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Week 7 Postgame Quotes: Drew Brees

Read postgame reactions from Saints quarterback Drew Brees on the win over the Packers

On winning four in a row:
"This goes to recruiting. You bring in the type of guys that are smart, tough, character guys that can see through the trees in the forest sometimes and understand the long-term vision and understand there will be bumps in the road. There will be bits of adversity, but keep your eyes on the prize and focus on the process and know that good things will happen. Despite our 0-2 start, I think everybody believed it. We were a really good football team, just a few things here and there on both sides of the ball result in a big change and get us going in the direction that we want to go. We stuck with that belief and here we are, the winners of four in a row, trying to make it five."

On throwing two picks:
"Just find a rhythm. For me, just a couple of poor throws. I felt like I had the match-ups I wanted, but just poor throws. That was disappointing, especially when you're starting to get down into the scoring zone and you feel like you're just kind of taking the momentum away. Again, you've got to bounce back when that stuff happens and it shows a lot about our confidence and our belief as a team."

On playing on the road:
"You always talk about being a great home team and creating a home field advantage and everything in the Superdome. So obviously that's important, but man, when you can go on the road and you can get big wins like this in these types of venues against these really quality opponents, that does a lot for your confidence."

On the importance of third downs:
"Obviously, that's always a huge emphasis. You want to be able to sustain drives – that's what allows you to move the ball and wear a defense down and score points. You can do that a lot of different ways. I feel like we rushed the ball really well today and felt like it was really balanced with the pass. We had some big plays in the passing game and we also executed the short passing game as well to keep drives alive. Time of possession was great. Typically that's indicative of your third down percentage. We drew over 50 percent there, I think 36 minutes in the time of possession, which will win you a lot of football games."

On reaching 500 touchdown passes:
"It's not really a time to reflect right now. We've got a lot of football ahead of us. Keep doing things the right way. Keep growing as a team, and all that stuff."

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