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Latest 2023 NFL Draft big board: Quarterbacks | Top Ten Tuesday

View the Top 10 NFL Draft prospect rankings based on position


As your New Orleans Saints prepare for the 2023 NFL Draft, we take a look at the top 10 ranked players at various positions. The 2023 NFL Draft big board rankings are reflective of Bucky Brooks' top five 2023 NFL Draft prospects by position 1.0 and ESPN's NFL Draft "Best Available" list.

Here are the top 10 ranked draft prospects at quarterback:

2023 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #1 C.J. Stroud | Ohio State

C.J. Stroud | Ohio State
2022 Season Stats: 66.3% CMP | 3,688 YDS | 177.7 RTG

C.J. Stroud comes in as the highest rated QB prospect according to's Bucky Brooks and the second highest prospect according to ESPN behind Bryce Young of Alabama. Stroud has tremendous arm strength and control with the ability to go through his progressions, making him a more-than-viable option for any QB-needy team. If he begins using his legs more to extend drives, he may become one of the top talents during his career. He only participated in passing drills at the Combine, but his arm strength was evident during those drills.

Height: 6 feet 3

Weight: 218 pounds Draft Grade: 6.46 Overview: "Two-year starter from a program with a high-octane offense known for creating high-level production opportunities for its quarterbacks. Stroud's accuracy stands out on tape. He's able to lead receivers with good placement and make on-frame throws to targets on all areas of the field...Stroud didn't often attack defenses with his legs, but if he can become a more willing runner, he will be able to extend drives rather than feeling forced into more challenging decision-making situations. NFL teams will have to balance what they saw on tape from Stroud during the 2022 regular season against his great College Football Playoff semifinal performance, when he shined versus Georgia's impressive collection pro prospects."

2023 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #2 Bryce Young | Alabama

Bryce Young | Alabama
2022 Season Stats: 64.5% CMP | 3,328 YDS | 163.2 RTG

Listed as the second best QB on and the best on, Bryce Young has the poise to remain calm under pressure and methodically lead an offense down the field by extending plays both inside and outside of the pocket. When scrambling, he has the ability to accurately re-route his receivers and make the correct pass. Young's biggest knock from scouts, however, has been his size, and no QB weighing under 207 pounds has been drafted in the first round since 2007. Young has the talent to change that dynamic, though.

Height: 5 feet 10

Weight: 204 pounds Draft Grade: 6.82 Overview: "Slightly built with measurables that fall below the standard for the quarterback position, Young's talent and face-of-the-franchise potential could force teams to focus more on his game film and less on his size. Young has had the advantage of working with a former NFL head coach (Bill O'Brien) who understands the challenges facing a pro quarterback. He's a full-field reader whose confident demeanor on the field oozes off the tape but never becomes unbridled cockiness. He's thoughtful in where he wants to go with the football and keeps the turnover count low. The deep ball is nothing special and his drive velocity fails to stand out, but he has enough arm strength to make the necessary throws...He's poised in the face of both physical and situational pressure and possesses a full offering of intangibles that helps set him apart from some of the more physically gifted quarterbacks in this class."

2023 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #3 Hendon Hooker | Tennessee

Hendon Hooker | Tennessee
2022 Season Stats: 69.6% CMP | 3,135 YDS | 175.5 RTG

Hendon Hooker is listed as the third best QB on and the fifth best on ESPN. The fluctuation likely comes as a result of Hooker's ACL tear that is still in the process of recovering. Boasting a gaudy TD to INT ratio of 58:5 over the last two years, Hooker has proven to be an accurate passer with outstanding footwork. The biggest question mark will be his recovery and how he will come back when healthy.

Height: 6 feet 3

Weight: 217 pounds Draft Grade: 6.23 Overview: "Hooker's age and ACL tear will be starting points for many draft conversations, but the most important question to be answered is whether he can thrive outside of the Tennessee offense...He's more accurate outside the numbers than between the hashes and his deep ball placement was much more uneven than expected. However, Hooker plays with excellent poise and footwork as a pocket passer. He will make quarterback coaches and play-callers happy with his adherence to keeping plays on schedule. He's still showing signs of improvement and growth at the position, and his ability to hurt teams with his legs creates opportunities to help his offense outside of what he does in the pocket. His recovery from the ACL tear will require monitoring, but he has the talent to become a starter in a timing-based, spread offense.."

2023 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #4 Will Levis | Kentucky

Will Levis | Kentucky
2022 Season Stats: 65.4% CMP | 2,406 YDS | 151.9 RTG

Will Levis is coming in as the fourth best prospect on and the third best prospect on ESPN due to his size, experience, and arm talent. The Kentucky prospect has some mechanics that could use correcting, but an experienced coach can help him greatly improve in that area. Levis is very tough and proved that by playing through a few injuries last season, although his performance did take a small dip. Scouts believe a team with a good QB coach may have success taking a chance on him.

Height: 6 feet 4

Weight: 229 pounds Draft Grade: 6.30 Overview: "Levis is one of the most physically gifted quarterbacks in the draft, but there are warts in his game that might not be easily corrected. He has prototypical size and experience operating in a pro-style passing attack. He's an athletic passer, with the ability to zip off-platform throws with plus velocity from a compact release...Levis has the arm to beat coverages on all three levels, but inadequate placement and accuracy have created a lot of uncatchable throws. He's a capable runner outside the pocket but needs to improve his feel for pressure and his consistency when throwing on the move. Levis' talent is well worth an investment, but could require a talented quarterback coach and a patient plan to tighten up his mechanics, rebuild his confidence and explore an offensive scheme that best suits him."

2023 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #5 Tanner McKee | Stanford

Tanner McKee | Stanford
2022 Season Stats: 62.0% CMP | 2,947 YDS | 126.4 RTG

The fifth best prospect according to and the seventh on, Tanner McKee has the talent to be a starter on a QB needy team, but he may do best behind a veteran for a year to hone his skills. Scouts describe his release as "unorthodox" and state he can be a bit wily at times outside of the pocket, although he made strides in that area last season. His decision making could use a little refining as he had a touchdown to interception ratio of 3:3 over his final 7 games.

Height: 6 feet 6

Weight: 231 pounds Draft Grade: 5.80 Overview: "Long, tall pocket passer with better arm strength than arm talent as a passer. McKee throws with an unorthodox delivery that becomes even more irregular when he feels rushed. He can make all the NFL throws and delivers a tight spiral with good velocity on intermediate and deep throws to the field side. However, his heavy feet and a lack of agility limit his effectiveness outside of the pocket and make him a magnet for pass rushers when protection becomes spotty. McKee clearly improved his throwing process in 2022, but he might lack the decision-making and functional mobility to make it in today's NFL."

2023 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #6 Anthony Richardson | Florida

Anthony Richardson | Florida
2022 Season Stats: 53.8% CMP | 2,549 YDS | 131.0 RTG

One prospect that has been shooting up draft board is Florida QB Anthony Richardson. He has risen to number 4 on ESPN's Best Available list, and he is making waves throughout the league as a potential first-round sneaky pick. He is the definition of a dual-threat QB, but has a little work to do to reach his full potential. He can be flexible and perform well in a variety of offensive schemes, but coaches will need to his footwork that leads to some inaccurate throws.

Height: 6 feet 4

Weight: 244 pounds Draft Grade: 6.35 Overview: "Dual-threat quarterback with an elite physical profile and a lot of work that needs to be done to reach a potentially high ceiling. Richardson's frame, arm talent and mobility will demand respect as a potential first-round option. He has the ability to make plays on the move that very few of his NFL peers will be able to make. However, his accuracy on short and simple throws left much to be desired due, in part, to shoddy footwork and inconsistent rhythm. The footwork issues can be corrected, but the challenge will be determining whether he can be at least a functionally accurate passer at the next level...Ultimately, he will succeed or fail based on his ability to play with better post-snap recognition and deliver the football with consistency."

2023 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #7 Jake Haener | Fresno State

Jake Haener | Fresno State
2022 Season Stats: 72.0% CMP | 2,896 YDS | 158.6 RTG

Scouts are divided on Fresno State prospect Jake Haener, with ESPN listing him as the sixth best QB and noting that he may struggle to find success in the league. His 72% completion rate last season and 53:12 Td to INT ratio over the past two seasons may turn some heads from league scouts, but he might be relegated to the bench for a season or two before getting a shot.

Height: 6 feet 0

Weight: 207 pounds Draft Grade: 5.69 Overview: "Team captain with below-average size and arm talent, but above-average football IQ. Haener plays with a pre-snap plan and does a nice job of getting the ball out quickly against the blitz. He senses edge pressure and slides to find a new location to throw from. He doesn't have the drive velocity to successfully window shop and might require a timing-based scheme or spread attack where he can make quick throws in rhythm. Haener's lack of traits, coupled with limited mobility outside the pocket, create a challenging road to NFL success."

2023 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #8 Jaren Hall | BYU

Jaren Hall | BYU
2022 Season Stats: 66.0% CMP | 3,171 YDS | 160.8 RTG

Jaren Hall is another QB that may end up being in a backup role for the majority of his career, but some work refining his skills may just bring him into the limelight for the right team. With a career TD:INT ratio of above 4:1, Hall may be able to find the right offensive scheme that will give him a chance to prove what he can do.

Height: 6 feet 0

Weight: 207 pounds Draft Grade: 5.90 Overview: "An undersized pocket quarterback with unimpressive arm strength, Hall's field command gives him a shot to make it at the next level. He throws with excellent ball placement to targets on the move and delivers a feathery soft deep ball with accuracy. His lack of drive velocity creates smaller margins for error and his timing needs to be impeccable to beat NFL man coverage. Hall operates with ideal poise from the pocket. He does an adequate job of reading coverages and getting rid of the ball without taking sacks. The size and arm strength will concern some teams, but offenses operating out of heavy play-action with levels-based route concepts could target him as a solid future backup."

2023 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #9 Max Duggan | TCU

Max Duggan | TCU
2022 Season Stats: 63.7% CMP | 3,698 YDS | 159.2 RTG

Max Duggan has been proven as a man that can overcome adversity, and some teams look for that in a leader. Duggan's arm strength leaves something to be desired, though, and he may be on the bench a lot more if he cannot find the right offensive scheme. Duggan has decent speed, running the 40-yard dash in 4.52 seconds, but some fundamentals may still be missing at this moment.

Height: 6 feet 1 1/2

Weight: 207 pounds Draft Grade: 5.82 Overview: "Scrappy quarterback possessing the attitude, toughness and leadership that teams love. Duggan has proven himself to be capable of overcoming adversity and finding ways to help his team win with his arm or legs. However, he has limited arm strength and frequently forces receivers to break stride on deep balls and crossing routes. Duggan's intangibles give him a chance to become an NFL backup but his limitations as a passer cap his ceiling."

2023 NFL Draft prospects - Quarterback | #10 Stetson Bennett | Georgia

Stetson Bennett | Georgia
2022 Season Stats: 68.3% CMP | 4,127 YDS | 161.2 RTG

Georgia prospect Stetson Bennet rounds out our Top 10 Tuesday as the tenth best QB on ESPN's Best Available. Although he is a little undersized for the QB position and already 26 years old, Bennet has traits that may just land him a role in an offense. His mobility is great, and he can make plays outside of the pocket if it comes to that. He may have a chance to improve under the right coach and veteran QB.

Height: 5 feet 11

Weight: 192 pounds Draft Grade: 6.00 Overview: "Bennett will turn 26 years old during his rookie season and he's small in stature relative to today's game. Those two things will work against him, but his history of elevating his play in spotlight games against the best competition should be a factor for some teams. He doesn't have a plus arm and his accuracy and placement can vary from drive to drive, but he throws with anticipation and has shown an ability to get through progressions as a pro-style passer. He's rarely sacked and has the mobility to do damage outside of the pocket. Bennett has backup potential for a timing-based passing attack that includes concepts often seen in the Shanahan offense."

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