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Behind Enemy Lines: What the Carolina Panthers are saying about the New Orleans Saints for Week 12

Get a Week 12 preview from Carolina Panthers players and coaches

Game Details

On Sunday at noon, the Saints (8-2) will continue along what will be a stretch of three NFC South contests in 12 days, when they host the Carolina Panthers (5-5) at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. This series has been the tightest among the Saints' division rivals with Carolina leading 25-23 in the regular season and the Saints capturing the 2017 NFC Divisional Playoff matchup. Head Coach Sean Payton is 12-12 against Carolina in the regular season in addition to the postseason win over the Panthers.

Carolina Panthers quotes

Head coach Ron Rivera on Demario Davis' contributions to the Saints defense:
"Well I will tell you, it is his speed and that's what this league is really turning into is a speed league when you see a guy that can run around and make plays for them as a linebacker that can run. We've been very fortunate in my time here. We've had three guys that can really truly get after it. In terms of fast, every down playmaker guys and you're starting to see that with him as he gets more and more comfortable in what they do in the way they do things."

Head coach Ron Rivera on what makes Michael Thomas so difficult to guard:
"Because he goes after the ball. He does not wait for the ball to get to him. He goes and gets it. There are some receivers that run great routes that are fast and run by people, but don't go get the ball when it's in the air. Their mentality's not the same as this guy's. This guy's mentality is the ball's in the air, it's mine. As a coach, you appreciate that mentality."

Quarterback Kyle Allen on the Saints defense:
"I think they've improved as a defense from last year. I think they're a very solid defense. They've got a lot of great playmakers and they're being put in position to make good plays. Their defense plays tough and they create turnovers, they create a lot of confusion, and they've got a lot of playmakers." 

Tight end Greg Olsen on playing in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome:
"Those guys are playing well. They've got a good team. We know this place well, it's a hard place to play."

Statistical Comparison

Table inside Article
Saints Panthers
Record 8-2 5-5
Scoring Avg. (NFL Rank) 23.8 (13) 22.8 (15)
Opp. Scoring Avg. (NFL Rank) 19.9 (12) 25.7 (25)
Total Off. (NFL Rank) 364.0 (9) 346.6 (18)
Rushing Off. (NFL Rank) 107.5 (17) 126.0 (10)
Passing Off. (NFL Rank) 256.5 (9) 220.6 (22)
Total Def. (NFL Rank) 318.3 (5t) 362.0 (19)
Rushing Def. (NFL Rank) 85.3 (3) 128.4 (27)
Passing Def. (NFL Rank) 233.0 (13) 233.6 (14)
Kickoff Return Avg. (NFL Rank) 21.4 (21) 21.7 (19)
Punt Return Avg. (NFL Rank) 9.8 (4) 7.1 (15)
Turnover Margin (NFL Rank) +8 (4) Even (16t)
Penalties 75 59
Penalty Yards 566 527
Opp. Penalties 57 77
Opp. Penalty Yards 444 610

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