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Week 6 Quotes: Saints Players

Saints players' postgame quotes after Week 6.


S Kenny Vaccaro

On the game being fun:
"It was fun when you are forcing turnovers and getting off the field. It's been a while since I've been a part of that. It's been since maybe my rookie year. In 2013, we didn't get a whole lot of turnovers. It was mainly sacks. It was a lot of fun taking the ball away."

On getting over .500:
"We don't want to be a yo-yo team. Since I've been here, we'd win one, lose one, win two, lose three in a row. I think it's big for us to win three games in a row. We have to prepare for the next one."

On the wild game:
"It was wild and we almost did everything that we could to let them back in it. I was proud of our defense because we still kept getting turnovers. Usually when you are up 45-10, you lay back a little bit and play more zone. We kept that aggressive mentality. Dennis Allen did a great job of calling the plays. We were able to create two to three more turnovers on the last few drives and it helped."

RB Mark Ingram II II

On running the ball effectively:
"It felt good. It was great to come out here and help my team get a victory. I just want to be efficient and productive and do whatever I can to help us win."

On finding a rhythm: "We always say that. Any running back will tell you that it feels good to get into a rhythm. It's important to get your sweat going, get your second wind and get a feel for the defense. The offensive line, tight ends and receivers did a great job of blocking."

On the performance of the defense today:
"They were huge. They were so strong today. They scored 21 points. They had lots of sacks and lots of hits on the quarterback. It is huge for us. It builds their confidence and we can play complementary football as a team. It just shows how hard they've been working as a unit. The goal is to play football like we did in the first half. We will win a lot of games if we do that."

DE Cameron Jordan

On the performance of the defense:
"Interceptions, fumbles, recoveries. It was a tremendous game by the defense. I can't speak enough of how young our defense is, but how much they love to play this game."

On the batted passes today:
"We knew that he (Matthew Stafford) was giving up sacks and that he had a whole lot of passes batted. We had to take advantage of that. Did it result in my first (career NFL) touchdown? Yes it did. Did I enjoy every minute of it? For sure. That being said, we have a lot of stuff to clean up for next week. We had a strong hold on them in the first half and we almost let it go. That's something that we need to focus on."

On the first defensive touchdown of the contest setting the tone:
"That was one of the things that pushed a lot in our favor. I thought David (Onyemata) had a forced fumble on the running back and they reversed the call. It gave Detroit some life for a second, but it was our job to deflate them."

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