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What the Atlanta Falcons had to say about win over Saints

Transcripts of postgame interviews with head coach Dan Quinn, QB Matt Ryan, WR Mohamed Sanu, T Jake Matthews, LB Deion Jones, DE Tyson Jackson, S Riccardo Allen and LB Sean Weatherspoon


Opening Statement:

"It was a really good team win tonight. It's a road win and a divisional game against a tough opponent, so it's definitely good to win ones like these. I thought that it was a really good team win, guided by the special teams. They were the ones that really set it off, forcing the fumble (on the punt) right there after they went down to score. Defensively, I thought that it was a great moment for Deion Jones, right here back at home, getting a chance to take it in the end zone. It was a nice tipped ball by (Brian) Poole. Offensively, I thought that we really attacked well tonight. It was more true with the running backs. I think that they totaled somewhere near 300 yards and had about four touchdowns between them. They were a real factor in the

running game and in the passing game. It was a team win. We've got lots of work to do in a lot of spots, but we are just getting started. It's only the third game of the year, so we have a lot of areas to improve in, specifically on defense. Overall, it was a very good team win on the road against a good divisional opponent, so I am pleased with the guys' efforts tonight."

On the unity circle between both teams before the game:

"I thought it was a cool moment for the teams. Here are two archrival teams, coming together, knowing that they are trying to create some meaningful change. I thought that it was a good opportunity for those guys to show and demonstrate that together. I was really proud of that."

On the running game tonight:

"In our first game, we didn't run it as well as we wanted to. We ran better when we went out to Oakland. We knew that it was going to be a good line of scrimmage game again. It really starts up front with the communication. We knew that this crowd here was going to be into it, and they certainly were. A real point of emphasis for us offensively was whether or not we could work at the line of scrimmage and make the calls in and out of the no huddle. I thought that the offensive line in particular did a good job tonight."

On the momentum change after the Falcons recovered the muffed punt in Saints territory:

"That was really the moment that kind of got us going. We had a tough first drive and had to punt. Those are the moments when someone can set it off like that. You never know who it is going to be. I thought that it was a really good turning point early in the game for us."

On the Falcons offense scoring touchdowns on five consecutive drives:

"We wanted to really be aggressive. We wanted to make sure that if it was a fourth down attempt, we needed to convert. We wanted to make sure in every way that we wanted to stay aggressive and keep attacking. The team did a very nice job of mixing up the run and the pass, knowing that there were going to be certain things there for us. We were focused on how they were going to play towards Julio (Jones) in terms of coverage, because we knew we would have to adjust our gameplan based on that. Sometimes a game just goes that way. Sometimes you have to wait into the game to get some of the looks, but I was pleased with our ability to keep converting."

On Deion Jones: "

I think that everybody was just so excited for him. Tonight, he had a special message on his cleats that was very personal to him about growing up here and what happened for him 10 years ago."


QB Matt Ryan

"I thought our running backs were awesome tonight. Both those guys – Tevin (Coleman) and Devonta (Freeman) – have been really consistent players for us and tonight it was fun to be a part of that. I thought our offensive line did a great job establishing the line of scrimmage, both in the running game and the passing game. I thought we handled the environment well. This is a tough place to come; it's loud and I thought we did a great job with that. Overall, I just think we executed really well on offense."

"We've got a lot of unselfish guys, and we have a group of guys who just want to win. I mean, and I'm not positive, but I think we had eight different guys catch the ball. That's a lot of people for a defense to key in on. Our wide receivers also did a great job on seam blocking on the outside a lot to get our running backs into the secondary so they could be as effective as they were."

"Obviously, ten years ago was a special night for the city of New Orleans. For them to come back from everything they went through and the way that game (in 2006) shook out; it was a special night for this city and we have a lot of respect for that; there's no question. I think there were two guys on our team now who were there ten years ago; Jonathan Babineaux and Matt Schaub. The rest of us were really not a part of that, so it wasn't our deal. Tonight was a totally different thing for us. Tonight was for us to go out there and compete on a Monday night, and not to worry about all of that outside stuff."


"It was a great team win and it all starts up front with the blocking. All of the guys up front, every day, tell us we'll give Matt (Ryan) the time for us to get open and that's what they did out there. We're a brotherhood, and that's what we are all about. We're now leading the division, and we intend to keep the momentum going."


"It is really exciting to run the ball like we did tonight. We mixed up the play-calling and I thought it caught them (Saints) off balance a little bit on the defense. We were all up to the challenge out there. Coming into this stadium and winning on the road; we're really proud of the victory."

(On pre-game ceremony locking arms with Saints players):

"We talked about that as a team, and decided it would be a good idea to show a united front."


(On his 90-yard interception for a touchdown):

"While I was running, it seemed to be going in slow motion. When I got near the end zone, I said to myself, 'I have got to get across the line and get in.' It was just amazing to come back here and play in front of all of my fellow New Orleanians as well as in front of my entire family. It was a blessing. It was like a dream come true."


"You've got to tip your hat off to those guys behind us; making a lot of plays and also scoring points. Also, I credit the offense. They scored a lot of points and converted a lot of third downs to keep us off the field; that was huge. Anytime you win a game in this league that's a big deal, but it is even more so because we won a game in our own division. I've always had a good track record coming into the Superdome, and I hope to keep it up. I had about 30 people come to the game and cheer me on. It was tough getting tickets and such, but that comes with the territory when you come back home. It was just a great win for us."


(On Jones' 90-yard TD interception):

"The ball popped up in the air and he (Deion Jones) caught it. I know his 40 (yard dash time) is pretty fast, and I knew no one was going to catch him. I mean, when it happened, all of us just stopped for a moment. Then he took off and once he got clear, we knew he wasn't going to get caught."

"Just to win a divisional game in itself is big, but to come into another team's stadium and perform like we did and get a win in front of their fans is amazing."


"We've beat them before on a Thursday night, but on Monday night they've had our number the last few years. To go out there and get the victory against them tonight; it is going to make the ride home so much sweeter."

(On Jones' 90-yard interception for a TD):

"I mean, it was great to see that and to see Deion (Jones) take it all the way into the end zone. It was awesome to see him run down the sideline, and also for all of our guys on the sideline to cheer him on as he was running the length of the field. It had to be really emotional for him being back home and all, but it was also really emotional for me to be out there and see him do that. I'm just so happy for him. If we play ball like that this season, we'll be all right. For right now, it sure feels great to be in first place (in the division)."

(On pre-game gesture):

"It was something all of the team captains talked about before the game, and it was awesome to lock arms with the Saints and have a moment of silence. That happened because what we do is so much more than the game, and I think we got that message across."

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