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Transcript: Sean Payton postgame media availability | Saints-Jets 2019 Preseason Week 3

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton speaks to the media after Saints-Jets 2019 Preseason Week 3

On Saturday's game:

We were able to gather some momentum on the first drive, make a few plays, it was good to see, played a lot of different guys in combinations tonight, but I think there were a handful of things that were encouraging. We forced a turnover early in the game, I thought our first units played well, I thought the seconds played better this week. It was good to get the punt return for a touchdown. I'm sure when we put the tape on, there will be some things that we want to clean up, but I was, overall, pretty encouraged.

On the amount of penalties called in the game tonight:

That was something that we have to look at. I'm anxious to see the film.

On his impressions of Sam Darnold:

I think he's got a bright future. I'm a big fan of his. It's hard to judge sometimes in these games but I was spending more time looking at our guys.

On Deonte Harris' performance:

I thought it was pretty good, thought it was pretty good.

On if he felt that Harris was on the verge of running a punt back for a touchdown:

I felt that way, yeah. I think the whole sideline felt that way. There's been a handful of them. We've seen it. He's got good vision.

On if he planned for Drew Brees, Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara to play a single series:

No, it was more about the play. We had a phase one plan for all our guys and we had a few early outs and a lot of it just falls in the sequence of plays.

On Brees playing more series in the third preseason game in years past:

Back in 2006 we used to go until halftime.

On if Brees comes to him asking for more series in order to make things perfect on offense:

No, I think it's different for players like him who have had the experience but are getting plenty of reps during the week. 12-13 years ago, a lot of it was dependent on our team and I think that you have to go by what you see in practice and then as a coach, what you feel and he's looked sharp during the week at practice, he looked sharp tonight.

On the Little League baseball team from Louisiana progressing in the Little League World Series:

So they beat Hawaii? Congratulations for those guys.

On his thoughts on them progressing in the tournament:

That's outstanding. How many days rest does this pitcher get? (joking) I'm excited for them, we watched the game the other night.

On Emmanuel Butler's performance:

He's doing well. I'm pleased with how he's played.

On how injuries in the preseason impact player evaluation:

Well, look, there's 10 players that we didn't travel that we felt like wouldn't have played so a handful of them will get back when we get back to work this week.

On his thoughts of Andrew Luck's retirement:

I just heard briefly. Again, I'm focused on this team right now, not everyone else's fires.

On Jared Cook's injury status:

We'll see.

On if he's ever had to talk a player out of retirement:

I can't recall. I can't recall that.