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Saints transcripts: Pete Werner, Marshon Lattimore and Mark Ingram II media availability | Thursday, Nov. 11

Players look ahead to Week 10 against the Titans

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Pete Werner
Post Practice Media Availability
Thursday, November 11, 2020

What have the last several weeks been like for you when you're not necessarily sure how much playing time you're going to get and your role kind of changing on a ?
"Yeah, so basically, every Wednesday, I show up and kind of get the schedule, figure out what kind of personnel groupings we're going to see from the team that we're facing and then listening to my coaches and figuring out the schedule for that week, you got to adjust and they're going to let you know, and you just got to go out there and perform. Whether you get a few snaps or you get a lot, you just got to go out there and perform because the following week, it could be a different thing. So you just got to stay on your feet, stay locked in and, and be ready to compete always."

What's the most important lesson you've learned?
"There's a lot of different lessons I've learned. I'm thankful to have very great leadership, very strong leadership on this team and a lot of great coaches. Just what's been in my head kind of this past few weeks, and I've learned so many different things, and many things, but it's about the little things and the little details we've been through. You think about where I'm at now, I played the same amount of games now as I did last year and you say we're halfway through the season. It's crazy to me. So it's about the little details, especially when you're halfway through the season, because you're going to get a lot of different (looks), but a lot of the same looks by the offense, you just got to go out there and execute. So it's about those little things, executing and then when it's time to compete, you compete."

Do you remember watching Adrian Peterson growing up?
"Yeah, I used to have his jerseys running around when I was a kid. I acted like I was running back, I used to have fantasy football when I was a little kid, I'd always have him. So it is crazy to think (about) playing against him because he was doing something different last year and now he got picked up and is playing for the Titans, which is crazy to think. But I am excited. Growing up and him being kind of my idol running around as a kid, like I said, it's going to be a great opportunity. I'm very excited for that."

Seeing Adrian Peterson playing in year 15, does that give you hope to play for a lot of years?
"To see that he's in his mid 30s playing a running back position. That's very crazy for me to think of, you might see it at the quarterback spot, you're not taking hits, but as a running back, I think it's pretty, pretty unbelievable. But to do what he's doing and to do it at the level he's doing it. And I think that's remarkable and we're just going to need a great game plan for him and just stay focused on our game plan with that."

How different does their offense look without Derrick Henry?
"I think their coach (Mike Vrabel) does a great job of kind of, I would say keeping their mindset on the right thing. Obviously, a lot (of people) would say he's the best running back in our league right now. And without him you still see a very physical team and that's kind of what they pride themselves on and it's what I see is a physical run the ball first, open up the pass game type of offense and without him they try and get a guy that relates to him in a similar way. But they are still going to have that same mindset and same goal as to being very, very physical trying to dominate and out compete their opponents and that is obviously something that we can't let happen. But there is a difference, but definitely not a mindset on their team."

What kind of energy does C.J. Gardner-Johnson bring to this defense?
"Chauncey's a different guy out there, you want to be around him just because the energy and juice he provides. He's like I said, one of those guys where just his presence on the defense you need guys like that. Guys that aren't showing that he can kind of get into them and bring them up. He's just a guy that when a big play happens, he's there to celebrate with you. His role on the team, he's shown to be that energy giver and not that energy taker, So he's giving the energy always so to see what he's going through right now hurts, but he's definitely a guy that you want to be around when it comes to playing football and competing."

Does he ever turn that energy off or is it always on?
"No and it's not even about football all the time. We'll be in there shooting hoops in the locker room and the man loves to argue, he's getting in the face of other people and I didn't even know him when I first got here and he's trying to argue about something which is just funny. That's just who he is, but you respect that from him his competitiveness, and obviously how he brings that to the field."

New Orleans Saints Cornerback Marshon Lattimore
Post Practice Media Availability
Thursday, November 11, 2020

What do you remember about A.J. Brown the first time you played him a couple years ago?
"He runs good routes, is physical and he knows how to get open. Other than that I do not remember."

Do you feel like you're on the path to accomplish all the goals you set out for yourself this season?
"Yeah, a little bit, but I can step it up a little more. But that's all on me so you know I'm good with it. I think I'm on track for what I want to do."

Is there something specific you want to improve on?
"Picks for sure and just shutting down receivers all the way. I have been doing that, but not like I want too. I feel like there's another level I can go to. I'm just trying to work to get there."

How tough is it with the rules favoring the offense so much?
"Oh it's an offensive game, obviously. I mean it's so obvious out there you can barely touch past five yards. You can touch them a little bit and it's pass interference and all that type of stuff. You just got to work around it and do your best when it comes to that because if the refs want to call it they're going to call it. It is what it is."

Is it easier for the defense to play on the road since you're not dealing with the crowd noise?
"I can't tell, I don't know."

How different is it not having C.J. Gardner-Johnson out there?
"He Just brings more energy, that's what he brings. He's a good player, most definitely , we need him and the defense. Just the energy he brings and just him. We're going to miss him, but you know we have to hold it down because we got a lot of football to play. We can't wait to get him back, but we got to go through this stretch and win."

How important is your competitiveness for a football player?
"I feel like you can't really play football if you're not competitive. It's really a one on one matchup every down, so if you're not trying to win, then I don't know what you're out there for. I mean for me it's everything , competing and wanting to be the best. That is how I look at it."

Do you feel like the stakes only get higher when you're playing an elite receiver?
"I mean yeah, I'd say more coming fresh in the league and I'm going against them. I am not excited like some fan type of excited, but like I'm going against him I got to be on my game today. So stuff like that, but this is my fifth year and I just want to bring that to everybody I play against. That's it."

Do you feel like you're playing your best ball or do you feel like there have been better stretches?
"I mean I don't know, I had a cast on so it's really hard to evaluate what I've been doing all the way (to this point) for me. I don't know for anybody else, but for me now that I got the cast off now I want to see how I really go. Because I had a lot of plays that I could have gotten picks on and all that type of stuff, because of the cast. But now no excuses, no nothing, I just want to go out and play and see what I do."

How frustrating was it knowing that you could have made those plays without the cast on?
"It's frustrating, it's like leaving plays on the field. It's frustrating, but there's a lot more football to be played."

When did you get your cast off?

Do you keep up with the Odell Beckham Jr. rumors?
"Nah, I don't really keep up with stuff like that."

Did you see Odell Beckham Jr. signed with the Rams?
"I did, they just told me that. He signed to the Rams, yeah, good for him."

Do you only get involved in recruiting Ohio State players?
"Yeah, Ohio State and people I know. I know him, but I do not know him to that point. (We are) Not like best friends, nothing like that, I just know him because I am in the league. But good for him, he (can be) out there in LA and can have fun out there and do what he do. Shout out to him."

New Orleans Saints Running Back Mark Ingram II
Post-Practice Media Availability
Thursday, November 11, 2021

How do you feel like you've been settling back in here sense coming back here?
"A lot better. After the first week, definitely just settled down and getting back into my routine. So feels good to be settled down and back into a normal routine."

Have you thought much about the (Saint's all-time rushing) record now that you're getting closer to it?
"I've just been running man, I know when I got here it was like 90 yards or something. So I'd hope I would be able to rush for 90 yards. So just been focusing on being the best version of me. When my number is called trying to execute at a high level, perform at a high level, and do the best I can help the team be successful so ultimately we can win games. I know the record is almost there and we necessarily have not been counting down."

What's it going to mean to you?
"I mean, it'd be a blessing. It's something that, so many great running backs have come through the New Orleans Saints program and especially Deuce (McAllister). I looked up to him growing up watching him run the rock. So just to be able to be mentioned with those type of players, that's a something I'm proud of, something I worked very hard for. Thank the Lord for health and longevity, and everyone in my corner who has helped me get to this point. So just something that I'll be proud of and something I'm just going to continue to keep going, continue trying to be better, trying to do more. So not content, not complacent, just trying to do a lot more."

When you left, did you realize how close you were and did you think you were going to get another chance to get it?
"Yeah, obviously, when I left I knew I was close and that sucked. I didn't know when I'd come back or if I'd come back or how I'd come back. I always figured that maybe I'd have a chance to come back. You never know. The league is crazy, but I'm thankful that I was able to come back. I feel like it was perfect timing."

Alvin Kamara made a joke last week saying that even if the Saints had to sign you when you were 40 and he had to push you across to get the record, he wanted you to get it. Have you talked to Deuce about it since you've been back?
"No, I haven't. Deuce has been one of the most supportive guys throughout my whole career, even in beginning times when whether it was role or whether it was injury, whatever it may have been, when things weren't as ideal as you'd want them to be as a first round pick. He was always one of those guys who was encouraging and supportive of me. So I'm thankful for him pouring into me, being positive to me, and helping me grow as a runner, and as a professional. So he has definitely helped me along the way as well. So I'm thankful for him and be honored to be able to now get the yardage to top that record. He set the bar and set the standard and we're just trying to elevate it."

It's probably a dumb question, but how much of a workload are you ready for? How fresh do you feel?
"I am ready for a whole load at all times, that is what I prepare for. That is what I do. That is what I'm built for. I'm always excited about the opportunity to be able to go out there and prove myself. That's something I try to do every single day in practice, try to prove myself, try to improve, try to get better and try to prove that I'm one of the best out here doing it. So I always preparing myself mentally, physically, emotionally to be able to shoulder a big load and that's what I do. So always ready for an opportunity, and just thankful for the opportunity to be able to play this game, be able to do the best I can to help our team win. That's my ultimate goal, no matter if it is one particular role or if I have got to shoulder a load, I am always prepared to do whatever it takes to help the team win."

How far back does 2017 seem when it was you, Adrian Peterson and Alvin Kamara all in the same room?
"Yeah, it sounds crazy, but yeah, I remember it and how that offseason went and how the first three games went. And then after AD (All Day) got traded and how me and AK took off, that was kind of like the beginning so definitely remember. I have fond memories of that, how it went down and grateful for AD. He's still playing."

How impressive is that?
"Yeah, I mean, that's what you want to do, man, that's what you want to be. You want to be playing at a high level for a long time. You want to be one of the best runners doing it for a long time. He's top five on (the) all-time list. He's a Hall of Famer and still doing it at a high level. That's something that I appreciate, something I admire. Him, Frank Gore, Shady (LeSean McCoy) did it for a while. A lot of guys played for a long time, you look at that, you admire that. Once again, that's something that you strive for."

Is that a goal? To get to 36? Would you like to still be playing then?
"I feel like I am a better player now than I was when I left. I think just experience and training and kind of just being confident in your abilities and what you need to do. I think the successes, failures, experiences, just makes you better. I feel like, over the years when I was younger and I had those crowded backfield, and I wasn't always getting, I had to share the ball in all those backfields, I feel like that contributed to me feeling the way I do right now in year 11. Obviously, some of those times were frustrating but God has a plan and I'm thankful for where I'm at today in my 11th season and feeling healthy, fresh, and like I still have my best football ahead of me. So just keep working to do that. Keep working to prove that. And that is something I strive for daily. So yeah, I do want to play for a long time. This is 11. And I said that I'd maybe play four more years, however many The Lord wants me to play. I'll know with my body, how I feel, how I'm performing. You never know. Not many people walk out on this game on their own terms. So to be able to do that, that'd be a blessing."

In what ways do you feel like you got better?
"Just in all aspects. I feel like I move better when I am running the ball, I feel like I see it better, feel like I can still catch the ball, run routes, feel like a complete back picking up pass pro (protection). I could do all three downs like I always could. Just experience, successes, failures, good games, bad games, good reps, bad reps, all those kind of compound over time. And obviously just knowing what I need to do physically, mentally, and emotionally to prepare myself each Sunday. I just feel like I know exactly what I need to do to go out there and play at a high level, do the best that I can help us win, to put us in a position for myself to be the best that I can be to help the team. So I think all those things over times, kind of accumulating have me feeling really good right now in my 11th season."

So those early years kind of gave you like an advantage over other running backs where you're mental is up here and your physical is still up here and you kind of enjoy that?
"Yeah, I mean, when you're young, man, some guys come in and have immediate success, but that's not everybody. But I think just all those experiences over time, successes, failures, roles, all those different things, all these different variables, just kind of developed me to who I am right now and how I look and how I feel playing the game right now. So thankful for all those moments, and all those experience and all those learning moments. And I wouldn't be here today without those trials and tribulations and successes. So overcoming adversity, all that stuff. It's no different than any other person that's been playing for a long time or for a short time. It's just part of what we do, part of business, part of the process, thankful for the process and still enjoying the process."

Would you rather have broken the record here in front of the home crowd? It might not be here, but does that matter to you a whole lot?
"I think it would have been special to do it last week versus Atlanta in a victory ideally, and be able to break it in front of the home crowd. I think that would have been probably a special moment. But I think it would be a special moment no matter where it's at, obviously being able to celebrate it in the home stadium in New Orleans, I think that would have been something that would have been cool. But I don't think that's going to happen. So if I make it to the next home game without the record something bad really happened. So we keep going, man, the record is cool and it's something that I'll be proud of and something that I'll be honored to do with such a great organization with great runners who have come through here. But the main thing is to be the best version myself and help us win games. That's the main thing. So the record, like I said, when I came here, I knew I had like 90 yards and if I didn't have 90 yards by a certain point it would have been bad. So my main focus and my main vision is just being the best version myself mentally, physically, emotionally, be the best teammate I could be, and prepare myself to go out there and perform at a high level each and every Sunday, each and every game, whichever day that is, and do my job and do my part in helping us have success and winning games."

When you were talking about settling back into a routine personally, what does that mean for you?
"Well, I mean, it was just crazy. I mean, I was in Houston going to the Astros game on like a Tuesday night. And then on Wednesday I'm going through meetings and practice and then I'm on a flight 7am Thursday and I'm in New Orleans, I'm a Saint. I practice Friday, don't have a place to stay. Thankfully, I have good friends (like) Terron Armstead, my brother, allowed me to stay with him. And Saturday, I was staying in the hotel and Sunday I'm playing. I was like in a dream. It was like I was in this like abyss for like five days. Then I just get back into my treatment schedule, my massage schedule, my recovery schedule, weight room schedule, practice schedule, being able to go to sleep on time, I didn't really sleep that much that first week. So just to be able to get back on a routine, back on the schedule that I know helps me get ready to perform every Sunday. That's what I mean."

Are you still crashing with Terron (Armstead)?
"Terron has his daughters and his family coming in this week. So I figured they would need the extra space so Kenny Stills has an extra room and I'm staying with him."

Kenny Stills has had a wild journey, kind of like you, what was it like to see him back in this locker room?
"I was super happy for him, that's like my brother. We have been here since he got drafted here. And then obviously he went to a couple of different organizations, a couple different teams, but for him to still be doing it. And I feel like he can do it at a high level. He has the ability, has the capability. And I'm just happy for him to be back. When he signed and I was still in Houston I was happy for him. Because I know he had a tough year last year and I know he hadn't really gotten picked up and so for him to come back to New Orleans I knew that it was a good moment for him. So I'm excited for him and glad we're both back. We're roommates right now like college."

What does it say about this organization that they brought him back, they brought you back, Malcolm Jenkins is back?
"Yeah, I mean, even when I was here, there would always be a few guys that always came back like Roman (Harper) or Jermon Bushrod, few people here and there. And I just think, the business is tough so sometimes guys leave but I think New Orleans is a special place and a place where guys who have started career here or have been here for a long time think this is home, think this is family. So if you have a chance to come back, I think it's almost like a no brainer. And I'm thankful to be back. I think it was perfect timing. I was gone two and a half years, but I'm thankful to be back at this time at this moment with this team."

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