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New Orleans Saints Coach Dennis Allen provides updates on Young, Jordan, Ramczyk

'(Ramcyzk) isn't quite where I was hoping he'd be, and really quite frankly, where he was hoping he'd be'

Orlando – New Orleans Saints Coach Dennis Allen offered some optimism and a bit of caution regarding the medical status of a few players Tuesday from the NFL owners meetings.

The optimism involved two defensive ends, free agent signee Chase Young and veteran Cameron Jordan, the franchise's all-time leader with 117.5 sacks. The caution revolved around right tackle Ryan Ramczyk, a three-time All-Pro who underwent a procedure on his knee this offseason.

Young, who agreed to terms on a one-year deal, had neck surgery last week. He was the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2021, when he had 7.5 sacks, four forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries for Washington, but missed most of the next two seasons due to injuries and rehab before returning last year to play 16 games (nine with Washington, seven with San Francisco) and totaling 7.5 sacks.

"We knew that he was going to have this surgery," Allen said. "And I think the good thing for all of involved was, everybody that we talked to felt like, it's not a matter of if he's going to heal and be fine. It was just a matter of when. And so, I think we're comfortable with the timelines that we have and yet, it's a human body. It's going to heal at its own rate. But I know he's going to do everything he can to get himself back and get himself ready as quickly as possible.

"Here's a guy who came in, he was Defensive Rookie of the Year and then he basically missed two seasons due to injury. And then came back last season – he started off kind of on fire in Washington and was having a lot of success, got traded at the trade deadline. I think he was credited with a sack in the Super Bowl (against Kansas City), and I think he was involved in an intentional grounding, which in my mind is like two sacks in the Super Bowl. I do think this is still a young, developing player, which is exciting for me."

Jordan, who completed his 13th season and totaled his second-lowest sack total (two), was hindered by an ankle injury that required surgery.

"I don't think it's going to be anything that's going to keep him out of the spring," Allen said. "I do think when you have a guy like Cam who's getting a little older, how much do we do with him in the spring, how much do we do with him in training camp, I think those are all things that we've got to take into account when we're dealing with a more veteran player."

The same applies to Ramczyk, who has been on a maintenance program during training camp and game weeks for the past several seasons. But recovery from the left knee procedure hasn't occurred as rapidly as expected.

"I think it still remains to be seen," Allen said. "At the (NFL) Combine a few weeks ago, I was feeling a lot better about it. And yet, I don't know that I'm seeing as much progress as I was hoping to see at this point. But here's the cool thing – we've got plenty of time. I think we're just going to have to wait and see how that goes as we go through all of the offseason and as we get into the training camp aspect."

Allen said the issue possibly could become a concern entering the season, but said Ramczyk and the team have time.

"I think more it has just been visiting with him and he isn't quite where I was probably hoping he'd be, and really quite frankly, where he was hoping he'd be," Allen said. "But again, it's a long time before we kick the ball off. So I wouldn't jump to any conclusions right now, but we'll see how it goes over the next three, four, five, six months before we get to the season."

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