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What Saints Coach Sean Payton had to say about win over Cardinals

Payton met with the media following the game

Opening Statement:

"It's always tough to come into this stadium, I think, and we played well. We'll have a chance to see this tape quickly, and by no means, I mean I am sure there will be a number of things we look at, and yet, it's a good win, a good win for our team."

On putting up numbers against a defense of this caliber:

"The challenge when you go against this defense is the rushing game. They do a good job of populating the line of scrimmage. So the key is trying to figure out a way to minimize the minus runs. You know when a three-yard gain is something that is a good play. Felt that was important. We made enough big plays. Obviously (Brandin) Cooks on a few plays, they were significant. All of those guys. Look I'm sure, you know the runners, the receivers, when we look at the tape it will be a number of those guys that did well, including the offensive line. It's a real good defense. You know, we did enough good things that we were able to score."

On if it was good to see Drew Brees bounce back:

"Yeah, it's good for him. Yes, it's good for him. It was good for the coach, too. Listen, it's frustrating to have two games where we don't do enough good things, particularly on third down. I keep saying this, but when you're not converting those downs then you're just not getting the snaps in a game that can go by real quick. We were eight of 13, obviously those numbers continue drives, and I think they'll lead to a lot of other things, but it was great to see him play well. I thought our tempo was good, in and out of the huddle. Overall, it was good that way."

On the blowup caught on camera after Tim Hightower's touchdown:

"Next question."

On going up against a corner like Patrick Peterson:

"Well, here is the challenge. Last year, Peterson starred Brandin Cooks the whole game, really. There was some uncertainty this week with the health of a few of these corners. You know how you go into a game and you're looking at their injury list and you don't know if a certain player is going to play. I think starting out, it looked like right and left and then there was a point in the game where I felt like Patrick was traveling to Mike (Michael Thomas). Ultimately, there is certain coverage calls that they're making that keep them right and left and there is certain coverage calls that they're making. So that became a little bit more challenging, and honestly, the concern I had was going to be that he was going to travel to Cooks the whole game and then Mike was going to have some good numbers. So it wasn't a concern, but that was part of the plan. And then Brandin to get open on some of the plays that he did, we'll have a chance to see some of those looks. But, I thought it was mixed and a little bit less predictable than a year ago. "

On if he received an explanation on what was called an incomplete pass to Willie Sneed IV in the end zone:

"Listen, ultimately you've got to come up with the ball. But, to me, it appeared that he caught it and came to the ground and possessed it, and you guys probably had better views than we did. I don't know how long it took for us to get a replay of it. We'll see it. They're going to stick with the ruling on the field, but I sure felt like that was a touchdown. If not, then it sounds like you've got to roll around twice with the ball. Right? Because it appeared to me that he came to the  ground, had possession and then it was kind of, so, we'll see."

On his thoughts on Brandin Cooks performance:

"Like I said, there was a couple of those plays. One is a third down and four, five, six, and he catches a shallow cross and just out-leverages the defense. He took advantage of some real big throws and opportunities. All of those guys, you just don't know sometimes where those plays are going to go, really, and that's the truth."

On if he got a good look at the roughing the passer on Drew Brees:

"I did not. I did not. I didn't see. There were a couple of calls that I thought we had them off sides in that final drive and the line judges don't make the call. I thought, look, don't get me started, please. I am going to enjoy this. I don't want to get started on the officiating."

On what was Mark (Ingram) yelling at you about:

"I've already said. Any other questions?"

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