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Behind Enemy Lines: What the San Francisco 49ers are saying about the New Orleans Saints for Week 14

Get a Week 14 preview from San Francisco players and coaches

Game Details

On Sunday at noon, the New Orleans Saints (10-2) will look to start the final quarter of the 2019 regular season and continue to work to attain the NFC's number one seed in the postseason when they host the San Francisco 49ers (10-2) at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Foes in the old NFC West from 1970-2001, the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers have an extensive regular season history in addition to playing one of the most thrilling games in NFL playoff history. While San Francisco leads the regular season series 47-26-2, New Orleans has captured eight of the last ten regular season meetings.

San Francisco 49ers quotes

Head coach Kyle Shanahan on the Saints defense:
"They're a very good defense, they've got a lot of good players. I haven't played them for a couple years. They've gotten a lot better, just the personnel that they've added, the guys that they've had have gotten a lot better and just matured a little bit. New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator] [Dennis Allen's done it for a long time, he's one of the best in the business at what he does, has a lot of scheme that he can put in that's extremely sound, they play hard so it's one of the better defenses we're going to face this year."

Head coach Kyle Shanahan on Taysom Hill:
"Yeah, I think the same that he is in every game. He's a factor every week for them whether it's at quarterback or any of the positions except for O-Line is I think the only one I haven't seen him play. He's an unbelievable player on special teams. There's no doubt we're going to see him, we just don't know exactly how."

Head coach Kyle Shanahan on the challenge of the noise level in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome:
"I mean, it's right up there. They can get going big in there, especially when their team's playing like they are. I'm very glad it's an earlier game. It only gets worse the later it gets, but it won't be much of a difference Sunday. It's as loud as it can be. I think it was good for us to be in Baltimore the week before. I think that was the loudest stadium we've had to deal with so far this year. New Orleans will be the exact same, if not louder."

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on the Saints defense:
"They're a talented group. They fly around. A lot of fast guys, linebackers play sideline to sideline. They're good up front, so it's a well-balanced defense. They follow their rules, they've got a good plan that they put together every week. It kind of changes a little bit week to week, but they do what they do."

Take a look back through the years in the old NFC West through present day and view photos from the storied Saints-49ers rivalry.

Statistical Comparison

Table inside Article
Saints 49ers
Record 10-2 10-2
Scoring Avg. (NFL Rank) 24.8 (9) 29.1 (2)
Opp. Scoring Avg. (NFL Rank) 20.7 (12) 15.3 (2)
Total Off. (NFL Rank) 361.4 (13) 378.0 (7)
Rushing Off. (NFL Rank) 107.3 (17) 148.0 (2)
Passing Off. (NFL Rank) 254.1 (9) 230.0 (16)
Total Def. (NFL Rank) 323.5 (10) 250.9 (1)
Rushing Def. (NFL Rank) 88.6 (3) 116.7 (22)
Passing Def. (NFL Rank) 234.9 (17) 134.3 (1)
Kickoff Return Avg. (NFL Rank) 19.9 (26) 19.5 (29)
Punt Return Avg. (NFL Rank) 9.0 (7) 8.5 (9)
Turnover Margin (NFL Rank) +11 (2t) +6 (8)
Penalties 95 77
Penalty Yards 820 722
Opp. Penalties 64 88
Opp. Penalty Yards 487 737

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