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Week 2: Drew Brees postgame quotes

Drew Brees postgame quotes after New England Patriots

QB Drew Brees

How out of sync are you guys?
"I wouldn't say we're out of sync. I would say we've had some missed opportunities. I feel like we've put together some good drives. Unfortunately, not enough that resulted in touchdowns."

How determined are you to get a win?
"We're not concerned. It's only a matter of time. I felt like there are some things that were not there last week. Or that were better. It just hasn't been good enough yet."

There are a couple of instances where you expected routes to go differently?
"No, I wouldn't' (say that). I would say we had a good understanding today as to how we needed to attack these guys (and) where our big play opportunities could come. We did make some big plays. But unfortunately there were a few where we could have made, should have made, that unfortunately we didn't. Those become the difference-makers."

Is that a situation where a routes ends and you may have expected it to go another way?
"Listen, and I'll miss one. I'll miss one every now and then. Unfortunately, it's just been a little bit of everything at this point that has caused us to miss some opportunities."

On the O-line
"I felt that the o-line played great especially the fact (that) we had to move puzzle pieces around. (Ryan) Ramczyk plays his first game at left tackle last week and first game at right tackle this week. I felt like together as a unit, it's always as a unit because those guys work together so much on everything. I felt like they played very well. They had a tough task today."

Does it change what you do at all when you see Tom Brady running the offense?
"We knew (with) the offense we were (facing we were) going to be trading punches with (them) on the other side. Unfortunately, they were more efficient than we were. They sustained a bunch of great drives. They had seven red zone opportunities, that's a ton. We knew that we had to be uber efficient. Unfortunately, we just were not efficient enough to keep pace with them."

Sean Payton said after the game he thinks he'll find out a lot about this team after this week, do you feel the same way?
"We only have one way to go, that's up. We go on the road in the division against a very good Carolina team. There's not much time to dwell on anything other than making the corrections that need to be made and focusing on a good gameplan for this upcoming week."

Is it discouraging that since 2014 the team is 1-11 in the month of September?
"It's put you in a little bit of a hole. But again we can't cry over spilled milk here. We have to press on and we have to find a way to get a win."

On Alvin Kamara's progression.
"Here's a rookie who obviously is very talented and has the ability to do a lot for our offense. I think you'll see from week to week his role continues to expand. The more time on task that we have and the more that we gameplan and find different opportunities for him (the more he will improve). He is definitely a guy you want the ball in his hands."

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