like that's been different than past years?
"No, I don't feel like it. I don't think so. Jameis sees more than I do probably, but I think it's just opportunity. That's how I feel."

What impresses you about Washington's defensive front?
"They're active. They've got Chase (Young), Montez (Sweat), Jonathan Allen, DaRon Payne in there. They're just maulers that get up the field and disrupt offensive fronts. They play well together. We've got to be disciplined and sound in what we're doing, whether it's a run front or pass protection, we've got to be on point."

Is there a consistent theme with Ron Rivera coached teams that you've played against throughout your career?
"Yeah, they play hard. They're well-coached and they're smart. I have not played against a Rivera Washington team but playing against his Panthers teams that was always a trend. They're well-coached and smart."

Do you think it will take you guys a while to gel together on offense?
"I do not want it to take a while. I do not think it has to, it is just one of those things where everyone has to realize every week what they're trying to do. I think every boy does, but every week has a life of its own. Everyone has to be the best versions of ourselves if we want to paint the picture that we want from the top down; from Sean (Payton) to me to everybody. I think that's the main thing, just painting the picture that we see ourselves as every week."

With other guys coming off injury back into the picture, does that mind-set stay the same?
"Exactly, that's even more emphasis on what I'm saying. We have to be the best we can be each and every week. There can't be any excuses as to why we're not doing well in an area, it just has to be. That's my temperament and attitude for it. I wouldn't say it's frustration for me. It's just that I know what it has to be, Sean knows what it has to be, and the guys that have been here do. Sometimes you see glimpses of it and want it so bad, but I just zone out and figure out ways to create that without losing focus of what my job is. I'm looking at everything and I'm trying to put the puzzle pieces together, but I have to do my job first. Terron (Armstead) has to do his job, Jameis has to do his job, and so on. Once you step out and start trying to do other people's jobs, that's when things go bad. I just have to keep reminding myself to do my job and that makes it easier for others to do their job."

Do you have an extra responsibility as a team leader to spread that message and mindset to other guys on the team?
"Yeah, I can be vocal but I'm not as much of a vocal leader as I am rather than just leading by example. I let my play do a lot of the talking. I know what it's supposed to look like, be like and feel like. I just try to get guys to follow my lead from a play standpoint. I think we've been really good here because we have people that will step up and say things, but we've created a standard where there's no room for new guys or free agents for conversations. You're either going to do it get with it or you won't fit here, because there's so many guys that have been here. Our standard is our standard. We live and die by that. The guys that don't do that don't end up sticking around here."

How have you seen guys like Marquez Callaway and Juwan Johnson answer the call to step up?
"They know. They've stepped up. I feel like we've been saying this every week about guys filling in for injured players. Guys step up when their numbers are called or have to step into a more pronounced roles, guys do it. It's not like they're doing that because coach said they had to, it's because they have guys in front of them that have set the standard and you don't want to disappoint your teammates. I still feel that way even as a team leader. I want to do my job and I don't want anyone to say anything to me about what I have to do. Not in a bad way, but I need to make sure I'm doing my job so the guys can focus on what they're doing and not have to overcompensate because I'm not doing my job. That's the understanding on our team, and that's why we're good."

What was the recovery like after carrying the ball 26 times Sunday?
"I feel like we've talked about this the entire time I've been in the league with my workload. I had 26 touches, I'm still alive, I'm breathing. Just that other aspect of receptions and things like that, it felt weird. It was the first time I think I did not have a reception. I think I saw that somewhere. That was weird obviously. That's something that I like to do because I feel like we get some pretty explosive plays when I catch the ball. I can't be mad at carrying the ball over 20 times and getting over 100 yards. I am never mad when we are doing well on offense no matter the number of touches or yards I have. My biggest thing is I'm always doing what we can do to impact the game. I just try to do my job; I don't call the plays."

When Tony Jones Jr.  got hurt, did you feel like the play calling changed?
"Yeah, I'm not worried about any defense taking me away as a receiver. With Tony going down, it was tough because we just kept running the ball. I feel like if a play was dialed up and called, you cannot tell me I won't get at least one reception. All of you know me, that is not my style. I'm team team. I think it's more about opportunity. Jameis isn't calling the plays either, maybe there's some looks where there's an opportunity and he's just not getting it to me."

You're not going to pull a Keyshawn Johnson?
"I like Keyshawn, but I'm not going to pull a 'Throw me the damn ball'. I'm not going to do that. Maybe I need to so I can get one reception (laughter)."

What do you mean by having more opportunity?
"I'm talking about just play-calling wise. I don't think Sean is calling plays saying, 'I don't want to get Alvin the ball,' but it's just the flow of the game. With last week's pass looks we had schemed; we didn't get those looks. You don't just want to call those type of plays because it won't work because of the look. If you understand football, then you understand that. I'm never mad, I'm just saying 'Man, what could we have done'. You do so much work during the week, and then the game just has a life of its own. You might scheme something all week and they're playing something completely different Sunday. You can't call it even though you want to. You can't force that because it's bad football."

Are you excited to go to Pelicans games this year and sit courtside again?
"Yes. I know they had a preseason game last night. I was going to go but I got a little busy. They've got some opportunity. They've been good over the last couple years. They've been shuffling coaches and things like that, but I know those guys want to get some stability and some consistency with that. I know they feel they can be good. They've got guys who've played a lot of basketball. When you have those inconsistencies, you try to find a routine and find consistency with coaching and things like that. That takes the pressure off, and you can just focus on basketball. I feel like they're focused on basketball now and I hope they can get going."

What's it like having Devine Ozigbo back with the Saints?
"Yeah, Ziggy had a great camp when he was here. When he left and was picked up by the Jaguars, we were happy, but he was one of those guys where we said, 'Dang, he got picked up' but he made it back. He still looks good. He is a smart dude, loves the game. He'll have some opportunities to come in and contribute."

New Orleans Saints cornerback Paulson Adebo

Media availability

Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021

How do you kind of view the first few weeks in the NFL, there's been some really good stuff and some stuff to kind of correct?
"Yeah like you said I think there's some things that have gone really well. A lot of things to kind of work on and get better on, especially after the last game. For me just again coming back looking at everything as a learning experience to sort of take away something I can take from every game something I did good and also a lot of things I need to work on."

What are you looking at after the last game?
"Just finishing plays, a lot of times being right there, but not quite making the play. So trying to find a way whether it's you know, if my foots in the wrong place or just bursting out of a break just try to find any way to kind of turn those close plays into actually being a play that I'm making (on) the ball."

Is there anything that the secondary looked at and said we could have done this better?
"I think tackling better just getting guys on the ground when they do catch a pass. I know me personally there was a couple quick passes to where I could have got them on the ground, so just trying to eliminate the yards after contact."

Was there a miscommunication on the play in overtime when Kenny Golladay got open?
"Yeah, that's something that we just got to fix between our room (and) make sure it doesn't happen again. We can't have guys running free through our coverage."

Were you able to see why you missed certain tackles?
"Yeah, just when you're coming in and being locked in the whole play, right? You know, striking with the near foot and making sure you're really keying in on the right thing."

Was that a surprise for the group because it seems like you guys are all pretty good tacklers?
"Yeah, I think all you can do is just come back and look at the tape, say okay, right here this is what I could have done better and then just try to apply that for the next game."

Did you notice if they were trying to attack you differently on Sunday than the previous three games?
"Not necessarily, I think everybody, every week you're going to get everybody's best shot, they're game planning us, they're looking at the tape, they're looking at week 1, 2, 3, 4 seeing if I gave up something here, let's see if he fixed it. So me personally just kind of looking back, okay, this is what I've done well, this is what I haven't done well, this is what teams are looking at and trying to kind of find (out) what ways they are going to try to attack me and the defense as a whole."

Are you pleased with how you have progressed so far considering you didn't play football last year?
"I mean, at the end of the day, nobody cares. Whether you played or you didn't play, you're out there to do a job so for me, I look at it as if I'm out there then, you know, they believe in me so I can't let anybody down and I got to ask for the best out of myself and for the team."

New Orleans Saints kicker Cody Parkey

What was the timing in from you have a work out to your workout to signing and how did that all kind of go?
"Worked out on Tuesday, played for Coach Rizzi in Miami. So we had a connection there and then had a good workout and then signed. Kicked yesterday with the team and getting used to Zach (Wood) and Blake (Gillikin) holding and snapping. They do a really good job. So we're just connecting, clicking and then going to fire on all cylinders on Sunday."

You've been in this situation before where you've come in as the established kickers had an injury. So how do you go into a situation like this just with that mind-set?
"Yeah, I mean, it's the National Football League, it's a week-to-week job. You make your kicks, you've got a job. And that's kind of how it works. Kind of been unlucky with an injury here or there or something along those lines. I'm just happy to fill in while Wil (Lutz) is recovering and I'm going to do the best I can to help this team win."

Yeah, you haven't kicked in a game in like 10 months, is that right?
"I played in a playoff game last January and then I played in the preseason as well."

OK, so how do you go from the past six weeks and then now you've got a game?
"I mean, you just rely on the last seven, eight years of my NFL experience, I've played in plenty of games, done this plenty of times and just roll with it and just trust that the snapper, holder and the whole protection team and the kick off team, everyone does their job, including myself and just go out there and do my best."

What were you doing prior to just staying in shape? Where are you working out?
"I was back home in Jupiter, Fla. I was rehabbing from my injury. And then last couple weeks I've been feeling good and got the opportunity here."

Is there a chemistry level for you with the holder and snapper? Is there anything you guys have got to do to get on the same page or is it pretty standard?
"I mean, there's timing stuff. Some guys take longer than others to get set up. Some guys are quicker than others so I think it's for Zach (Wood) and Blake (Gillikin) to kind of look at me and ask me what I want, how I like the ball held. Minor details, but enough to affect what I do so they've been really good and inviting to me so it's been great."

How do you look at it with (Wil) Lutz coming back? Is this kind of like an audition for you?
"I mean, sure. Again, I have eight years of tape that say so and I have pretty good accuracy record and things of that nature so I don't necessarily look at it like that. But again, I know this is Wil's job. I'm just here to do a great job until he's healthy whenever that may be. So I'm just going to go week by week and try to help us this team win."

Can you talk about the mental fortitude you have to have knowing a situation like this? You just said you make kicks you have a job, if you don't you don't have a job and I mean how does that galvanize you over eight years of having to deal with that?
"Yeah, it's a lot. I mean me and my wife have moved around a good bit and it's just part of the gig. It's a great job, I get to kick a ball for a living and I'm 29 years old still doing it. It's just part of the job, I think you've got to have a strong mental capacity, like you kind of just mentioned and you kind of just roll with the punches. Some days aren't your best, some days are and you just kind of roll with it."

When you're not working, I guess when you were in your position, are you kind of eyeing the league or monitoring situations thinking OK, I don't want to wish any ill on anybody but there might be an opportunity?
"For sure. When you are on the outside looking in, you kind of look at who did well, who did bad and unfortunately and I've been in the situation when you are outside looking in, someone else to do bad or get injured for an opening to happen. So obviously (I) never want that to happen to anybody because I've been in those shoes before, but a door opened for me and here I am."

How refreshing is it that you get to work with (Darren) Rizzi again?
"I really liked playing for him in Miami. So I'm really excited. He runs a really good group and his meetings are a lot of fun, energetic and I would consider him a player's coach. Everybody that's played for him that I know of has really liked him. And I really enjoy playing for him."

What makes him a little bit different? It seems like he's held in that regard for being one of the top special teams guys?
"I think he just treats us really well. He makes things, like I said, fun and energetic, the moods pretty light. And when it needs to be serious, it's serious. But he's just someone that I look back on the coordinators I've played for (and) he's definitely one of my favorites I've played for."

What are your overall impressions been initially about just the organization?
"Class organization. Facilities are amazing. Everyone seems really nice, coming up to me introducing (themselves) and yeah, it's been great. It's been fantastic so far."

Have you kicked in FedEx field before? And are there any nuances?
"Yeah, I've ticked there a few times. And, obviously, every time is different because it could be wind, it could be rain, so not necessary. You kind of go in pregame and you try to figure that stuff out."

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