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Week 6: Drew Brees postgame quotes

Drew Brees postgame quotes after Detroit Lions


Thoughts on the game and what happened after having such a big lead going into halftime:
"The first half was bang, bang, bang. Obviously we come in at halftime at 31-10. We had the momentum as well because defense came up with a huge fourth down stop there at the one-yard line to prevent them from getting any points coming into halftime. Then (we) got a big stop I think third and out to start the third quarter. Offensively, we knew the type of game this was going to be in the second half. They're a high-powered offense. We knew that they were going to kind of make a run at it. Unfortunately, there were certain things that couldn't happen that ended up happening. We knew that we could not turn the ball over. We turned the ball over three times in the second quarter, that cannot happen. We did get the ball back and went right down and scored. And then we got the pick six for a touchdown right after that, so it was 45-10 midway through the third quarter. You felt like a lifetime of football had already been played and yet it was still only mid-third quarter. (We have to)Lock in and keep rolling. (I'm) Really disappointed with the way that we finished the game offensively in that last quarter and a half. (It) Did not feel like we ever found our rhythm. (It) Did not feel like we ever established any type presence of any of those drives. Defensively, we were playing lights out and continued to get another turnover or two. Obviously they make a big special teams play and then defensive lineman gets that tipped ball for a touchdown. So the game ended up being much closer than it needed it to be based upon the way our defense was playing. They played lights out. It is one of those where we walk away from it glad we got the win. Probably one of the crazier games I have been a part of and yet it's still so many ways we can get better, offensively, defensively and in the kicking game to just be more complementary with one another and move forward and continue to win games. We are excited that we have won three in a row now. It is certainly something to build on. We have some momentum but we have to get better."

With being three in a row, how does that make you feel being such a young team to win how you did?
"It's a confidence builder just to know you had a huge lead and all of a sudden they kind of scratch and claw get their way back. Then you know plays need to be made and the team makes them to win the game. Those are always big moments."

Did you see anything in Matthew Stafford that would lead you to believe he was a little slow from maybe an injury?
"I'm not sure. I know our defense played great. They seemed to get after him pretty good. But Stafford is a great player and continues to make plays regardless if it is in the pocket or out of the pocket."

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