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Todd Graffagnini's Saints training camp observations from Monday, July 29

1.      The heat is on: Without question, this was the warmest day of camp, with the Heat Index reaching 95 degrees by the end of the session. Now you might say that that's really not that bad in New Orleans in late July, but throw in there it was still only 11:20 a.m. and the lack of a breeze made it rather stifling. The players were definitely feeling it.

2.     First training camp skirmish: You really don't see a lot of this during practice anymore, usually it's against another team, but defensive end Trey Hendrickson and tight end Alize Mack got into a "disagreement" during one of the drills early in practice. Hendrickson threw some haymakers that thankfully did not land and Mack's helmet ended up on the Bermuda grass. That was about it as A.J. Klein, Demario Davis, and Marcus Davenport quickly separated the pair.

3.      Attention to detail: For the second day in a row after the early special teams period we have seen Coach Sean Payton gather the team up, then have his quarterbacks deliberately throw the ball out of bounds with the notion of eating precious seconds off the clock either at the end of the half or the fourth quarter. Sunday the quarterbacks threw the ball behind them through the goal post, Monday just a deep sideline throw to the right. It's these plays than can be the difference in having the ability to get the W without allowing the other team back on the field offensively.

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