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Behind Enemy Lines: What the Arizona Cardinals are saying about the New Orleans Saints for Week 8

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Game Details

The NFC South-leading Saints (6-1) host the 3-3-1 Cardinals on Sunday at noon, with New Orleans looking to go into a Week Nine bye on the high of a six-game winning streak. The Saints and Cardinals have played 29 times in the regular season, with the Saints trailing 14-15 in their series history.

Arizona Cardinals quotes

Coach Kliff Kingsbury on his time in New Orleans:
"I loved it. It's still one of my favorite places. The culture, the passion you have down there, such a festive atmosphere at all times. I fell in love with the city and had to evacuate, so got to go through that entire deal, but yeah I loved it. (I) Loved the Saints organization, everything about them."

Kingsbury on playing in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome:
"We have a lot of guys that have played there and we have talked amongst ourselves and in front of the team about the atmosphere and then the noise and being able to try and handle that and we know it's going to be a hostile environment. We know it is going to be tough to try to replicate that in practice. They are playing as well as anybody in the league. It's obviously a very tough challenge for our football team."

Kingsbury on preparing for Teddy Bridgewater or Drew Brees:
"Drew is one of the best (to) ever play and we understand that, but when you watch the film this year, Teddy's playing at an incredible level and Coach Payton has such great offensive creativity, finds great matchups and they're rolling right along. We know whichever guy it is we're going to have our hands full as a defense. I think that's a testament once again to that coaching staff, that organization that you can have your backup quarterback come in and still play at such an incredible level."

Quarterback Kyler Murray on the possibility of playing against Drew Brees:
"I've played against a lot of great ones so far, but for me personally, I think he'd be at the top. What he's done for the game, what he's done in his career, not many have been able to do what he's done. He's obviously one of the best to ever play, so I'm looking forward to it."

Statistical Comparison

Table inside Article
Saints Cardinals
Record 6-1 3-3-1
Scoring Avg. (NFL Rank) 23.4 (16) 23.0 (17)
Opp. Scoring Avg. (NFL Rank) 21.0 (11) 27.4 (28)
Total Off. (NFL Rank) 356.0 (19) 358.0 (18)
Rushing Off. (NFL Rank) 111.0 (15) 127.4 (11)
Passing Off. (NFL Rank) 245.0 (13) 230.6 (19)
Total Def. (NFL Rank) 327.9 (6t) 392.4 (29)
Rushing Def. (NFL Rank) 90.6 (9) 129.1 (25)
Passing Def. (NFL Rank) 237.3 (14) 263.3 (25)
Kickoff Return Avg. (NFL Rank) 20.0 (22) 19.9 (23)
Punt Return Avg. (NFL Rank) 9.8 (6) 6.3 (22)
Turnover Margin (NFL Rank) +4 (5t) +2 (11t)
Penalties 51 59
Penalty Yards 395 439
Opp. Penalties 38 50
Opp. Penalty Yards 306 428

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