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Saints Draft 2021: 10 memorable quotes from NFL draft

Check out the Top 10 quotes from our Saints draft picks + Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis

Top 10 NFL Draft Quotes | Saints head coach Sean Payton

"I like the fact each one of these picks are prototyped relative to their position. I like the fact that we feel like it's a smart class, relative to what we're going to ask them to do. And so you know, the scouts and everyone involved in the process did a good job with some challenging circumstances. And that goes for even these prospects it was a different offseason and you have players opted out, you had games missed. There were a lot of guys, a lot of good football players, maybe, who didn't have quite the same type of junior or senior year that they may have otherwise. Some of it was conference driven, there were a number of reasons. So I think that we felt really good about, the height, weight, speed and intelligence of this class. And then also the vision that we have for each of these players. I think the one area that's super important is what's the vision onto our roster and then we kind of go from there."

Top 10 NFL Draft Quotes | Saints general manager Mickey Loomis

"(Payton Turner) has exceptional length and size for the position. He's got a lot of blue traits, traits that would be considered elite in terms of the measureables and some of the time shuttles and things like that. So, yeah, he certainly has the traits."

Top 10 NFL Draft Quotes | Defensive end Payton Turner

"I think I have a lot of room to grow. And that's the only way I can go, especially with where I'm going at the Saints. I got good guys who want me to learn from the guys around me, to learn from the coaches and everything. So yeah, I played D-tackle and I think it really helped me just being more physical on the edge when I did transition to the edge and obviously there were things I needed to learn. There was a learning curve going from my junior to senior season. I think I improved a lot and then kind of showed what I could do my senior season in this past year 2020, even though there were a couple of bumps in the road, but I think I showed a glimpse of what I can do with just one offseason learning the position."

Top 10 NFL Draft Quotes | Linebacker Pete Werner

"This is an unreal experience. I am speechless right now. I have a bunch of family with me now. I had to go come upstairs and get somewhere quiet. This is an unreal experience. I am so excited. I can't wait to get the opportunity and arrive in New Orleans. That's a place where they like Ohio State guys. I mean, you talk about a lot of guys coming from Ohio State, this is the top place. This is almost the capitol for guys coming out of Ohio State. It feels great to be one of those guys. Being a Saint is everybody's dream. So finding a great place like New Orleans is unbelievable."

Top 10 NFL Draft Quotes | Cornerback Paulson Adebo

"I'm happy that I came to the Saints, right. One of my mottos is everything that happens had to happen. So (it is) not exactly where you go or how high you get pick. But the fact that I'm here, I'm happy to be here. So not really here to dwell on anything. Obviously, I set out the season so that probably had something to do with it. If you'd look at my production, passes defended, interceptions, any stat that's a makeup of a good cornerback and you can tell that I'm going to have the opportunity to be a lockdown corner."

Top 10 NFL Draft Quotes | Quarterback Ian Book

"My heart is still pounding. It's such a surreal moment. It's something I've dreamed of for such a long time and just to be here and get this call, you know, with my family and everybody here in town, it's everything I've wanted for such a long time. I started playing football in third grade and been wanting to play in the NFL since then. So just so excited to celebrate with my family tonight and really just enjoy this night for forever and make this one of the biggest memories of all time. But after that, and after tonight, it's (getting) ready to go to work and just get started. I'm so excited to get down there and work with Sean Payton and everybody, QBs, everybody just start working with the offense, getting some chemistry going, competing and having fun. I seriously cannot wait."

Top 10 NFL Draft Quotes | Offensive tackle Landon Young

"I definitely think that as a person, I'm somebody that's very involved in the community around there. I like taking care of the community that takes care of the program that I'm playing in and it just as good as I was in Kentucky. I tried to take care of the BBN that was around me just like I'm going to try to take care of all the fans that are around the New Orleans Saints program now. And then on the field, I'm a dedicated guy that makes attention to small detail. I'm a physical guy, I'm a big guy about 6-7, 310 and I like to go out and you know, just prove that the person across from me is not the better football player."

Top 10 NFL Draft Quotes | Wide receiver Kawaan Baker

"Man the moment is special man, just a blessing man. (I've) just been waiting on it my whole life and my dreams coming true. It don't know no matter where I'm from or where I go. I'm going to work hard, make the best of it. But coming from Atlanta, we Saints fans now."

Top 10 NFL Draft Quotes | Saints general manager Mickey Loomis on drafting Pete Werner out of Ohio State

"We do joke about the number of Ohio State players that have come through here. Look, they are talented. Listen, Ohio State's one of the great programs in the country and they have a lot of talented players. Just like Alabama and LSU, and some of the top programs. I think it's coincidental as much as anything, but we have had a lot of Ohio State guys and now we got another one."

Top 10 NFL Draft Quotes | Saints head coach Sean Payton on University of Houston's Payton Turner

" I think as people studied the tape, I think I felt like when we saw it and then watch it again, you turn the lights on in the room and you say what are we missing? He's got great size, great length. Again, I think you see a powerful player, you see him play inside. You see stamina on tape. He was nicked up this year with a calf. Played four or five games of eight. But look, there were there were too many things that we felt real good about."

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