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Week 7 Postgame Quotes: Green Bay Packers

Read postgame reactions from Green Bay Packers on their home loss to the Saints.


"Well, that was a disappointing home loss. Obviously the focus is to win every week, especially at home. I'm particularly disgusted with the second half. That's something you have to take a hard look at, as you do each and every week. As a head coach when your team doesn't perform or drops in the second half, I'm disappointed. Particularly, just the way we played. Don't want to take any credit away from the New Orleans Saints. They played very well for all four quarters, particularly their offense. They didn't punt in the second half. Hot football team coming in here, we knew that. Thought we had our best week of preparation and it's a crying shame it didn't show up today for four quarters. Did a lot of good things in the first half, broken tackles compared to their tackles and so forth. But the second half the thing turned and penalties, and just did not play to the standard of football that we have set here."

On what bothered him in the second half:
"We didn't play very well. We didn't stop them on defense and we didn't have any production in the passing game, particularly. We felt we had good matchups there. Third down was kind of our Achilles heel on offense all day. Stumbled in the first quarter, had the two big takeaways by our defense. Excellent plays by both Damarious Randall and Davon House and there were two short yardage third-and-ones that we didn't convert. Situational, we talked about it at halftime, we need to be better in situational offense and defense and we didn't play very well at all in the second half."

On if he felt QB Brett Hundley was ever comfortable in the pocket:
"The in the pocket stuff, he wasn't comfortable. I think that, frankly, I wasn't comfortable. I was probably calling some things, we have to kind of find our way there. I needed to do a much better job with him in the drop-back passing game. He tried to do a little too much and we tried to guard against it, but he's competitive. He made some big, big plays with his feet, and you know, we'll grow from that."

On finding the balancing act between not having the quarterback doing too much, but also pushing the ball down the field:
"Just keep working every day and stay focused on running the offense and try not to get outside of yourself."

On if how Hundley played last week gave him confidence to call certain plays this week:
"Definitely. It's all part of the game plan. You obviously put plays in early in the week, you practice them. I was very comfortable with the shot play called today. Just needed a little more air. I thought the backside corner made a good play."

On trying to find the happy medium as a play-caller to not put Hundley in positions to lose, while also trying to be aggressive:
"Well, that was a challenge that I didn't meet today. He didn't get comfortable in the pocket and that's my responsibility. I did a poor job coaching."

On RB Aaron Jones:
"Good, instinctive runner. He's getting better every opportunity. He got us going there early with the big run. He has good vision, I like his vertical, slashing style. I thought he did a lot of really good things today. I didn't see the statistics, I don't know what he ended up with, but I am sure he had a good day."

On if he is surprised the play-action passing game wasn't better today:
"Well, our passing game, we can sit here and pick it apart all we want, but let's just blame it on the head coach today, OK?"

LINEBACKER BLAKE MARTINEZ On missed tackles today:
"I think it's just fundamental stuff and I think that's going back to little mistakes fundamental-wise or mentally. And I think, overall, that's kind of what hurt us in the long run."

On his individual performance so far this year:
"Overall, it's a team game. I could care less about tackles. I could care less about my stats or anything. As long as we're winning, I'm going to be happy. If we're not, I need to do more. At this point, it's not good enough and I think I need to step it up as I move forward."

On not carrying the momentum into the second half and what caused that:
"It's extremely disappointing. We had a lot of momentum going into the second half. We knew they were going to get the ball first and we needed to stop them and we obviously didn't do that. I think that definitely hurts your momentum and it shifts the momentum, extremely. I think going throughout that second half, we just didn't bring the energy that we needed to."

On the Saints' advantage in time of possession:
"Overall we're all ready to play as much as we need to play. The (Saints) offense is on the field so they get more opportunities and so I think just the time of possession, you want to minimize that and I just go back to just little mistakes that we could have easily got them off the field and cut that time of possession down."

WIDE RECEIVER RANDALL COBB On making plays with limited opportunities:
"No, there weren't. There weren't many opportunities but the ones that were there, you know, that deep ball down the sidelines when I got on top of the linebacker coming back for it, it would have been an extraordinary play, but those are the plays that we have to have in these type of games."

On the challenge of building the offense with a new quarterback:
"Yeah, I mean, it's tough. It's all about building chemistry with the quarterback. We've only had a week to do that. It's going to be important for us to continue to build confidence in him (Hundley) to throw it to us in different situations. There were opportunities today, Jordy and Davante got on top all day. There were a few inside as well with myself. We just have to continue to build that chemistry with Brett."

On how different Brett's passes look compared to Aaron Rodgers:
"I can't really say. I had only a couple (passes) today. Brett does have a lot of zip behind his balls and it gets there where it needs to be."

On what he thought of Aaron Jones today:
"He played tremendous, a lot of big plays early on for us. We kept giving him the rock and he kept making plays."

On if the game plan was to take shorter chunks of yards instead of the longer plays:
"That's normal for us."

GUARD JAHRI EVANS On what they can do to get the passing game going:
"We've just got to protect our guy up front, give him clear lanes to throw, make sure he's not under duress, make sure he has some clean reads. That's how we approached the game as offensive linemen. Just do our job and win our one-on-one battles as individuals and give him a clear lane to throw the ball."

On if the time clock goes even faster with a new quarterback in the pocket:
"No. I mean, I think Brett has all those room sessions with Aaron (Rodgers). He's been in this offense for three years. He did a good job out there. He commanded the huddle, he got the plays in and we've just got to go out there and execute. And we've got to continue to get better every day. It wasn't like we were thinking about doing anything differently. We've just got to go out there and execute the plays that are called."

On Aaron Jones' performance:
"He did some good things. He made some good reads, made some good cuts so, you know, he got north. And that's going to do well for us moving forward."

DEFENSIVE TACKLE KENNY CLARK On the extra point he blocked:
"Me, Dean (Lowry) and Q (Quinton Dial) got good pressure on the guard, and just looking at the scouting report and knowing where to attack and got a good block on it."

On going into the bye week with a loss:
"It's tough. It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth, but at the end of the day, you've got to get over it. We've got a big game coming up against the Lions, so that'll be a big game and we've got to just overcome it."

RUNNING BACK AARON JONES On how he felt out there today:
"I feel like I performed well. I did some things I could correct, but overall I felt like I played to my potential."

On the success of the power running plays today and if he likes that type of scheme:
"Yes, sir, because it can hit anywhere. If the defense fits it wrong, it can go for a touchdown, so that's a play you just get up on the line and get lined up and run it."

On the overall performance of the offense:
"I felt like we ran the ball well. We came out in the second half a little down, so that's something we can fix; come out in the second half with some energy."

On his long touchdown run:
"It was on a power play and I just cut off of Marty (Bennett) and the pulling guard and just took it backside and there was a wide open lane and I went untouched."

On his role with the offense now with the passing game changing with a different quarterback:
"You always want to be able to run the ball. That always makes it easier on any quarterback that you play with, so the running game is very important."

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