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Alvin Kamara continues to work on his balance with insane workouts

Saints running back has intense workout routine


New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara is entering his sixth season in the NFL, and he has shown consistent production in each of his five previous seasons. At the 67th overall pick in the third round of the 2017 draft, it is safe to say the running back from the University of Tennessee can be classified as a steal. With more than 4,000 rushing yards and 3,000 receiving yards in his career, Kamara has been a workhorse that first made a name for himself in the league by being noticeably tough to bring down. Just watch one game where Kamara is featured, and you will see that he slips out of tackles extremely easily and his jukes almost always make the first tackler miss.

Although he may make it look easy, the balance and agility that his skills require take a lot of practice and refining. Every offseason, a video seems to appear of a new, insane workout routine by the Pro Bowler that focuses on his balance, concentration, and strength. This offseason is no exception. On Thursday, a video posted by Kamara's trainer shows fans just what goes in to his training when he is not on the field. His workout featured one-legged box jumps, catching tennis balls on a balance trainer, also on one leg, doing jumping lunges on the balance equipment, and more.

It's this kind of training that had led Kamara to be a cornerstone for the Saints. Despite dealing with injuries during the 2021 season, he was still able to put up nearly 900 rushing yards and four touchdowns, and he added close to 450 receiving yards and five more receiving touchdowns. The 2020 season was the back's most productive year so far. In a Christmas Day game against the Minnesota Vikings in 2020, Kamara tied the NFL record for most rushing touchdowns in a single game when he found the end zone six times.

The 26-year-old will be looking to recreate the same kind of productivity this season, and his workout is a great place to start bouncing back and returning to his record-breaking form.

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