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Ware Looks To Build On 2009 Performance

Cowboys LB talks about Thanksgiving matchup

Dallas Cowboys LB DeMarcus Ware enjoyed an outstanding game against New Orleans in 2009, making two sacks and forcing two fumbles in Dallas' 24-17 win that ended New Orleans' hopes for an undefeated season. Ware participated in a conference call with the New Orleans media this afternoon and discussed the Thanksgiving matchup on Thursday.

Is there anything from last year's game that you can take into Thursday?

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"You're looking at and playing the Super Bowl champs. You're going to have your hands full. You can't look at anything that's positive. We won the game, but we'll have our hands full with Drew Brees, the leader that's leading their team. They're trying to get a win."

What has been different for you guys after Wade Phillips' firing and Jason Garrett's elevation? Have you been motivated differently?

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"I don't think it really motivated us. It's change. When you're going through adverse times, the change of a new coach and new philosophy around here gave us a new spark."

Do you guys feel a chip on your shoulders given that a lot of people have written your team off for the season?

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"Every game you're backed up against the wall. Win, lose or draw you have to give it your all. That's the mentality that we have. It's knowing that every game you play you have to get it done."

Can you talk about some of the things the Saints offensive line does that makes it so successful?

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"They don't give up many sacks. I was looking at some of their plays. Drew Brees gets rid of the ball pretty well. They don't give up a lot of pressure on him. They give him a chance to make big plays down the field. The receivers they have, they're the best corps in the league I think."

From watching Jermon Bushrod on film, do you see a more grownup version of the one you saw last year?

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"I see improvement as a whole offensive line in general. Sometimes when you have new guys come in there's a little not discomfort, but now all those guys are picking up their reads, especially blitz reads, when you run stunts up front, they're picking it up well. They're playing really well up front."

Last year the Saints admitted they were caught a little bit off guard after you played as much and as well as you did after your injury. Do you remember going into that game knowing all along you were going to play or almost being surprised at how quickly you recovered?

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"I was surprised in that going into the game I didn't think I was going to play at all and going out there, I felt really good about the situation, but the thing is going out there and having a good game. They now know I'm playing and to get ready for me, but they're saying they have to get ready for the Cowboys. I know they'll be ready."

Has the pass rush been happy with the way they have performed this year?

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"Right now with the last two games, yes. We've been up and down all season. We've played two petty good games. There are some things we need to work on. Right now we're playing at a high level and trying to get the job done and get the ball for our offense back as much as we can."

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