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Week 8 Postgame Quotes: Saints Players

Read postgame reactions from Saints players after defeating the Chicago Bears 20-12




RB Mark Ingram II:

On winning five in a row after today's win:
"It feels good. It is great that we are able to overcome obstacles. We stay even keel during the game. We have a five-game winning streak, but have to keep improving. We have to get better. There's a lot of things that we need to do to get better and win bigger games in the future."

On today's game:
"I feel like we played a good game. We had a chance to ice it, but I let a lot of my teammates down. That's weak. That's terrible, but I'm going to bounce back. I'm going to work my butt off and try to make it up to my teammates and coaches."

WR Ted Ginn Jr. 

On the game:
"Coming into this ballgame, we knew what the Chicago Bears were all about. We were trying to match their intensity a little bit. We did everything we could to keep their offense off the field. It turned out to be a dog fight, which is something that we knew. At the end of the day, we came out with the victory."

On the five-game winning streak:
"I think we know what this team is all about from the older guys to the younger guys to the captains to the coaches. We take it day by day, practice by practice. We can beat who we want to beat. We are breaking our games down. We're putting everybody together. We're all making plays."

K Wil Lutz

On the win and the role special teams played in it:
"Five in a row is huge. It feels good to get a win especially when you play a big part of it. We had a great operation all day. Zach (Wood) had great snaps and (Thomas) Morstead is always great."

On his comfort level:
"The longer that you are with the same operation the better. It's a lot easier when you get a whole offseason with your guys. Comfort comes with being here, so hopefully we can keep it going."

On his tackle:
"From someone who hasn't been taught to tackle much, I think my natural instinct was to dive. I hated that a penalty happened because that could have been costly, but a win is a win."

S Kenny Vaccaro

On the game:
"It feels good to get the win, especially in that fashion. We counted on the offense for years. It feels good that we had to go out there and hold them in a crucial situation. We've done that a couple of games where we ended the game with a turnover. It feels good. We still have a lot to clean up. Even though we won the game, I still have a bad taste in my mouth. Some of those long runs and explosive plays are going to come back to bite us."

On the defense holding their own:
"It feels good for us to play complimentary ball on both sides. For years, everybody was saying how the defense is going to give up so many points. The offense is going to have to score 30 to win games, but it is not the case. We still have a lot of work ago. (Mitchell) Trubisky was looking like Bo Jackson in the middle of the field. That can't happen.

CB Marshon Lattimore

On how he stays so humble after such an impressive start to an NFL career:
"I always stay humble. That is what my dad taught me when I was younger. Just stay humble in everything I do. That is just me. I can't change up and try to stay humble and have the blessings come to me."

On how for the last several years prior to his arrival, the offense has been carrying the team more than the defense and how it feels when the defense was making some mistakes and the defense was able to pick up the slack a little bit:
"We are a team. If we are down, they (the offense) picks us up and if they are down, we pick them up. That is just how we operate as a team. It is great that we have each other's back like that. I love that."

On how it feels for the defense to have their fifth straight game with a takeaway as well as their fifthstraight win:
"It feels great. We're trying to be the best in the league. Just taking the ball away and overall defense. To get those type of stats is great. It feels great for us as a defense after the slow start we had."

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