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Postgame quotes from New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Rams game | 2022 NFL Week 11

Saints beat the Los Angeles Rams 27-20 Sunday, improving to 4-7 on the year


Opening Statement:
"Hell of a win for us against a team that's the defending Super Bowl champion. Proud of the way our guys played. I really thought, offensively, I thought we played really well in the game, specifically there in the second half for us to be able to move the ball like we did. Coming out to start the second half and getting a touchdown was a huge momentum boost for us. Happy to get the win and ready to get back to work."

On halftime adjustments:
"I think we felt like there were some opportunities for us, and I think our guys took advantage of those opportunities. We felt like there was some stuff we could do in the run game we liked against them. We got to a few of those plays in the second half. I don't know that the touchdown pass to (Chris) Olave was, under the circumstances, what we expected, but we got a good look. Olave ran a great route, and Andy (Dalton) put the ball on him. It was great protection. Our offensive line for as banged up as they are, I thought they came out against a really good front and played outstandingly in the game. There's a lot of young guys that stepped up and took on an added role and played well."

On planning for Matthew Stafford:
"We had a pretty good feel for (Matthew) Stafford playing in the game. We had a little bit of a plan for (Bryce) Perkins being in the game, but we didn't expect to see him for a whole half. We had to make a few adjustments there as we went along. We kind of anticipated seeing Stafford, and we had to adjust a little bit when we saw a lot more of Perkins."

On the offensive line's performance against Aaron Donald:
"Put as many hats on (Aaron Donald) as we can. He's a hell of a player. It's hard to block him with one. It's hard to block him with two. We just tried to put as many hats on him as we could and tried to limit his ability to just take over the game. I thought overall, our guys did a pretty good job. I know he made some plays, but I thought overall the offensive line deserves a lot of credit. I think the offensive coaches, specifically the line coaches, getting those guys ready to play, I thought that was outstanding."

On field position positively impacting the offensive performance:
"Anytime you get good field position, it's beneficial for the offense. We've talked about that a lot in terms of creating field position for the offense. Look, we had a punt where we pinned them down on the two-yard line. We were able to get off the field defensively and create some field position there. That's really what a complementary game is all about. That's really what a team win is all about, creating field position and taking advantage of it, and we got it."

On the decision to play both Andy Dalton and Taysom Hill evenly at times:
"I just think each week we go in and try to figure out what is the best way we can move the ball and be effective and score points. I felt like we had a good plan for both Andy and Taysom at the quarterback position. I thought Pete (Carmichael) called a good game. I thought those guys went out there and executed the plan. It's always good when it works, right? I thought the offense did a really good job."

On the quarterback plan going forward:
"We are just trying to win games. I do not really look at it that way. We put a plan together offensively that we go out and execute. I think our players went out and executed at a high level, and we won a football game. We'll take that and feel good about it and be ready to move on to the next one."

On playing a clean game with limited penalties:
"We didn't do things that were going to beat ourselves today. I thought that was good to see. I thought we had a great week of practice. I thought our guys were locked in, focused in on playing. They knew what we had to do. We had some guys that haven't played a lot that stepped up and did some good things."

On the offensive recipe going forward:
"I think we have to look at that on a week-by-week basis. I am not ready to sit here and say we are just going to carbon copy the game plan for next week. Next week, we have a different opponent who will be challenging, but yeah, I thought it was a good plan. I thought our guys executed."

On Dalton's response to the game plan:
"(Andy Dalton)'s a veteran player. He's been in this league for a long time. He understands how things operate. We all know as a football team, all of us understand, that when you're not having the success that you want to have that everything is going to get evaluated. I think he's handled it outstandingly. I think our whole group has handled the pressures of the season and not probably living up to the expectations we had for ourselves. I think they all handled that well, and it all showed out there today."

On Dalton's performance against the Rams:
"It was great. It was awesome. I give a ton of credit to the offensive coaches and the offensive players. Again, put a good plan together, go out and execute the plan. That's what they did today."

On the defensive line:
"It looked like they played pretty well. I don't know if we got as much pressure as we would have liked as early on, especially in that two-minute drive. I thought we were more effective at getting at the quarterback in the second half, but I think overall, it looked to me, that they did pretty well. Obviously, we lost Payton (Turner) fairly early in the game."

On the complementary football played across all three phases:
"I thought really with the exception of probably the one (kickoff) return, I thought all three phases played well today. There wasn't a ton of negatives to talk about. There were just guys who went out and played good football. That's what you have to do in the league. You just have to go out and do your job and just play football. I thought we did that today."

On the mentality of the team this week:
"Look, we are well aware of where we are at in the season. I thought our guys came out, and they were swinging today. It was good to see."

On Blake Gillikin's performance:
"(Blake Gillikin) certainly was in a little bit of a groove today, it looked like. I thought he punted the ball well today. That's part of just getting the consistency each and every week."

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On the touchdown pass to Chris Olave:
"Yeah, we had a little pressure too. When you turn it loose and get hit to the ground, you never know what's going to happen. To have that outcome and I put the ball in a great spot, it was exactly how we had it planned by taking that shot down the field. We got the look that we wanted and he made a great play."

On if he sat on that play waiting for that look:
"Every week you draw up a game plan. You install your plays and would love to have a certain look versus certain plays. You don't always get the look that you want. When Pete (Carmichael) called it, it was the perfect time. It happened exactly how we hoped it would."

On how aware he was of Aaron Donald closing in on that play:
"I was pretty aware. At the end of the day you have to play on time. When you can play on time, then good things happen. Half a second longer and that is a sack or an incomplete pass. For us, guys were doing it exactly how we wanted it done. If you can play on time at the quarterback position and get the ball out, then good things can happen."

On how big the two drives coming out after halftime were:
"Huge. We knew we were getting the ball at the start of the second half. They scored right before halftime. For us, we wanted to get into a rhythm early and I thought that we did a great job of being aggressive. The first play of the second half we had a big play to Chris (Olave) and then we had the momentum from then on. To go down and score was huge and it was exactly what we wanted to do."

On having Jarvis Landry back:
"It's really big. Everyone know what Jarvis can do and what he has done throughout his career. We can continue to find ways to get him the ball. He made some big plays for us. The touchdown was awesome. It's exactly what we want. A couple of plays before he caught a nice seam ball that allowed us to get down there."

On continuing momentum offensively for next week:
"For us, we have to carry the momentum over to this week. It's the most important thing that we can do. We can enjoy this win today. Moving forward, we need to continue to do the things we did well and make corrections. That is the nature of this game week in and week out. We have to correct the mistakes, but it is easier to correct the mistakes off a win. Everybody understands that. The feeling in the building after a win's very positive and the best."

On if he felt like it was a give it everything we got mentality today:
"That is kind of where we are at. I think we just need to cut it loose. Why not? For us, I felt like there were some things we did today like maybe earlier in the season we wouldn't have done. I think that's a big reason why we are standing here with a win today. I think being aggressive is something that we came into the game knowing what we can do. You can look at the first third down of the game and throwing the ball down the field on third and one. I think that is just the mentality that we have to have."

On what the win means at this point in the season:
"After a couple of losses, it feels good to get another win under your belt. Just the way that we talked this week and the things that we wanted to get done we were able to do it. It was nice to get this win."

On the challenges of coming in and out of the game:
"It is part of how we play offense. When you can play that way and have success with me in there and Taysom (Hill) in there, the defense doesn't know what is going to happen next. It's just part of the way that we play."

On if he has to overcome getting less reps in practice:
"No, I'm never upset with the number of reps that Taysom takes because I know how successful we are because of it and how many positive plays come from it. Taysom is a unique asset for it. A lot of teams have really good players. We just happen to have one that can be all over the field and can play quarterback too. I think that is to our advantage and there is no discouragement when it happens."

On responding with his performance when not knowing if he would start this week possibly earlier in the week:
"No, I think at the end of the day I am happy with the way that we were able to play today. The adversity that we have faced the last couple of weeks especially offensively and everybody talking about how we haven't scored enough points. For us to put all of that aside and focus on this game, we had a great plan coming into this week and were able to execute it. Regardless of all the other stuff that goes on, that is what makes you most proud. That is for me personally and this group."

On the play of Juwan Johnson:
"Juwan has done so many good things. His ability to stretch the field and get open and the matchup that we get with him has been very good for us. It doesn't surprise me that he has scored as many touchdowns as he has. He's a really good player for us."

On how close they were on hitting that trick play:
"I do not know. I will have to look at it on film. It probably wasn't the most ideal look for it. I have to find a way to throw it a way and avoid the sack."

On if he wants to reward Dennis Allen for sticking with him as the starter:
"I think at the end of the day I want to play the way that I know I am capable of playing. I know if I do that then everybody will be happy with it. At the end of the day, I have to do the job that I know that I am capable of doing and play the way I am capable of playing and the rest of all that stuff will take care of itself."


On his touchdown reception in the second half:
"Coach (Pete Carmichael) called a really good play on third down. We practiced that on that look this week. We got the look that we wanted. Andy (Dalton) threw a great ball. The line protected well and that was the outcome."

On how much they needed the win:
"It was much needed. We had consecutive bad games. To get a win against the reigning champs was huge. I feel like it is a great step that we can take forward."

On if the quarterback movement has any impact on the receiver position:
"Not really. I just try to help them as much as possible. They (Dalton and Taysom Hill) are both great quarterbacks along with Jameis (Winston). They are doing a great job. I'm just there to be supportive and to make sure that I am doing my job, so that they can count on me."

On if they made any changes at halftime:
"Not really. We just came out aggressive. We knew that we had to move the ball down the field and score points to win the game. That's' what we did coming out of halftime. We just started clicking in the second half. We took over the momentum. The defense played a great game also. We just had some good plays early and built off that."

On taking pride in stretching the field:
"I feel like that's my job and that's why they drafted me to be here. I feel like I can stretch the field and get open at all times. I feel like I'm trying to make it easier on the quarterback and my teammates make me a lot better. We definitely needed this win and we found some energy in the second half. We have some momentum going forward to next week."

On having Jarvis Landry back on the field:
"It's great having him on and off the field. He's a great leader as he has been throughout his career. He has that dog mentality. He rubs off on other people. Having him off the field when things aren't going well, then he is picking everybody up. Jarvis has definitely helped me out throughout my first year."

On if he feels any pressure of getting open quicker with Aaron Donald on the field:
"Yes, it is Aaron Donald. It is really a race against a the defensive line. He's a great player probably one of the best players in the league. We definitely want to speed up everything and get open. We just wanted to stick to our game. We knew if we played our game then it would come out well."


On how much fun he had in today's game:
"It's great when we are able to come out and play with the energy and speed we are capable of. We pin our ears back and play with speed. It was just one of those days. It was a ton of fun."

On having a clean game without penalties:
"It's a week by week basis. I feel like you can't look forward or look back at this point in the season. There were some things that we did well today and certainly some things we can improve upon. Regardless, we have to take a look at the tape and keep leveling up. It was great to go out there and get a win, but we need to find ways to get better."

On staving off despair at this point in the season where they were 3-7 going into the game and having lost two straight:
"The main thing is to focus on where you are. All we had today was the opportunity in front of us. Our message was to bend but not break. No matter what it was coming in, today was an opportunity to snap back in and today we were able to do that and it was a lot of fun doing it."

On adjusting to the backup quarterback coming in when Matthew Stafford had to leave:
"That's the importance of studying your film. That wasn't the first time that we saw that quarterback. He has played a ton on film. We knew that he could run the ball well. He could run the wildcat offense. I think they use him (Bryce Perkins) in a lot of ways that we use Taysom (Hill). We had seen him on field, but not in two minute situations. He did some good things and made it challenging on us."

On Kaden Elliss:
"55's probably for the last few years been the best kept secret in the NFL. We knew what type of player that he was and he is getting an opportunity to show the world. I know that no one is shocked when they watch him in our building. Just give him some time and he is going to be on everybody's radar."

On missing defensive linemen:
"We take it one day at a time and it's always a next man up mentality. It is actually quite phenomenal. We don't have Marshon Lattimore or (Bradley) Roby. We do not have Cam Jordan. We lose Payton Turner. We do not have Pete Werner. If you think about all of the guys we have that play at a high level that are not in our lineup (today), for us to go out there and execute is phenomenal. It feels really good, but that is just the nature of the league. One of our slogans is most of the people don't care about your problems and the other half are glad that you got them. Regardless, you have to find a way and we were able to do that today."

On his leadership approach and message to the team:
"My message to the team was you can learn a lot from nature. If you think about palm trees, they bend but they do not break. Hurricanes come and blow palm trees and they lean all of the way to the ground. They never break. The reason why they do not is because every time they have a storm they dig deeper. Their roots grow deeper into the ground. That's what we do. That's the great thing about this team and this city. It is so resilient. We have been faced with a lot of adversity. Sometimes it feels like storm on top of storm, but the great thing is that it is making our roots grow deeper. When that storm passes, we always snap back. That is' the exciting thing. It was great putting that on display today. It certainly felt like a snap back moment. It was a lot of fun."


On if the team was desperate today:
"We are well aware of where we are in our season and our record and everything else. I think we approach every week with the same mentality. I think this week there may have been a more added emphasis to win the football game like what do we have to lose. Let's call everything that we have on this call sheet. Let's push the ball down the field. I think that maybe that was emphasized a little bit more then it was in the past."

On if he's happy being back in this role:
"For me personally, I don't think anything has every changed from 2018 to where we are at now. There was a lot of conversation earlier about me going to the tight end room, what that is going to look like and everything else. I talked and met with Pete (Carmichael) and at the end of the day they just want to use me more. I feel like that is what that was. As the season has played out through week 11, I 'm not surprised how things have gone and this how I have always envisioned it. Every week is a little bit different. We got ahead throughout the game and it kind of allowed us to run everything that we had on the call sheet. It was just more opportunities for me. There is still opportunities in previous weeks. We just didn't get to them."

On if they got to more of the package today:
"I think we just got to it more today. The last few weeks, we just didn't have enough snaps. I think every game is a little bit different. The focus is what do we have to do to win this week. It was for me to get more opportunities."

On his role:
"Honestly, I don't think my role has changed from what we have done in years past with Sean (Payton) to what I have done with Pete."

On the energy and approach this week:
"The attitude was like let's go cut it loose. Early on there was a lot of conversations on how we were going to win football games and a little hesitancy. Our division hasn't played well. We weren't playing great. We kept losing games, but the message was we were still in it. The mindset this week was let's get rid of any anxiety and go cut it loose. What do we have to lose at this point. Let's go play our rand of football and worry about nothing else."

On if playing without anxiety helps limit mistakes:
"You talk about as a team that it's hard to play tight. I don't know how everyone was feeling this week. I know that we had conversations this week about playing for each other. Let's go have fun together. Maybe that carried over to the no penaltes and execution and everything else. It's hard to say."

On the offensive line play today with the injuries that resulted in three new starters:
"I think they did a great job. I haven't seen statistically what the numbers were, but I felt like we ran the ball really well, but those guys came in and battled. I was really impressed with what they did. The coaches put us in the best place to be successful. They spend a lot of time and they did that."

On if it felt like a clean game:
"For sure, the ball security stuff is talked about a lot. Field position and time of possession…we were able to check the boxes this week."

On what a win like this does moving forward:
"That's a Ram team that's a little banged up, but they won the Super Bowl last year. We are well aware of that. The mindset is to continuing building on what we did. On offense we had no turnovers and no penalties. If we continue to play that style of football, then we are going to be a tough team to beat. As we forecast in the next week, then let's continue to do that and that will be our mindset."

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