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Behind Enemy Lines: What the Carolina Panthers are saying about the New Orleans Saints for Week 17

Get a Week 17 preview from Carolina Panthers players and coaches

Game Details

The New Orleans Saints will travel to Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte for their regular season finale against the Carolina Panthers at 12PM. The Saints have a 12-11 record vs. Carolina at Bank of America Stadium. Of the 49 regular season games in the series, 24 have been decided by eight points or less, with New Orleans winning 12.

Carolina Panthers quotes

Interim head coach Perry Fewell on the resiliency of the Saints offensive line through injuries:
"I think they've done an excellent job. I know there have been some guys they've had to replace. They're working in conjunction with each other and working together. Drew's (Brees) is getting the ball out, spreading the ball to his different receivers. They're running the ball. You really can't tell much of anything has changed. That attributes to them being a good football team."

Interim head coach Perry Fewell on Michael Thomas' talent: "I just think that Coach Payton and his staff do a tremendous job of acquiring talent and using it to the best of their ability. They've used Michael in a way that he's maxed his performance. You want to maximize your performance as a player and that's your job as a coach. Both of them are working extremely well together."

Interim head coach Perry Fewell on how the Saints use Taysom Hill: "It's amazing. He's listed as a quarterback. He plays receiver, he plays quarterback. All of the different roles that he has, the job he does on special teams, he must be a football gym rat junkie to learn all those assignments and to execute to a high level which he does in all two phases of the game, since he plays on special teams. He must be a joy to be around and coach. I enjoy watching him play against others. Now I have to play against him."

Defensive coordinator Eric Washington on slowing down the Saints offense:
"We have to play with great vision and discipline as far as our drops are concerned. And then everything starts up front...we have to really constrict Drew Brees. We have to make sure we get our hands up and that if he's trying to throw through the middle of our defense, that we're there to provide some obstruction and hopefully we can get our hands on some passes in the form of tips at the line of scrimmage. There are a variety of things we have to do to limit their ability to check the ball down to a dynamic player like Alvin Kamara ."

Statistical Comparison

Table inside Article
Saints Panthers
Record 12-3 5-10
Scoring Avg. (NFL Rank) 27.7 (5) 22.0 (18)
Opp. Scoring Avg. (NFL Rank) 22.1 (14) 28.5 (31)
Total Off. (NFL Rank) 373.5 (8) 342.7 (19)
Rushing Off. (NFL Rank) 108.2 (16) 118.5 (14)
Passing Off. (NFL Rank) 265.3 (7) 224.1 (21)
Total Def. (NFL Rank) 333.3 (12) 374.2 (23)
Rushing Def. (NFL Rank) 94.7 (5) 145.4 (31)
Passing Def. (NFL Rank) 238.7 (16) 228.8 (13)
Kickoff Return Avg. (NFL Rank) 24.1 (7) 21.7 (20)
Punt Return Avg. (NFL Rank) 9.2 (6) 7.3 (17)
Turnover Margin (NFL Rank) +12 (3t) -11 (27t)
Penalties 117 82
Penalty Yards 992 700
Opp. Penalties 87 108
Opp. Penalty Yards 659 896

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