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Week 15 Postgame Quotes: Coach Sean Payton

Postgame reactions from Coach Sean Payton after the week 15 victory over the Jets.

New York Jets vs. New Orleans Saints
Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017 Mercedes-Benz Superdome
Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

Opening statement:
"First off, it was good to get the win. I didn't feel like this was one of our better games, nonetheless we were able to win the game."

On defense:
"I thought in this game alone we played pretty well. Overall I thought we did a good job. We've got to eliminate the penalties. It shows up every week. Same guys. Every week." 

On efforts to eliminate defensive penalties:
"You work on it in practice. That's what you do in practice. We've got to do a better job of coaching that."   (on gratification of the win) "It is what it is. We've got to improve."  

On why he didn't challenge Mark Ingram II's foot being out of bounds on the screen in the first quarter:
"You can't challenge it. The whistle blew. If the whistle hadn't blown I could but they blew the whistle. The play was dead."  

On Cameron Jordan:
"I think his disruptions have been pretty consistent all year and that's been very important for us"  

On his plan for Andrus Peat today:
"The original plan is he was going to back up tackle and guard, mainly tackle. He went out to play some Jumbo. I think he played a snap or two of Jumbo so he was out there for a reason. We able to get through a game and still get him healthier."

On Reggie Bush's retirement announcement:
"I'm proud of him. He had a really good career. He was really instrumental in what we did and having the success we had. He was our first draft pick. I think he'll do well on TV."

On his message to the team this week with the fight for the NFC South, playing the Atlanta Falcons next Sunday, the Carolina Panthers playing at the same time and the Falcons playing at Tampa Bay tomorrow night:
"Our message was to focus on playing our best game today. Of course there was one other game, but it was not like we were looking at three scenarios. We are in a round-robin tournament here. Everyone's playing everyone. Whether it is Atlanta and Carolina, Carolina and New Orleans, New Orleans and Tampa Bay we just have to focus on the game we're playing. I know that sounds a little bit cliché, but it is the honestly. It is the truth. I wasn't thinking about or looking at what was going on with another game. Certainly that might be an issue. We looked like we were a little sloppy and we'll get that corrected. We have to."

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