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Week 10 Postgame Quotes: Cam Jordan & Mark Ingram

Read postgame reactions from Mark Ingram and Cam Jordan after a great performance against the Bills


Q: Can you talk about this win, in terms of what you did defensively?

A: I don't even know, what was there, sixteen defensive snaps in the first half? I was contemplating running extra half gas just to keep my conditioning. I think we came out and did what we had to do. I knew that Tyrod Taylor would try and scramble and we pretty much eliminated that except we got a little hungry on some sacks and he spun out and did exactly what we knew he was going to do. We kept him in the pocket and made him a quarterback.

Q: You guys held LeSean McCoy to 49 yards.

A: Yeah and he got almost all of that on the first run, right? The first big run that he had. That's something that we've talked about eliminating - those big plays. We can't have plays like that, that's something that we will have to break down in the film and get better from. We have to find a way to get better with the Washington Redskins coming in next.

Q: What is like now to be a part of a consistently dominant defense?

A: What are you saying? I feel like 2011 and 2003 were pretty dominant years. Alright, cool. What's important to me right now is that we are 7-2, honestly that speaks for itself. We've still got seven games left and we have to take care of each and every game. I'm looking forward to this next game because that's what's important.


Q: How does it feel to be a part of the most rushing touchdowns performance by a Saints team, and just the way the holes opened up?

A: It's a blessing man. God is good man. We just had emphasis on committing to the run for a long time. We've been committing to it offensively, coaches as a scheme, players buying into the scheme, receivers, tight end, fullback, and all of the O-line are giving us some good seams to run through and we are just trying to make it happen.

Q: How much fun is it when you see Drew Brees and the third string guy gets in there?

A: It's fun whenever we are scoring at will. We wanted to come out here and it was a good opportunity for our team to come on the road and get a big victory. Drew got a touchdown, AK got a touchdown, and Trey (Edmunds) got a touchdown and that's what we work for man, everybody eats.

Q: It seemed like you were hitting the backside on a lot of runs.

A: It just depends on the team. It just depends on how they are playing it. They were strong on the front side and the back side of the line was blocking, cutting the back side off, and we were just getting some holes.

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