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Week 12 Postgame Quotes: Saints Players

Read postgame reactions from the Saints game vs. the Los Angeles Rams

Saints QB Drew Brees – Rams-Saints Postgame Availability – November 26, 2017

*(On if the Rams' pass rush was different than what he thought might be coming in) *"Listen, we know their pass rush is going to be very, very good. They gave us some problems early. I think on that first drive, the sack, which made it a third-and-longer situation. Then the sack-fumble, which thankfully ended up in our hands and not theirs. Listen, they're a very good pass rush team, that's something I know they pride themselves on. I felt like once we settled in, we handled it pretty well. Although, penalties for us – I know they just put us in some really tough situations at times. Overall, you look at that and say that was obviously a big factor in this game, and just our inability offensively to really find a rhythm and sustain any drives. You know we got the one big run by (RB Alvin) Kamara in the first half and it wasn't until the end of the game that we started moving the ball. Unfortunately it was too little too late."

*(On how much he thought the field position and the time of possession affected the game) *"Time of possession, if you're not converting third downs and you're not possessing the ball so that's a direct correlation there. Field position, you know, it is what it is. Wherever you get the ball you've got to go drive it. We just didn't do a good job with that."

*(On if this was the hardest game to get the ball down the field, especially in the second half) *"You know I can't say we were trying to push the ball down the field a whole lot. We just never found a rhythm, you know, a good rhythm with the run (and) pass. It just felt like everything was really tough sledding, and then the minute we got something going, there'd be a penalty that would set us back and then we would be off the field. We just did not possess the ball well enough offensively today."

*(On how much of the lack of being able to possess the ball and establish a rhythm was carried over from practice this past week) *"I think that our week of practice was consistent with what it's been. You always modify according to where you are from a health perspective, making sure guys are fresh and ready to go on Sundays. You know there's a balance as to whether you're putting pads on, whether you're not. At the end of the day those are (Head Coach) Sean's (Payton) decisions. He does what he thinks is in the best interest of the team, so we go along with that. The bottom line is, it doesn't matter whether we're in the pads or not, we're coming after it. Guys are flying around. You're trying to take a game-plan and rep that to the point where you can come out on Sundays and it becomes second nature."

*(On not having a game like this in a long time where they didn't play to their capabilities) *"Yeah, we didn't play very well today at all, and listen, we've won eight in a row. We had our moments where we were playing really good. We had other days where I didn't think we played as good, but we were able to get the job done. We did enough things well to win today – obviously the way that it felt out there for me, but then you look at the stat sheet. Third downs were not very good, penalties were not very good and time of possession was not very good, and that resulted in a loss."

*(On if the number of practices with and without pads affected today's outcome) *"No, that stuff doesn't matter."

*(On if it's harder to get their energy back after the way last week's game went in addition to today's loss) *"No listen, I felt like we handled the week well. Obviously, we came out two days early with the idea that you want to get acclimated a little bit. There's the time change. I'm not going to say we came out sluggish. I don't think we came out sluggish. We just didn't play very well today. I think when we look at the film maybe some other things would show up that would give us some closure on the whole thing. But right now as I look back and I can just say, 'Hey, we never really found a rhythm. We weren't very efficient running the football or throwing the football. We had a couple big plays, but never really got anything going the way that we're capable of doing or used to doing."

*(On Kamara and his talent and success on the field) *"Listen there are always bright spots and Alvin I think ran extremely well today. Every time the ball was in his hands it was exciting. He was making people miss, he was breaking tackles, he was jumping over people. He is continuing to progress into becoming a great player and a big part of this offense."

*(On how concerned he is about the struggle on offense against stronger teams like the Vikings and Rams and having to see them again potentially in the playoffs) *"If we do down the line that's great. Right now, we are just focused on who's right in front of us. So, no that is not a concern right now."

*(On what prevented them from getting into a rhythm offensively) *"Penalties, the lack of efficiency, keep getting into third-and-long situations, not being able to get drives going by converting first downs."

*(On what the Rams defense showed him) *"They rush the passer well. They played the run well today too. I got a ton of respect for (Rams Defensive Coordinator) Wade Phillips – He's a great football coach and obviously we had him in our San Diego days. Played against him a number of times and everywhere he goes he gets great results. His guys play extremely hard for him, no matter who's out there. He just happens to have a lot of really good personnel here to work with. They had a good game plan, they executed well and we didn't."

*(On what difference did he see in this Rams team compared to last time he played them) *"I think they were just looking at the other side of the ball and just kind of following as the year has gone along, they added a few weapons on offense so they're really explosive. The quarterback is playing really well, Jared Goff. Defensively, again, Wade Phillips factor in. Factor in the fact that they got quite a few Pro Bowlers on that front that can rush the passer, do a lot of good things and wreak havoc, can have a ball hawk in secondary. All those things make a good team."

*(On since there's a big game next Sunday against the North Carolina Panthers do they flush this game away or study it) *"24 hour rule. It's a 24 hour rule, so you focus on it four 24 hours. We'll watch the tape, we'll study it, we'll make the corrections, we'll talk about, we'll visualize it and then you move on to the next opponent. There's no more important game than the one coming up. Division opponent, same record as us and this is an extremely meaningful game for us."

*(On if it's difficult to push the reset button after losing a winnable game) *"Maybe. But if you play this game long enough you understand that you got to put the good ones and the bad ones behind you and move on. Because the most important game is always the next game."

Saints RB Mark Ingram II – Rams-Saints Post Game Availability – November 26, 2017

*(On why the running game didn't have the success tonight that the team had enjoyed in the past couple of weeks) *"It wasn't good enough. They did a good job of game-planning and we didn't do a good (enough job)."

*(On whether or not Saints Head Coach Sean Payton's comment that the team had an average week of practice at best was a fair assessment) *"I thought we prepared well, but we just didn't execute so we've got to get better at that."

*(On if the team wants to have a short memory after this game or focus on what they did wrong) *"We want to learn from it, and we want to grow from it, and we want to get ready to prepare for Carolina."

Saints RB Alvin Kamara – Rams-Saints Post Game Availability – November 26, 2017

*(On what he thought of the Rams defense) *"It was self-inflicted wounds. We had a lot of penalties. We started off kind of slow with protecting (Saints QB) Drew (Brees), didn't give him opportunities to get the ball out, and that was kind of the flow of the game."

*(On what happened for the Saints offense on third down today) *"We just didn't execute. We didn't execute on third down. I think we were 3-of-12 or 13, something like that, and that's not our standard. So we're going to get the film, watch, and correct it. We've got another week. We're going to put this behind us after we watch this film."

*(On if the team still feels in control of the NFC South) *"Yeah, I mean it's one loss, you know? Of course it sucks. We would have wanted to win that game, but it is what it is. We've got to keep moving."



Saints DE Cameron Jordan – Rams-Saints Postgame Availability – November 26, 2017

*(On his thoughts towards Rams QB Jared Goff) *"I was joking with him that I was surprised he got back up after that second sack, but he responded well. That is something that I expect nothing less from another Cal Bear player. At the end of the day, I thought that I could affect him more, so I could take advantage of both tackles, in which had some success, and I knew it was going to have to be a mismatch. It was something that we had to take advantage of and clearly didn't do enough."

*(On what the defense was missing aside from their Cornerbacks) *"I know there was one play where I missed a tackle and it sort of led to a 70 or 80-yard gain, that's something I have to focus on. We talked about how we were trying to affect (Rams QB) Jared (Goff), he was able to scramble a couple of times and that's on us as a D-line. That's on me. That's on our interior. We're going to have to clearly overcome for next week."

*(On the three teams in the NFC South that are within one game apart) *"NFC South is strong. Again, I've said it throughout the years that when you come to our conference, you've got a quarterback like (Falcons QB) Matt Ryan and (Panthers QB) Cam Newton and a quarterback like ours. (Tampa Bay QB) Jameis Winston is a true competitor. So, based off the NFC South, it's going to be hard to win."

Saints S Vonn Bell – Rams-Saints Postgame Availability – November 26, 2017

*(On penalties impacting the game) *"I think we got 100 yards in penalties. Past 50 (midfield) it equals points, so it hurts a little bit, but we just got to play better and clean it up on film and get to the next game."

*(On Rams RB Todd Gurley and tackling him) *"He's a talented running back. He ran hard. They ran through him – the offense ran through him. He's dangerous, so pretty good guy. I had a couple of tackles on him, so I don't want to say he was too hard, but we just got to play better."

(On how crucial this final stretch of the season is) 
"We're just going to the next game. We aren't worried about the future. We're just trying to get to the next game and control our own destiny."

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