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Quotes: Pete Werner shares New Orleans Saints Draft 2021 reactions

Linebacker shares his Day 2 NFL Draft experience in his first Saints interview

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Pete Werner
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Friday, April 30, 2021

What first your thoughts on being drafted by the Saints and second, what do you know about the program?

"This is an unreal experience. I am speechless right now. I have a bunch of family with me now. I had to go come upstairs and get somewhere quiet. This is an unreal experience. I am so excited. I can't wait to get the opportunity and arrive in New Orleans. That's a place where they like Ohio State guys. I mean, you talk about a lot of guys coming from Ohio State, this is the top place. This is almost the capitol for guys coming out of Ohio State. It feels great to be one of those guys. Being a Saint is everybody's dream. So finding a great place like New Orleans is unbelievable."

Hi, congratulations of how much contact did you have the Saints throughout the pre-draft process and did you have an idea they had some strong interest in you?

"You would think that they would have a lot more in me. But, particularly in this case, not as much as I would have thought, going into this draft, I never thought that the Saints were going to be an option. But, luckily, it happened the way it did. I had a great talk with Coach (Michael) Hodges, the linebacker coach, and they were so great. I talked to a lot of great people in this organization. I never thought I was going to get drafted here, but when you talk to a bunch of different guys about their experience, and going through the draft, you never really know where you're going end up and that was kind of one of those situations, but I'm very thankful."

2021 NFL draft photos of New Orleans Saints 2nd round draft pick Pete Werner, linebacker from Ohio St.

For people who don't know you, right or just learning about you. How would you describe yourself as a player and as a person?

"As a person, I'm an easygoing guy, but when it's when it's time to go, it's time to go. I am very serious about my business. Very serious with the people I hang out with off the field, am an easygoing guy, but when it is time to step on the field and go, it's time to go. But as far as a football player, I am a guy that is going to go until the whistle blows. I am a guy that's a very intelligent football player, but shows the most effort on the field. I am very excited to show what I got and the Saints are bringing in great prospects here and can't wait to show it."

How do you feel like your versatility serves you as player like you can do a little bit everything?

"That's one of the biggest pieces that I bring to the table. You talk about a guy that can fit in A or B gap, as well as lockdown a tight-end or fit well with the zone. I think that is me in particular, I think that versatility piece helped me a ton headed into this draft."

Given that you feel like you have like a set position or you just kind of you can play SAM, you can play WILL, do you feel like you can do a little bit of everything?

"I played a few positions and in college. I kind of have that versatility piece where I can play a SAM and I can be inside the box. I can be outside in space. Wherever the coaches put me, I'm going to do and excel at the best I can do."

I'm curious if you are at all familiar with Demario Davis' game and if so, what are your thoughts about maybe playing next to him?

"Yes, I am. You talked about a guy there that takes a lot of pride in his game, a guy that's been there for a long time. A guy that you want to be there with and you want to be there next too because you want to win games and he's a guy that has that similar mindset to me, and I feel like and just watching his game, I can't wait to be around."

The sideline to sideline lateral play, is that a strength of your game as well?

"Yes, I'd say 100% is being a sideline-to-sideline player always finishing out the ball."

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